Too Many D**** on The Dancefloor, All the Male Leads at E3

A handy video is here to countdown all the male leads hogging the dancefloor/showfloor at E3.

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corvusmd1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Can we please stop this fake drama? Speak with your consumer voice, if you don't like it because there is no female, don't buy it...if the game suffers...then you were right and it's an issue..if it doesn't then ask yourself if you still care enough to play the game. If you hurt their pockets, game companies will change. The vast majority of CONSOLE gamers are guys, yet there are still plenty of games you can play as doesn't have to be ALL games.

In fact in games where they are trying to create a sense of realism, sometimes it' off-putting to see a female lead running around i.e. COD. Women are on this Earth for a reason, and it's an excellent reason...trying to inject them into areas where they don't always "belong" just for the sake of "being fair" doesn't help actual women, and in a sense diminishes all the REAL TANGIBLE benefits that women provide this world (kinda like saying for women to show real value they have to act like a an area in real life where women don't participate).

I don't complain when women are in games, in fact two of the games that I credit for getting me into games have strong female leads (Tombraider and Resident Evil). No one is stopping women from being in games, but let's not try to force the issue.

@iam ...that would make more sense if women were being barred from being leads in video games, but rightfully so, they aren't. However, what I'm saying is going to the other extreme and injecting them just for the sake of injecting them doesn't help, and in some ways is actually counter-productive IMO. The majority of console gamers are men/boys...we aren't shunning women from playing...we want them to, but no one is asking why there aren't more male leads in shows like Sex in the City.

iamnsuperman1589d ago

I think the issue stems from the reason why female leads are not chosen. Companies feel they don't sell and then don't support them (either at all or not fully)

These are worth reading :

At the end of the day it isn't some sort of "fake drama". It is a real problem that stems from a bias further up which is actively not helping the situation

Neonridr1589d ago

Child of Light used a female protagonist. That new Xbox One game Inside uses a female character. Mass Effect games let you play as a Man or a Woman. Bayonetta is a woman last I checked. What just because it isn't 50/50 means it's unfair? Do people go into an uproar when an alien is the lead character?

Debaitable1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Tomb Raider, Child of Light, Mirror's Edge, Aquaria, Beyond Two Souls, Bayonetta, Perfect Dark.

So what are we really trying get to get here? Women's rights IN video games? Are we now forcing devs to include females into the game even if it doesn't fit with the narrative? Should I raise my pitch fork because I'm not an Asian guy in Gears of War?

Do you even know the cost of character development? You don't simply add female voice over a male game character and slap boobs on. EVERYTHING has to be built from the ground up.

Such a flaimbait & clickbait topic.

lilbroRx1588d ago


This issue stems from the media's gaming obsession with making problems for Nintendo out of resentment for their success, and little more. They weren't talking about this 3 days ago. No ones was begging for Nene Drake in Uncharted 4 or Mistress Chief.

This in its entirety revolves around the fanatic forced misbelief that Link was female in the new Zelda trailer. This articles title, which tries to make it look like this is something bigger issue with many game while still posting Link from the new Zelda as the only target is misdirective joke.

Zelda is actually one of the most popular games with female I've ever seen. Of all the games that should be used as a poster boy for problems with females in gaming, this series is at the bottom of the list. Most females like Zelda the way it is.

Most women don't want to assume the positions that males are usually in my experiece contrary to the what the media tries to force down everyone's throat for ratings and hits.

LackTrue4K1588d ago

Bayonetta and /Loracroff say....

"Your upset over lack of females @ E3?!? Now who's acting like a b!tch!!!"

3-4-51588d ago

* That is like complaining why more boys aren't playing with barbies....

Activemessiah1589d ago

Bayonetta says hello...... twice.

Chevalier1588d ago

Laracroft and Palutena also say hello.

Neixus1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Am i the only one who finds it more ''sexist'' by actually caring about the male vs female debate in gaming?

Why can't they just shut up and enjoy the game? Personally, i think it depends on the type of game. For example, Mirror's edge fits a woman because they are, not in all cases, generally more flexible.

While any game featuring a character with heavy armor and a big sword, should be men because they're stronger.

But all in all, i don't really care, i play a good game regardless of the main char is male or female :)

I'd be fine with more woman if the industry stop over-sexualizing them though, game developers please take note from Tomb Raider reboot and The Last of Us. They have the best and strongest woman without sexualizing them.

EDIT: and the fact that there are several women in the video posted, without the author counting them, is pretty infuriating >_>

randomass1711588d ago

Or the two female characters confirmed for Hyrule Warriors.

RoboticusRex1588d ago

Who really cares? Seriously why does it matter, they are just video games, care about women in politics or management.

XiSasukeUchiha1588d ago

Or the female character confirmed in Halo 5

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