PS4 API Can Go Down To The Metal, Specific Optimizations Not On PC Will Improve Performance Further

"With all the hype behind DirectX 12, the upcoming API update for Xbox One and PC which is due in 2015, it will be foolish to think Sony are not working to improve their own API."

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DEEBO1682d ago

After seeing the order,uncharted,bloodborne and multiplatform games on ps4 I know it will improve.

Chuk51682d ago

Not to mention driveclub.
That game is making me a believer.

theshonen88991682d ago

It still blows my mind that this is only the beginning. If Uncharted 4 looks this good now, how will Naughty Dog's last PS4 game look? The jump from Uncharted 1 to The Last of Us was enormous.

UltraNova1682d ago

"After seeing the order,uncharted,bloodborne and multiplatform games on ps4 I know it will improve."

IMO it should go like this: "After seeing the order,uncharted,bloodborne and multiplatform games on ps4 I doubt it even needs improvement."

AgentSmithPS41682d ago

Sony is pushing the pedal to the metal.

AgentSmithPS41682d ago

Too soon? Still upset about the Drive Club delay? ;) /s

TOTSUKO1682d ago

Naughty Dog and the ICE team are all hard at work listening to this song. :D

klass1681d ago

@Totsuko : Currently listening to that song while working on the stuff ^^

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windblowsagain1682d ago

I think the biggest trouble is keeping the cpu busy with all the cores running.

Once they get more from the CPU and also gpgpu for physics things will get alot smoother.

DevilOgreFish1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@ the long title. - "PS4 API Can Go Down To The Metal, Specific Optimizations Not On PC Will Improve Performance Further."

I think the consoles will improve and get better over time, same as usual like in the past. being realistic, hardware though will have it's limitations do to being closed architecture.

I think the major benefactor though is PC, utilizing the benefits of a console like API (such as mantle and DX12) defiantly tears down the stereotypical myths of poor range of support, as far as hardware goes.

no longer will PCs have to use brute force power to emulate consoles.

Ju1682d ago

Some things you just can't (reliably) do on a PC. For example, UMA optimization (will not work on DGPUs) or the fixed memory layout (fixed size buffers) and so on. Kaveri is the only APU which can support some of this on a PC but is far to slow to even bother.

JsonHenry1681d ago

Exactly. PC games are going to be in a bit of a renaissance in the next couple of years because of the PC hardware crammed into the current consoles.

And at the above- yes, each console with have specific things that they can do that the PC or the competing console can not do. And the same in reverse. Its a non issue really.

XiSasukeUchiha1682d ago

So the PS4s true form is Kaguya!?

Nine_Thousaaandd1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Lol...your comments, I give up!

SilentNegotiator1682d ago

All of the systems will improve over time, but Ps4 and Xbone have much more straight-forward hardware this gen. We really shouldn't buy into any of the hype about massive improvements.

OpenGL1682d ago

Most PS4 game developers are currently using the GNMX API because it's similar to DirectX 11 and other graphics APIs. The PS4 has a much lower level API known as GNM that developers will start to utilize primarily.

One of the main reasons PS3 games improved with time wasn't that developers mastered the Cell, but that they switched over from the OpenGL based API supported by the PS3 to LibGCM.

Silver3601682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

another flamebait piece

kenshiro1001682d ago

How so?
It must have mentioned things you didn't want to hear.

larrysdirtydrawss1682d ago

just except the greatest tool/api workers in the game(iceteam/sony) is much ahead of ms/dx12.

user56695101682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

huh??? didnt everyone already know this could anybody same the same about xbone and wiiu or any other console. thats what happen when you make a close system.

if they are trying to compare it to pc power dont bother. pc will always be stronger and come up with new tech. next gen consoles were outdated when they were first announced. devs maybe dont code as efficent as the do on console but with cheap game engines and newer(way more power tech) console will be left in the dust.

try reading this:

and they are working with intel. bandwidth is going to be on a whole new level. late again i see.

gameslayer24111682d ago

Where will you find a PC Capable of Uncharted 4 Level Graphics for 400 dollars? Just asking, because while computers will always be the better choice for those that only care about "Graphics" 2000 dollars is where most top of the line computers are at.

user56695101682d ago

you do know when new tech comes out, the older tech becomes cheaper right.

thats $250 for something that been out for 8 years. if a $600- 700 rig is better than ps4, what you think your going to get with the same amount next year.

use common sense. this is happening right now, and its going to continue to happen every year. gtx 770 cost $350 now next year it will be $250.

spin spin spin.

kenshiro1001682d ago

Real sad that you have to make PC fans look like jerks with an ignorant comment like that.

XBOTTOX1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

PC hardware will definitely make the jump sometime in the near-not -so-near future but as of right now if you look at the performance on a bang for your buck basis, the consoles have PC beat. Especially when you consider the "Straight forward pc architecture" that they have.

Look at performance of games like Battlefield 4, Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs vs what you need to compare on PC, Watch Dogs especially.

The consoles are due for a jump as well though and that is UNDENIABLE. I

starchild1682d ago

It's true that high end PCs currently have superior hardware to the PS4, but that doesn't mean that some truly incredible games won't be made for the PS4. Elite console devs like Naughty Dog will create games that have some of the best visuals around.

That said, there will be newer games on PC that will always surpass whatever comes out on the consoles. I loved the Uncharted games and they were gorgeous games, but they weren't the very best looking games I played last generation. Games on PC like Crysis, The Witcher 2, Metro Last Light, Far Cry 3 and Tomb Raider were the best looking games I played last generation and looked better than anything I played on consoles.

I think we should all be happy that games in general are starting to look absolutely incredible. Most games are going to look so good that in a way it's almost pointless to worry about which ones look better.

AndrewLB1682d ago

Gameslayer- If you want to make such a comparison, you can't forget how much it costs per year to play PS4 games online. The real cost of a PS4 over a 6 year life span is $700. You know that every time you repeat that $2000 number, it just makes you look foolish

And FYI, that Uncharted 4 clip from E3 is not what the game is going to look like. That was a pre-rendered cinematic clip. Even the disclaimer at the beginning says that it was "Captured on a Playstation 4". Well... there's a huge difference between capturing video and rendering in real time.

Bennibop1682d ago


That was in game footage this was confirmed by ND on twitter:

N4Flamers1682d ago

Have fun playing uncharted on your PC. Wait a minute... do you mean to tell me that there are some games that are not available on the pc? Thats downright blasphemy.

Seriously this pc vs concole debate is funny. It's an opinion. You can like pc better or your ps4 but there are advantages to both. They both offer a different experience. PC has a performance edge because you can cram more hardware. Consoles have a convenience edge because games are optimized with no need to upgrade equipment. Yes not only do I mean developers optimize games for consoles but generally pc's get an unoptimized port. Like with watchdogs.

Utalkin2me1681d ago

"If you want to make such a comparison, you can't forget how much it costs per year to play PS4 games online. The real cost of a PS4 over a 6 year life span is $700. You know that every time you repeat that $2000 number, it just makes you look foolish"

With my PS+ subscription, i got over $2,000+ dollars in games last year. I just repeated that $2,000 dollar number, and just made you look like a fool.

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mogwaii1682d ago

The rest i agree with but bloodborne? The most we got of that were gifs of pff screen gameplay, the trailer was cgi.

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disKinected1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I am all for ps4 improving further.
Uc4, the order 1886, driveclub have already blown my mind away.

snookiegamer1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

PS4 is a beast. I remember the PS2 era, and PS4 is PS2 reincarnated.

PS4 is in it's 1st year and look at the results!! This is just the beginning. No amount of spin coming from the 'other console' fanboys can change that.

It burns like lava that PS4 is more powerful and has better IP's.

Burn Baby Burn!


chrissx1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Ps4 is just a crazy beast. This gen is gonna be amazing for sony gamers. As usual.

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bahabeast1682d ago

sony is a top dog in this game. they bring us the best soo things like this im not worried about. all last generation when people bashed sony and microsoft paid there way around the industry i was sticking with sony. LOOK HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED, and its pure power and games bringing the masses to sony camp not any lies and pay offs.