Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare E3 2014 Preview | Entertainment Buddha

Matt Heywood of Entertainment Buddha writes: "The E3 demo began during the first stage of the campaign, ‘Induction’. From the first moment of the presentation, the visuals of the game stood out. Advanced Warfare’s HD facial capture technology creates for some of the most lifelike and expressive human animations ever seen in a video game. In all honesty, it takes a few moments to truly take in just how impressive they are."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1641d ago

We finally have next-gen COD.

Matt6661641d ago

I bet we don't have a next gen COD. I bet the SP is still going to be linear and the MP still going to be a broken mess, next gen yet you still can't see your legs during gameplay (only during cut scenes) (older games like Halo 2 and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 you could see your legs during gameplay).

CerebralAssassin1641d ago

I dont think seeing my legs in a video game really makes or breaks me. Just saying.

Whether its next gen or not... its call of duty. Theres only so much left to do this series before they have to change the name because it changed too much to be considered call of duty.

venom061641d ago

titanfall ripoff... too funny..

threefootwang1641d ago

It looks decent. The only pickle I may have with it down the road is if every COD game after this on PS4 and X1 look the exact same (given the amount of years that'd pass by). The longer down in a console's life, the better the game should look!

yankolo1641d ago

Yeah whatever i dont thik im playin cod now i got TF

gamerfan09091641d ago

I love the demo for this game. It looks fucking good and the scifi mechanics shown were awesome. Idk how I'm going to be able to adjust to regular shooters now that I'm done with titanfall. I had a hard time playing Wolfenstein just cause of how much slower the combat is.

snowbearder1640d ago

Actually doesn't look too bad, kind of interested in how it'll flow