Ps3 HDMI issue?

And so the PS3 HDMI-related problems start. At least for one dude. CheapyD at CheapAssGamer reports that he's been having issues using the PLAYSTATION 3's and an HDMI-capable TV. Here's the part that concerns me: Cheapy and I have the same plasma, Panasonic's Viera. Yet, I haven't hooked up HDMI cables. According to him:

Although everything seemed ok when I was navigating the PS3 menus, once I launched a game, my TV (Panasonic Plasma TH42PX500) would lose the video signal and would not respond for a few moments. Upon regaining control of the TV, if I cycled through my TV's video inputs and came back to HDMI, I would regain the picture. The same problem occured with DVD movies.

folow the link to watch the video.

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power of Green 4449d ago

Play B3yond, with pictures.

BIadestarX4449d ago

But, I though the PS3 was perfect. Is the cell smart enough to correct this problem?

no_more_heroes4448d ago

when will people ever learn? NOTHING IS PERFECT. NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA (especially when it comes on to electronics)

Grown Folks Talk4448d ago

i have to disagree. my peanut butter & jelly sandwich is perfect. toasted bread, with creamy peanut butter and apple jelly. it's delicious.

Thugbot1874448d ago

Wait he forgot the Day 1 patch, after that it will be perfect.

kingboy4448d ago

Maybe! hey! lets call sony`s Hotline.I hope mine comes with a warranty though

Grown Folks Talk4448d ago

is 90 days isn't it? stores will probably offer 1 or 2 year warranties. 360 and ps3 are the first pieces of hardware in the history of the world to ever have defects. i wish i would have bought the underbody spray for my 360 to prevent rust though.

PS3n3604448d ago

this sounds like as much a tv issue as a ps3 one. Good thing that this new generation allows for updates and patches. for the first few months there will be alot of patches for the ps3 its not anything worth being concerned about.

OutLaw4448d ago

I have a panasonic 61" LCD tv with a cable card in it and my cable company 2 months ago decided to send a firmware upgrade which stop the card from operating properly. They have been trying ever since to unlock the card because it stops my tv from operating at all. If I want to play my 360 or watch a HD DVD movie I have to remove the card and then my functions on my TV will start to work again. But the cable company told me that they almost done with the problem and I'm not the only one this happened to.

But Sony is going to have to send a firmware for this to work properly on the this type of tv because I do believe it's just the way these Panasonic tv's are made.

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The story is too old to be commented.