Sony’s Playstation TV Could Be A Game Changer For Net Neutrality and Data Caps

Multiple news outlets are identifying the PlayStation TV as a rival for Apple TV and The Fire TV. It isn’t.

Just because PlayStation TV is a small box that attaches to a TV via an HDMI cord does not mean that it is meant to compete with Apple TV as a media delivery system. When it comes to gaming the Fire TV despite its overpriced controller the Fire TV is a vehicle to encourage use of its growing video media library and on demand services. As a game platform it is not even in the same ballpark as what the PlayStation TV, which will allow users to stream games from the company’s library including Play Station Vita and Playstation 3.

What Sony is doing with this launch is providing an inexpensive entry point to its PlayStation Now network, which will set Sony up as a game streaming service in the way Netflix is a TV and movie service. The importance of this launch may be the best thing to happen to streaming until the NFL begins streaming regular season games online.

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Master-Chief2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I can see this thing being a huge hit. It's essentially a Vita for less than half the price.

It would be awesome if it could play PS2 games too.

XiSasukeUchiha2221d ago

This thing will be a hit, Master-chief oh btw I can't Halo 5, I get play as you again:)

Anon19742221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

- oh wait. I misread Master-Chief's comment, went on a rant and then re-read it. I'm so old. Disregard!

Godmars2902221d ago

Its a Vita with potential access to five console libraries, including its own yet not counting PSN, then it can stream PS4 from a PS4.

All Sony really needs to do is advertise it. Correctly. No crying nightmare dolls.

Prime1572221d ago

Advertising is Microsoft's forte, not Sony's.

Example: Saw four of their commercials with "pinkman(sp?)" From Breaking Bad in the last two quarters of the spurs/heat game tonight... for those off you not in America, that's world series (best of 7) of basketball that has millions of viewers.

No Sony commercials.

4+ Xbox commercials (in the second half) with millions of people watching. Oh and it was showing off voice commands while advertising the 399-no-Kinect version... Yes, the questionable marketing of Microsoft is still around...

So, yes, I agree. If Sony markets PSTV it could be a hit, but will they?

kingdom182221d ago


That would seem part of MS target demographic.

I have actually seen quite a few ads from Sony, not that recently albeit, but I'm sure there are still some out there, mostly their live action ads and some for Destiny I think.

But yes I agree with both of you, they "NEED" to market the hell out of PS TV, it could really turn into a great thing and really push PS Now, and hell for that price, they smash Fire and Apple TV into the dust. As long as it has its apps, somthing Sony has been lacking with Playstation consoles; like just recently getting HBO GO. Although the fact that its a Microconsole on its own with PS Now is also another great selling point.

rsnotz2221d ago

"All Sony really needs to do is advertise it. Correctly."

If Sony does advertise it well, its going to change gaming in a good way. PSNow and this is a great concept.

TOTSUKO2221d ago

@ Prime157

I don't know what you've been watching but I always see Sony's "Sharing is Caring" jingle in the NBA Finals, ESPN, and TNT.

Only saw Aaron Paul commercial once.
I see more Sony commercials in general actually. Especially that jingle with Destiny footage. That commercial is almost a year old and still showing lol

Godmars2902221d ago

Thing is for all of MS's advertising, where are they? How is their product selling?

In the end advertising 24/7 doesn't mean a thing if you don't have the right message.

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jujubee882220d ago

Either wait for it to be hacked or for PS NOW to support streaming PS2 games (if that's even planned).

Also, not all VITA games are supported.

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Majin-vegeta2221d ago

You just love trolling dont you??

MultiConsoleGamer2221d ago

No, I love telling the truth.

If you check my post history I have been very excited about this product. I have claimed literally dozens of times that I would purchase it on day one.

But then I tried it for myself...

Sony has no idea what they're doing with this product. No idea. It's not going to hold up against Apple TV, Google Box and Amazon Fire TV.

It's only strong points are that it's tiny, it carries the playstation brand, and it can stream games from your PS4.

I actually want this product to succeed but I'm just being realistic. But hey, this is N4G, a place that has cultivated the absolute worst fanboys on the internet. So honest opinions about products are not allowed.

It's a great idea in theory but it's going to absolutely die IRL.

Ju2221d ago

This isn't a high priority product for Sony, I guess. But it is also a low risk product for Sony. They are already build this in form of the Vita. It can only be a win-win situation. It grows the Vita (based) platform and it lowers the price for a Vita like console and it gives Vita owners an interesting way to play their games on the big screen.

And it gives you all the benefits of PSN for a low entry price - if you buy this fresh (e.g. with a controller) I think it is still too expensive. A full PS3 does all this (minus playing Vita games) for just a little bit more.

FamilyGuy2221d ago

"Sony has no idea what they're doing with this product. No idea. It's not going to hold up against Apple TV, Google Box and Amazon Fire TV. "

Sony's not the one claiming it to be competition for those products. It's a $100 device that can play playstation games, that's the only selling point it needs.

MultiConsoleGamer2221d ago


My Sony Bravia can do that, my PS3 can do that, my PS4 can do that.

And in case you didn't know Sony has already stated that their PS Now service will eventually find it's way to non Sony hardware.

tgunzz2221d ago

IMHO, this devise will be heavily attatched to the Sony TV division (bundled). They are hurting horribly there (already dropping the OLED development), and sticking with LCD. It can really help there... It's going to be a cool product for some...

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ArtificiallyYours2221d ago ShowReplies(1)
kingdom182221d ago

Why is DoA? Clarify please. As long as it has apps to support it and works, I don't see how it could flop.

Christopher2221d ago

I actually like that you can use this to extend your PS4 to another TV in the house without having to buy another PS4.

Also, if it's DOA... wouldn't it already be dead since it's been out in Japan for almost a year?

RiPPn2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

It's been in the Amazon top 20 since it was announced, you know what can't say that.. Kinectless Xbox One which has been hovering around the #40 spot. Crazy world isn't it?

ShinMaster2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

@ MultiConsoleGamer

You dummy. PlayStation TV (aka PS Vita TV) has less to do with TV and a lot more to do with gaming.
It plays PS Vita, PSN, PSP, PS1, Remote Plays PS4 and will stream PS3 games.
So it doesn't have to compete with Apple TV or Google Box.

I'll be getting it this year. $99 is a great deal considering the actual PS Vita is $200+.

Spotie2221d ago

I don't know how you never get marked for it, but you are certainly trolling.

HOW is it doa? How is it competing with Apple TV? You say a bunch of crap with no valid reasoning, no facts. Just some opinionated BS that you think has some relevance.

Well, I don't know if you really believe this stuff. You strike me as the type who knows better, but intentionally spreads false information.

Funny. That's supposed to be grounds for permanent bans, if you do it too often, but plenty of people make that their only purpose for commenting. I notice, though, that the only ones doing such things belong to the Xbox crowd. Odd...

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ITPython2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

PSTV definitely has a lot of potential utilizing PSNow and access to PS1, PS2, PS3, PS Vita (and PSP?) games. Also I think we can safely assume they will eventually add a few PS4 games to PSNow as well, which would be huge and could push even more PS4's if people like what they see and want the complete package. And another amazing idea would be PS4 game demos on PSTV!! That would be one heck of a way to advertise the PS4, by letting people play PS4 game demos on their PSTV so they can get hooked.

If Sony plays their cards right, this could be the next big thing in the entertainment/game industry.

KakashiHotake2221d ago

Honestly at that price point, this has the potential to be huge. It's basically Sony reintroducing the PS Vita but in a cheaper and more conventional form factor. I do think heading into the future video game streaming is going to be huge and this will lead the charge.

koliosis2221d ago

As an Xbox fan I welcome this product with open arms

jujubee882220d ago

I've seen the same sentiment from Nintendo fans, PC fans, and kitchen fans.

If you catch my drift ~_______~

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