Sony: Nearly A Third of PS4 Owners Only Had a Wii or Xbox 360 Last Gen

Some 31% of people who have bought a PlayStation 4 had an Xbox 360 or Wii but not a PS3 in the last hardware generation, PlayStation's American VP of marketing John Koller told me in an interview here at L.A. this week. That's a decent amount of people making a switch to Team PlayStation and/or coming back to Sony after missing the PS3 era.

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Geobros1592d ago

Its hard to me to believe this news/rumor....

iamnsuperman1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Well it does make some sense. The PS4 has had a good amount of momentum, the current split between PS4 and One in the US is around 600,000 in the PS4's favour in the US. By the end of the last generation the 360 was just under double the amount of the PS3 in the US.

Edit: I mention the US since Sony had gained the most market share (compared to the last generation) there but it is a similar story in the UK

darthv721592d ago

And it would not surprise me if at least 1/3 of PS4 owners now buy into the wii-u and/or xb1 since this E3.

both platforms showed there is reason to play the field as there are good games to be had by all.

Abash1592d ago

It's hard to believe that some gamers skipped getting a PS3 last gen. It has such a great library and still has a few awesome exclusives releasing in the pipelinw

Why o why1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Or maybe the disagrees are because many didn't believe people graded either nintendos and ms's shows worthy of grabbing the respective consoles. From what I've seen, none were mind blowing including sonys so just like many here still insist they wont be buying a ps4 based on 'E3', the counter can be said for the other consoles.

In regards to the article, I wouldn't be surprised if this is closer to truth than not. There were many pissed of 360 fans after not only the reveal but ms's last 3rd. Doesn't mean they weren't pleased with the multiplats that filled the void but the so called 'bankrupt ' company continued produce better output throughout the gen. The 'loadsa money' company fell off completely in regards to core.

The diskinect may actually benefit the x1 core gamer this time around as it was obvious ms couldn't or wouldn't manage the appeasement of both core and casual last time around. They also have a better guy at the helm. Ms are still climbing themselves out of the hole they dug but they are climbing. They're righting some of the wrongs but there is still a question in regards to their stamina. Good luck x1 owners, your happiness will never irk me. Enjoy your sh*t like I am mine.

choujij1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

What's important to note is that at least this third learned their lesson. ;)

Madock1592d ago

and they will gladly move on to Nintendo's fusion once it's out lol

UltraNova1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Instead of Fusion It should be called Nintendo Reactor, get it? react-or?

hahaha I'm sorry I couldn't help it.

Isn't it true though that Nintendo should 'react' and release a truly competitive console next time 'or'...

Madock1591d ago

N64 used cartridges while PS1 was hacked and sold by millions with home-brew games and a music CD player.
NGC had no DVD player while PS2 again was sold as a cheap DVD player.
I know the above cause that's why me, my family and 10s of friends bought the PS1 and the PS2
Wii came and despite awful graphics sold more than competition
Wii U came with slow software, bad name and with Sony and Microsoft spending billions on bashing the Wii u, promoting "true next gen"myth and buying third party titles off Nintendo
Don't believe that there is not enough install base BS cause Xone got and will continue to have less install base and they r still releasing games for it (although those who r not bought r slowly abandoning it)
Mario kart caused a 600% bump in sales for the WiiU, say that's like extra 2 mil (long term)
Smash will cause a similar bump, say 2 mil
Zelda will cause a similar bump, say 2-3 mil
starfox, bayonetta and X got ppl waiting for them, each like 1/2 a mil bump
plus the normal steady sale of around 200k a month
we r already looking at more than 20 mil by early 2016 (def b4 next console) and we all know sales will continue even after they release a new one
Nintendo been in this business for too long and know exactly what to do, they starve then release at controlled intervals to maximise hype and sales
They'll b making profit as well, ton of it, they spent half a billion on restructure and new buildings that could have made them see profit this year and prob last year too
MS is bleeding money and Sony is very close to bankruptcy
1 powerful do it all console for all ages and Nntendo will sweep again, even with 1st party titles only to start, it is so happening my friend

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nirwanda1592d ago

I only had a launch 360 and skipped the ps3 after the cross platform games started off worse on the ps3, now I own a ps4 and will skip the Xbox one with its inferior GPU.

Software_Lover1592d ago

So, your launch 360 lasted all gen? Or did you just stop gaming.

Immorals1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Your loss. All 3 have lots to bring to the table, power means nothing when there's so many great games!

Edit/. My launch 360 still works, lost the power brick though :(

True_Samurai1592d ago

Too bad you choose GPU over games. Which is what I thought consoles were suppose to be about games not resolution

MysticStrummer1592d ago

@Samurai - PS4 has more games coming, so it's not choosing GPU over games at all.

Evilsnuggle1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I own both OG xbox and 360 at launch . I loved OG xbox had PS2 all my mulitplatform games on OG xbox . OG xbox had great game phantom dust , kingdom under fire , pazer dragoon jet set radio f . OG xbox was a beast . PS2 had amazing JRPGs that i loved . NOW weak sauce xbone last gen 2.0 every game on xbone looks last gen expect Ryse . I would not pay a penny over $200 for such weak hardware . im going to skip xbone juan this time around. game tag xbox live evil snuggle I have all three last gen PS3 , wii and 360 . my 360 start to get dust after the witcher 2 my favorite 360 game last gen .

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pandaboy1592d ago

Whether you believe it or not it makes sense from a statistical standpoint given the current sales and market share of each system.

Anon19741592d ago

Personally, I had all three last gen but only really ended up playing one of them for the bulk of my next gen time. This generation, knowing my gaming time would be limited with two children now I didn't have last gen, one console is more than enough to satisfy me with the limited gaming time I have. I went with the PS4 as Sony had more games that appealed too me and I found last gen the PS3 was my most played console.

Although, I have to admit, a $200, refurbished Wii-U directly from the Nintendo store with a one year warranty is pretty damn tempting. I wouldn't mind introducing my little guy (he's 4 currently) to Mario now that he's starting to take an interest in games. And a PS TV for $100 is a no brainer for me, even to use just as a PS4 extender into my living room instead of my downstairs den. And my Vita's been getting a lot more play time recently with PSN+ free titles and remote play for my PS4. So basically..this gen I'm planning on gaming on everything except the Xbox One. Huh...
Although I still might pick one up for development purposes.
Wait...what was my point?

darthv721592d ago

I thought the same thing when my kids came along. but they grow and they in turn become interested in games. So they can play on whatever system they like while i do the same.

Hell, one of my sons has no problem with earning me achievements or trophies when im not playing. So when your kids get may find it easier to get them in on the action.

Plus having multiple systems means there is something for everyone.

iceman061592d ago

Why would that be a surprise. There are many gamers that are just platform agnostic. They go with the flow and trends. It's hard to deny that MS had a rough time pre-launch with its message. Sony came with a lower price, "arguably" (meaning that I don't care to argue, it's what has been said) better specs, and a ton of momentum and positive press. Not to mention that many gamers simply skipped PS3 because of its perception of being "weaker" (once again, no argument), being "too expensive", and arriving to the party late. All in all many of these gamers were probably huge fans of PS2, as by the numbers most of us were, meaning that they didn't have anything against Sony except for the perception and price and they had already invested into Xbox 360 prior to the release of PS3.

Death1592d ago

Yay! Fun with numbers time...

According to this claim, of the 7 million PS4's sold, 4.6 million are returning Playstation customers.

Depending on the percentage of PS3 and Wii owners jumping to the Xbox One, both companies are converting the same amount of existing customers to the new platform with Xbox and Wii customers converting to the new gen faster.

If Sony is indeed converting more customers over, I'm not sure how sustainable that is or if it's actually good news.

Chevalier1592d ago

Really nice spin. They're the quickest selling and selling the most month over month easily. Since when is a huge chunk of your competitors customers switching side ever a bad thing for Sony? How the heck did you leap to the conclusion that it's not sustainable? There are at least 100 million or more people who have NOT bought next gen yet. Seriously grasping at straws buddy.

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Baka-akaB1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Really ? that hard to believe ? A good chunk of the people currently accused of being Sony fanboys were originally Xbox or wii fans and skipped the ps3 for a while , if not even the whole generation ...

It's pretty easy to spot on here , gaf (aka sonygaf for the most butthurts) and other forums via their posts history

Matt6661592d ago

I got a ps3/360 and wii u not forgetting my Xbox One and Ps4.

AgentSmithPS41592d ago

I switched from 360 to PS4 after researching both next-gens. There was nothing special keeping me there and I wasn't impressed that something as simple as party chat was starting to disconnect me and others.

I used to repair my 360 controller with parts from a wireless one I didn't use, the 'plastic' slider thing under the thumbstick (inside the metal 'cube') looked so cheap and you could see where it wore down.
The soldering was time consuming (17-20 spots for ONE stick - the left{?} would wear down fast) but at least I learned something. If you try this at home get a great solder sucker, the wick/braid stuff is risky and trickier (you can separate the metal from the board etc). Why is below.

I was annoyed that the 360's sticks wouldn't center after wearing out quicker than I'd like, causing me problems in BF3 (bipod fails, falling off buildings, etc). Maybe they were even designed to fail so they could make an easy $40-60, maybe EA got kickbacks since they never allowed you to increase the deadzone of the joystick ;) (not saying they did it on purpose but it wouldn't surprise me).

I am happy with my PS4, and happier in 2015 ;).

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randomass1711592d ago

Dang, that's a lot of ship hopping. I had a Wii for a period of time last generation, but I eventually saved up for my PS3 when the price dropped a bit. :) This gen I'm doing exactly the same thing lol.

XiSasukeUchiha1592d ago

33% of them made the switch huh, hopefully they made the right choice.

imXify1592d ago

You never read uh ?
You just didn't take 2 second of your time to click or read the description because they explicitly mention 31%

Software_Lover1592d ago

And what market research did they get this info from?

Why o why1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Maybe npd

I mean, that was home turf. It's not impossible to suggest there aren't a fraction of converts or is the notion that there aren't any converts at all?

SoapShoes1592d ago

He is an executive of SCEA not SCEJ.