More Than Another Skylanders; How Amiibos Will Change The Future

During Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event they revealed a whole ton of new details and games including updates from Super Smash Bros, Xenoblade Chronicles X & Hyrule Warriors as well as the first looks at Splatoon and The Legend of Zelda for Wii U. One of the event’s first announcements however has been somewhat over shadowed, and now that the dust has settled it’s time to have a closer look at Nintendo's Amiibo

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Reeze1589d ago

I want all the Kirbys please

That is all

sknygy1589d ago

I'm kinda hoping they give us plenty of Nintendo's own characters and don't saturate the range with Pokemon.

darthv721588d ago

The pokemon ones would do well IF nintendo would just come out with a wii-u pokemon game.

As for the overall concept, this could surpass skylanders and infinity in the simple fact that they would be used in more types of games. not just limited to the basic core of a series like skylanders and infinity are now.

imagine you have your amiibos and they can be used in sports, action, adventure, rpg, racing and shooters and fighters besides the obvious smash bros.

maniacmayhem1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

The Pokémon figures is where it's at and if Nintendo would make a WiiU Pokémon game it would make a killing.

Imagine going into a store and seeing a rare pokemon for sale. Or a pokemon that could evolve your own that you found in game even further.

Kids could trade each other pokemons and other things that would take the video game experience beyond the living room. I think it's a great idea.

McScroggz1588d ago

They could do some pretty interesting things with the Pokemon ones though. Like, maybe if you buy a Charizard Amiibo it has the max possible stats that a Charizard can have, and maybe you can even select what type of special ability it has.

Or, what could be neat, is if you have an Amiibo of a Pokemon you get an increased chance to find a shiny version of whatever evolution of the Pokemon is available in the Pokemon game you are playing.

I'm sure there are much more novel ideas, but if Nintendo capitalizes on the Pokecraze smartly they are going to make quite a profit.

Reeze1588d ago


There is no Toad Amiibo

; ; cri

wonderfulmonkeyman1588d ago

I'm looking forward to the Amiibos in Smash.


They'll become higher-capability CPU's that will learn your strategies and find ways of countering them as they go.

That's what people thought would be in Brawl but never happened.
That's some exciting stuff.

Fixay1588d ago

Yeah they mentioned that they are much smarter and harder to face than the most difficult lvl 9 cpu player.

These go up to lvl 50.. so it should be quite fun to play against the figurine if it is a genuine challenge.

Then the fact they will be able to be used in future games is just icing on the cake.

Oh and there cool to collect no matter what

Ripsta7th1588d ago

But I thought they were your sidekicks and not enemies

McScroggz1588d ago

This is a great idea, but I'm still not 100% sure what the main functionality of these are. For instance, they used Smash Bros. as an example. Does that mean if there is an Amiibo figurine of a character not in the newest Smash Bros. that by using an Ammibo you will get a completely new character for the game?

It's not that I doubt the strategy, in fact I think it's very smart and if handled well could be a huge source of income - I would just like more concrete data on what they actually do in games. If any of you know more I'd appreciate any knowledge as I find this very interesting.

Nodoze1588d ago

I am still not understanding the Amiibo (why must every Nintendo name be ridiculous). Do the figures need to remain within proximity of Wii u gamepad? Will the characters 'come to life' in Toads game? I like the concept of using figures in multiple games, but they certainly did not provide much data on how they work. Don't get me wrong we will be buying these, but I think that Nintendo needs to better explain how they are used.

Also why in the world is Nintendo NOT producing a pokemon game on Wii U? It would sell millions of copies and consoles. I just don't get it.

Nintendo had the best showing this E3 for sure. Looking forward to playing every title (except that clay Kirby game).