Who Won E3 2014: The Good, The Bad and The EA

EA is a replacement for "ugly", if you didn't notice.

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GamersHeaven1642d ago

I think every one had a solid E3 EA was the the only one that sh!t imo.

darthv721642d ago

Nintendo surprised me the most. Pretty much all of their first looks were in fact "first looks" as in they werent previously leaked by "insiders".

MS and Sony had some of their thunder stolen by leaks prior (both intentional and unintentional).

when you look at the big 3, only Nintendo was really all about games for their platform. MS and Sony had their own games but also upselling the multi's at the same time.

the winner of E3 is actually the gamers. We get to play these games in due time.

room4141642d ago

"when you look at the big 3, only Nintendo was really all about games for their platform. MS and Sony had their own games but also upselling the multi's at the same time."

Well yeah, nintendo's 3rd party cupboard is quite bare isn't it.

medman1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

You're giving Nintendo credit for showing games for their platform while in reality many 3rd parties aren't making games at all for Nintendo's console. Hard to give them credit for that. So while I agree Nintendo's conference was stellar and just what Nintendo fans wanted to see, you can't denigrate Sony or Microsoft for showing great 3rd party titles. Those are the games that usually move more copies than even 1st party exclusives, so why not show them if you've got them and they look as good as they did? I loved Sony's conference. Of course it chugged for a bit with some long winded speeches, but they've earned the right to chug if they want to. They showed tech (Vita TV, morpheus), first parties, 3rd parties, services (psnow), strong indies, and even revealed a special edition white ps4 with Destiny bundle. Microsoft also had a strong showing. It was a good E3 all around. The only thing I would consider bad is the surprises were taken out of the equation for the most part due to leaks before the show.

AngelicIceDiamond1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I agree.

Imo this E3 had the most games I've seen in a while. Past E3's lack allot of games but this year was packed.

Third party, 1st party had it locked down this year. The only that was lacking were new Ip's I didn't see allot of new Ips.

But other than that this E3 was one of the best no surprise factors but games, games, games they weren't short of this year.

And had something for everybody, literally.

djsandman1641d ago

I actually loooved the EA conference.. It was the first one I actually enjoyed.. It wasn't all CGI, it was showing the actual development and gameplay.. I wish they showed all games in whatever form, Im interested in ideas and mechanics, who cares what the graphics look like. I can't believe I'm the only one who loved it. Everyone on here complains about CGI and then complains 100X harder at gameplay?

VforVideogames1642d ago

I just got my XBOX ONE thanks to E3. XBOX......ON, its so cool.

Keith221642d ago

Thought I would be saying the same but MS E3 didn't make me want one just yet well not until around November when the Halo collection is out.

HeavenlySnipes1642d ago

Haven't played an Xbox in years but goddamn it the sighting of Halo 2 and a rush of nostalgia almost made me click over to Amazon to get an X1

Maybe down the road I'll get one just to play the Chief collection with Halo 5

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1642d ago

This guy claims he just got his Xbox; but a little history research shows he's an xbot who bought an Xbox One a long time ago.

AngelicIceDiamond1642d ago

Wow and yet you get disagrees for stating you got an X1.

This sites agenda man.

Illusive_Man1642d ago

Bubble up to everyone who got a disagree simply for stating they like Xbox One. That is the only way to combat this ridiculous commenting system/bias attitude on this site.

Rimeskeem1642d ago

You should have seen it when the ps3/360 launched

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


"I feel exactly the same way but the other way around my XB1 has the best game now and the future looks really good, so I'm just not feeling it with Sony this gen. #11.2
154d ago by VforVideogames | View comment "

Maybe if you look at his history, you will see why he has disagrees

S2Killinit1641d ago

i thought you already had one

ZAF1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Why is everyone saying that EA was bad? They had to show their sports games, it's what makes them alot of money it's what there known for, they showed great games and overall it was a very decent conference.

HaMM4R1642d ago

Yeah, the did have to show them, not base their whole bloody conference on them. And the Sims. God the sims! Lets be honest, most people who watch E3 aren't in it to hear about the sports games. I was really excited to see some battlefront and what am I greeted with? A shitty 2 minute documentary with pretty much no gameplay or anything with the announcement we don't actually get to see anything until spring next year. Thanks EA! I wouldn't have minded just seeing some concept gameplay like the did for mirrors edge, or a proper walkthrough of some of the environments but no.

Saryk1642d ago

The Sims makes EA a shit ton of money and so do their sports games.

EA can do some things to make the gamer happy, but making the stock holders happy is priority #1!

Electronic Arts
NASDAQ: EA - Jun 12 1:40 PM ET
35.460.05 (0.14%)

jmc88881642d ago


They showed...

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Battlefront 3
Battlefield: Hardline

...and gave us a demo which I and many people on two different platforms are enjoying.

Yes they had a lot of stuff many people don't like, but alot of people also love those franchises.

To the rest of us they gave us a ton. Amazing Star Wars, a good look at DA:I, and not only showed Battlefield: Hardline, but gave us a beta/demo to play with for two weeks or longer.

They did also announcer Mirror's edge, so those people have that.

They touched a lot of segments.

The sports crowd got theirs.
The Sims crow got theirs.
The strategy RPG got theirs.
The free running got theirs.
The FPS fans really got theirs with 2 games AND a beta/demo.

I'm probably even forgetting something.

EA should be bashed when there is an actual reason to be bashed.

This isn't that time, when it is, we'll know it.

HaMM4R1641d ago

Except dragon age had already had a demo earlier that day, didn't really care about another one, hardline had already had so much gameplay shown it just didn't matter and they showed such a little amount of battlefront it was a complete waste of time.

mcarsehat1642d ago

Nerds don't want to hear about Sports Games :P they have all the power on sites like this.

BG115791642d ago

"And the EA"... That is so funny!!!

bahabeast1642d ago


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