Top 20 Best Video Games Heroes

Ihowtodo: Here we are with the list of 20 Best Video Games Heroes. Heroism is an interesting thing regarding feature games. A legend doesn’t need to be a sparkling light of idealistic goodness

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aliziabi1589d ago

Hmmmm Most are my favorite in this list

Roshanish1589d ago

Chun-LI Powerful gaming character with a Beautiful Figure

C L O U D1589d ago

Most of these characters are despicable

fanboyseverywhere1588d ago

I'd say Kratos is more of an antihero, and I know I will get lots of flak for saying that.

LAWSON721588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

He is not a hero, he has no problem killing innocent civilians. Hell if I recall correctly he only does what he does to get revenge against the gods.

People can disagree all they want but he fits the bill perfectly for such a title

G3NZ1588d ago

Niko Belic and Kratos are best

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