Destiny’s PS4 Full DualShock 4 Control Scheme Revealed

If you’re curious about Destiny‘s controls on PS4, the full control scheme for the game’s alpha has been revealed,and you can check it out in the picture below.

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Meltic1591d ago

live in europé when do i get my cooode !!

Stevino1231591d ago

I don't think anyone has gotten a code <|3

SonyMontana1591d ago

Are you talking about Alpha codes? If so, people have already been getting them and have been playing the Alpha. You can watch people streaming it on Twitch.

Fixay1591d ago

8PM Uk time they will do the first wave

Everyone on Twitch so far have gotten there codes early due to many reasons, mainly high number of viewers etc

SonyMontana1590d ago

I see, thank you for the clarification.

SonyMontana1591d ago

I hope you'll be able to remap Crouch/Slide from O to R3. For me the control scheme would be absolutely perfect then.

Fixay1591d ago

8PM UK time they are sending out the first wave of codes!

Be patient.

Everyone who signed up will get a code:

nominal2661590d ago

I was supposed to get mine from the "E3 Experience" Code, still haven't gotten it. =/