E3: Microsoft's Mission Is Complete.

Tashaun Brown writes: "YOU HAD ONE JOB MICROSOFT! Show us the games. We as a gaming collective didn’t want to see or hear anything that wasn’t dealing with a game we will end up playing in the near future. Apparently the message was well received, because Microsoft spent 90 minutes showing a plethora of titles. Some were expected, some were unexpected. Some were well received, some weren’t. None of this is really the point. The biggest takeaway from this conference was that Microsoft is no longer content with their usual approach. They are no longer going to watch Sony amass a diverse library of titles without doing everything they can to keep up. They are no longer going to put the “battle for the living room” first. They finally got it through their thick skulls that the games come first, and everything else comes second. Everybody clap for competition! It’s a beautiful thing."

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

They had a pretty good e3 but, they are going to need to do a little better because they aren't selling.

The 399$ model is at #46 on amazon. Yes, amazon does not show sales, but 46?! I thought many people were going to buy it after the price drop.


Do you know another website that displays bestsellers list like amazon? I don't that is why I use amazon and I shop there a lot.

Gamestop same thing. Both PS4 systems is about four pages ahead of the 399$ Xbox One

Edit 2: I just looked at Gamestop and the Xbone is much further back than both PS4's. Is your bestseller list different than mine? lol

ats19921641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Why does everyone always think amazon is the only place to buy a console and the only website people use to try and prove a console is not selling. You could look at gamestop and the $399 xbox one is one of the best selling items there but everyone only uses amazon.

Edit: There people go again just because the ps4 is selling more than the xbox one doesnt mean the xbox one is not selling well.

iamnsuperman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Amazon holds the largest share in online sales.

The telegraph reported this recently. Here in the UK Amazon takes "one in every three pounds spent on CDs, DVDs and console games". Source:

Amazon is quite good at seeing trends because if something is high on its bestsellers list will sell well for that region

JasonKCK1640d ago

No they don't, they just have a part of it. Amazon has to deal with Ebay, Gamestop Walmart, Best Buy, and thousands of other online retailers.

Hello! brick and mortar stores also ship online.

Utalkin2me1640d ago


One of the best you say, roflmao. Considering they only have a handful of consoles to sell.

user95970821640d ago

Because a lot of people who post on comments sections are idiots.

tbone5671640d ago

I got mine from walmart. NPD doesn't even track walmart.

MysticStrummer1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

"There people go again just because the ps4 is selling more than the xbox one doesnt mean the xbox one is not selling well."

That's true.

What proves XB1 isn't selling well is the fact that MS dropped mandatory Kinect from the console so soon after telling us all how important and integral Kinect was to the system. If the console was selling well MS would never have done that so soon.

All of 2013 - "XB1 is Kinect"

Early 2014 - "Not so much"

XB1 sold fine right at first, then after the holidays those sales fell way off. MS obviously saw that even if some of their fans didn't, or won't.

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It isn't selling well. Do you honestly think that Microsoft just got rid of Kinect, lowered their price, talked about all these console performance boosts because it is what the fans wanted? Yes, part of it is the fans; but you cannot deny that all these actions were done because the PS4 is taking in the lead. Microsoft knows PS4 is selling because the PS4 has better hardware. Take off your fanboy glasses and you would see the truth.

@ats actually you are lying when you say you are trying to make me feel better about my purchase. No where did I ever even think of that.

Just because it did well in its first few months does not mean anything. Look at the PS3's long climb it took to gain sales. And as I stated before Microsoft is going to have to do more to persuade people to buy an Xbox One.

P.S. Your "first" and "third" could of been placed together btw

ats19921641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

First: based on your comment history you really shouldn't be calling anyone a fanboy.

Second: yes they hit a slump in sales but its still ahead of the 360 in its first year of sales so its still the fastest selling xbox.

Third: you are nothing but troll who is trying to compare it to the ps4 sales to feel better about your purchase. In a article about xbox one games that has nothing to do with sales.

DigitalRaptor1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@ ats1992

It doesn't really matter who is a fanboy in this situation.

People bring up Sony's financial situation all the time regardless of the facts that they bring the games and have the best value and treatment of both consumers and devs.

What matters is that despite proving that they have a lot of multiplatform games, and showed a couple of CGI trailers for games that aren't coming out until 2016, Microsoft had no surprises at E3. No megatons, while Sony has some surprises and simply had more to announce. It can't be stated that MS won minds over being "the best place to play" by showing multiplats that look and run better on a console that has more games anyway.

So... When we've finished acknowledging that all 3 conferences were brimming with games, then this comes back round to comparative sales. People can bring up Sony's financials all they want but you can't deny that Xbone is several million units behind PS4 with both launching simultaneously, in an industry that both them and their shareholders planned to dominate the competition and wasted billions developing anti-consumer measures to gain a monopoly that never happened and never will.

We can't deny that Microsoft cares that Xbox isn't the market leader in any sense and is doing everything they can to change that, but it can't work.

Titanfall couldn't move it.

A price drop isn't moving it.

A non-Kinect version isn't moving it.

A pretty gargantuan Halo announcement isn't moving it.

It has to be asked. What will?

bcrazy181640d ago


In defense of the Xbox One, The $399 kinectless Xbox just went on sale this past Monday so there's real way to truly tell if it'll move consoles or not. I think the Master Chief collection as well as the kinectless option will sell a lot of consoles in the coming months but to truly see the impact of the move, it's going to take time. Wait a month or two and we'll see. I've heard of numerous people in the comments section here on n4g that stated they'll be buying the xbox one just for the Master Chief collection so sales will increase.

UltraNova1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


At 100 less, the XB1 sales will definitely pick up, of that I have no doubt. I can even see those sales staying up for the foreseeable future, turning the current PS4 -XB1 2:1 sales ratio into a 3:2 ratio, probably.

As you said we need time to be sure, furthermore its slow summer now so sales will be down anyway. I estimate when we have 3-5 months worth of sales figures we can draw some concrete conclusions.

What I'm pretty sure of is that if you have any hopes of the XB1 overtaking the PS4 anytime soon then you should prepare your self to be disappointed.

aconnellan1640d ago


Yeah, the Kinect-less $399 Xbox One only just went on sale, and the Halo announcement was made like 3 days ago. How are we supposed to have an accurate sales prediction over the last couple of days compared to the last 6-7 months?

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christocolus1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


You are going offtopic by bringing in sales, amazon and trying to compare. The article is strictly referring to MS delivering a good number of games at E3 which the actually did. I don't know about you or amazon but interest in the console actually increased after e3.most gaming forums I visit now actually have more people looking forward to picking up the friends picked theirs up after E3.the show was great. MS did a good job.

StockpileTom1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Keep in mind other sites might not be reliable as they can reorder the popular list based upon targeted ad algorithms. I would take the Amazon bestsellers at face value and not try to make anything more out of it. The data is too narrow, the X1 demographic is different enough for there to be a sizable discrepancy between Amazon and other sites.

PS4 is selling much better on Amazon.

We will see how E3 changes things within a few months then we can talk about winners.

spicelicka1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

It doesn't matter what their sales are or why they changed their strategy, from a gamer's perspective in the end it's huge plus. I am a lot more content on buying an Xbox one now than i was last year, and that's the point.

Ps3 was consistently losing to xbox 360 in sales at the beginning of last gen, but it caught up didn't it? We know MS isn't going bankrupt any time soon, so if selling less consoles means focusing more on hardcore games and listening to fans, whether it's genuine or not, then that's a win in my books. I would prefer they don't win in sales because they'll be serving fans well in trying to catch up.

No_Limit1640d ago

If all else failed...go to Amazon and get hourly sales stats. Lol, the fanbois pathetic. Where was that during last generation?

Yetter1640d ago

Why would I order a console on Amazon when it is available in stores?

user95589031640d ago

I've said it before I'll say it again. I buy a crap ton of video game consoles games and accessories and not once from amazon. Not everyone buys everything on amazon. It's not the Holy grail of sales

xDHAV0K24x1640d ago

NOT a price drop. It's a new SKU. Know the difference

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incendy351641d ago

It was definitely fun to see, definitely the most game centric e3 I have seen. Even the little favorite games bits were good.

AngelicIceDiamond1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Mission complete indeed. Great third party support. They also have great well received Ip's and proven ones like Halo MCC, Project Spark, Fable Legends, FH2, DR3 DLC, KI Season 2, Crackdown 3 return. On hold is a proper Gears announcement.

new ip's like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Phantom Dust and Scale Bound look terrific.

Great new indie support and some new particular ones like Ori And The Blind Forest and Inside.

MS delivered yes MS is back. They lost their way but they found it.

XxGrim_Reaper05Xx1640d ago

Good job Microsoft. Going to pick an xb1 when that halo collection releases.

BX811640d ago

Ms did great this E3. A good mix of games. This e3 was a huge contrast from the last one. Game on.

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