16Bit Assassins – Episode 84: But What If I Want To Use The Hot Tub

Ladies and Gentlemen have the 16bit Assassins got a show for you this evening, it’s Sunday but hey, when Commander Shepard wants to do a show on a Sunday you do a show on a Sunday, that’s right kids, the voice behind Shepard himself from Mass Effect, Mark Meer will be joining the 16Bit Assassins for an evening of discussion and talk. Also on this episode they talk about the Kickstarter for the VR control glove, compatible with Oculus Rift, Do fighters really need to be 60 dollars? 16Bit Assassins E3 expectations, Joker to be in Dawn of Justice? Is Arrow getting Nightwing? All this, and Mark Meer, on episode 84, But What If I Want To Use The Hot Tub

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