Miyamoto Hopes to Complete the Development of Star Fox Wii U by Next Year

At Nintendo’s E3 2014 Digital Event, Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo of Japan spoke shortly about the upcoming Star Fox Wii U title while a separate presentation focused on two of their other upcoming games, Project Guard and Project Giant Robot. This article contains all the information about what was said.

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LOL_WUT1593d ago

First Zelda with the hopes of being playable by late 2015 and now Star Fox? Which most likely won't be complete by next year.

I just can't help but to think that Retro's next game won't be ready until late 2016 which is sad, as it will be nearing the end of the WiiU's lifecycle ;)

Moonman1593d ago

Would you rather he said 5 years from now? LOL

randomass1711593d ago

LOL_WUT is hardly ever satisfied. He usually complains about something that Nintendo did, no matter how trivial it might be.

KonsoruMasuta1593d ago

Nintendo won't end the WiiU so soon. They just started profiting off of it.

Plus, why would they pump out all these games if they were going to end it so soon?

colonel1791593d ago

Hopefully he doesn't. We have Zelda for next year, and it will probably be the biggest release from Nintendo. If he makes StarFox in one year, that would probably mean that it's a smaller, more arcade-y game and not a AAA game.

Star Fox for 2016 would be much better. It would even have a much better chance of selling since 2015 is very packed with games so far.

Utalkin2me1593d ago

Just wanna know what Nintendo has been doing for the last several years?

AKR1593d ago

Trying to get accustomed to 3D and HD game development.

Unlike Sony and MS; they rely more on their internal studios than the big outside publishers. S & M could afford to take decades to churn out new first-party titles (hypothetically), because EA, Ubi, Activision and the like will be right there to keep their consoles thriving.

Nintendo is all about making their games as close to perfection as possible - because if they don't - they'll just have systems filled with their own broken games.

maniacmayhem1593d ago

2015 seems to be that magic number.

I've been hoping for a new Starfox for the longest time. Thank goodness that Miyamoto is on board and not some other third party even though I wouldn't have minded Platinum doing a Starfox.

Venox20081592d ago

I wouldn't mind Platinum Games could make something like Star Fox Adventures with Platinum games style.. this Myamoto's game gonna be good as well :)

gamerfan09091593d ago

All I want is a legit Metroid Prime game.....

Batt1eRatt1e1593d ago

Star Fox will be released just in time for Wii U's funeral

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The story is too old to be commented.