Sony's PlayStation TV Has the Makings of a Hit

The PlayStation TV has the potential to be a truly solid living room companion The PlayStation TV has the potential to be a truly solid living room companion, especially if you're interested in games.

Although other set-top boxes — notably Amazon's Fire TV — have game libraries — they aren't as focused or as vast as what is available for the PSP, PS Vita and PSNow. As a result, the PlayStation TV has an opportunity to sell itself as In the midst of Sony's jam-packed E3 2014 keynote, the company announced that it's bringing the PlayStation Vita TV to the U.S. and Europe this fall under the name PlayStation TV.

The PlayStation TV is kind of a cross between Amazon's Fire TV and a Ouya. It's a very small set-top box designed to play games and stream content. It can also be used as a way to view content (movies or photos) from a PS Vita on a big screen. Like other set-top boxes, the PlayStation TV will debut at $99.

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Eonjay1640d ago

I'm getting people this for Christmas. It plays games, Streams Netflix, remotes PS4 and its completely portable. For $99.99 Christmas is gonna be easy this year... oh one for me too.

Its also the perfect first console for Kids or for casuals. And it supports thousands of games out the box. Get this a memory card and a PSN gift card and they are set.

rajman1642d ago

They really need to make more games compatible with it, I imported it and only one of my many games (Soul Sacrifice) works on it, big titles such as Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary really should be compatible

Anon19741642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Was it a region thing? I guess I can see serious tweaks being needed to Golden Abyss. A lot of touch screen stuff, there were bits that required the camera, etc. Not much you can do there but remove those, and there were quite a few of them. Haven't played Killzone yet.

bothebo1641d ago

There are more touchscreen elements in KZ Mercenary

Anon19741641d ago

Ah. I wonder if the DS4's touch pad could do touch screen duty? Most likely they're not going to bother and just going forward make sure developers have controls for both touch screen and DS3 in mind when making Vita games.

NihonjinChick1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Yeah, I bought it on the first day and the lack of compatible titles killed a lot of the fun for me.

Don't get me wrong though, it's still fun playing vita games on a big screen.

rajman1640d ago

lol @ the disagrees, its true there are barely any games compatible with the Vita TV. They really have to make more compatible when it hits the US otherwise its not looking too good, also I read somewhere that a patch for Killzone Mercenary that enables Vita TV support is being worked on :)

HakatoX1640d ago

PSTV will have better game support for the west.
You are only getting a portion of the experience cause you imported it.
Don't try to make it look like its a halfass effort.

It will have a HUGE library when the official launch hits for the U.S.
Maybe an update swap will help when it gets a western firmware.....

rajman1640d ago

@ HakatoX
How do you know it "will have better game support for the west" and "HUGE library"? I have not seen a list from Sony stating the compatible games at launch, so until then dont act as if you know.
It didnt have a HUGE library for Japan so it could be the same for US.
"you are only getting a portion of the experience cause you imported it" oh so you're saying Sony didnt care that much for the Japanese market and they will go all out for the US market? lol ok dude

HakatoX1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Not all western games work on an import Vita TV and unless you are fluent in Japanese, you may have a still partial experience. Secondly Mr Richard, They even said it will have launch day access to PS now which your importing it stopped you from experiencing that as well.

Anything else you wanna bark big about?

You need to read up on how importing VitaTV leads to regional problems.
US Killzone not working on imported Vita TV
The game was updated to work and has been waiting almost six months.
Those issues and problems will be corrected.
Are you still tied to the JP PSN store?

rajman1640d ago

@ HakatoX
Mr Richard I dont what you're barking about, Im talking about the lack of games, I didnt ask for a lecture on the other things....which I already know about lol

HakatoX1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Yer the one being dismissive. Making issues over things you KNOW will be fixed for launch. Not only that you call foul and laugh at others when you imported a region capped device.
If you import ALL your games they would mostly work.

I.E. Killzone.

rajman1640d ago

@ HakatoX
"Making issues over things you KNOW will be fixed for launch" once again wrong, my only issue here is the lack of compatible games, I have no idea if Sony will fix that for the US release since we havent seen a list of the games. Stop trying to be Mr know it all, you have no idea of the games to be released in the US....and no the Japanese Killzone Mercenary doesnt work on the Vita TV either.

HakatoX1640d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Not a know it all.
Just informed...

Notice that little note about region support?

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CrimsonAzure1641d ago

I've been waiting for this beast here in the west. It seemed a bit lacking at launch in Japan so hopefully they fix those issues before the system releases here.

SuperBlunt1640d ago

if i was older (19) and owned my own place i would probably get the pstv instead of cable

HakatoX1640d ago

About the same cost for console, internet, service subscriptions. You are almost neck and neck. But you do have more control over content.

Father__Merrin1640d ago

can't wait for this
I used my ouya for Netflix it was so portable I could take it around. but the hacked Netflix was crop amd controller was piss poor

this will be an excellent TV device for games and streaming with proper app support,

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