E3 2014 round-up: Did Nintendo top Sony and Microsoft?

For every generation of video games console, fans arguing over which machine is best has often been the most popular game of all.

But never has a new wave of hardware got off to such an inauspicious start as the current one, with at least two of the new consoles being almost dead on arrival and the Xbox One forced to reinvent itself just months after it was released.

But nothing stays the same for long in the video games world and fortunes can change with a single new announcement – especially during E3 week.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is the biggest video game trade show in the world, and Metro has been there all week long. As usual, it was the pre-E3 media briefings on Monday and Tuesday which saw the majority of the big announcements.

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Neonridr2213d ago

All 3 did a great job. Lots of games showcased. And while 2014 isn't huge in terms of exclusives, 2015 is going to be the year of the gamer by the looks of it.

MNGamer-N2213d ago

I agree. Lots of games I want for each system. Let's hope though that 2015 means 2015, not "we need more time, June 2016."

Blu5in2wO40e2213d ago

Let's be perfectly honest, as long as Nintendo is a generation behind in terms of tech & does not receive (equal quality) 3rd party titles, then there will always be that missing gap with them.

Ninty only adds this (rather unnecessary) pressure on themselves to be unique & pump out great titles. However, I think Nintendo did succeed with their E3. As crazy as it will sound to some, Splatoon was the most intriguing title of the entire conference. Its the "breath of fresh air" title that can be very fun without any kiddy labels attached.

So I believe Nintendo achieved what it aimed to do since their philosophy w/ Wii: Not directly compete with Sony or M$, and to be a complementary console to those owners, or just to primarily satisfy the Ninty-only fanbase.

Yes Nintendo won, but can never actually beat Sony or MS since they are not in direct comp.

Reeze2213d ago

I agree that they won but I disagree that they aren't in the same competition. Nintendo is the BASE of the big 3. Just because they aren't another Sony clone (Clony?) doesn't mean they aren't in the same league. I'm glad Nintendo is around to offer games everyone can enjoy.

Blu5in2wO40e2213d ago

I agree Ninty is the base, but they don't act like it. How would Ninty be clones when they were two gens ahead of Sony, & controlled the 3rd party (Sega was good too)games. This is Nintendo's industry before the other big two, but until they start acting like it and bring competitive hardware to even receive proper 3rd party titles, no they are not in competition.

I am a Ninty fan first btw, just keeping it truthful.

Madock2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

i agree, in fact if i was Nintendo's CEO neither Sony nor Microsoft's PCs wld be in the console business by now..
I would direct some of my massive earnings to bring exclusive stuff to my console, b the place where players go for COD or Titanfall, as well as my own platformers and RPGs..
Nintendo want to appeal to kids so small price point and age restricted material but they don't understand that today's gamers and parents grew up playing Nintendo games themselves and willing to pay the difference in price for an all age console
I think this will happen with the next generation though if Nintendo fusion is true (too many leaks turned out to b true lately)

PS: before the fanboys kick in, take out all the 3rd party games that Sony bought into their press conference and let's see what they showed us...

Reeze2213d ago

They don't act like it? And by a Sony clone, I basically mean that Microsoft and Sony practically cater to the exact same audience. Nintendo brings fresh ideas and innovative fun to the table. In my honest opinion, I think it doesn't matter if you have third-party games OR first-party games as long as you have GAMES. There's no difference between what third parties and first parties can technically accomplish through developing games. If one company has 100 first-party games and no third-party, and another has 20 1st and 20 3rd, I would still value the first company over the second.

MSBAUSTX2213d ago

I want to fist state that I own a Wii U and have since launch. I love and support Nintendo. However, I am sick and dam tired of having to buy a PS4 and XB1 type consoles to play the greatest latest games when it comes to high end console graphics and resolution. Yes Nintendo makes entertaining games and wonderful games, but they need to have those PLUS the hard hitting/selling third party titeles. They tried with the Wii U at first with titles like, AC3, COD BO2, and Batman Arkham City. But because the system was going to be less powerful than the XB1 and PS4 were going to be, no one bought it. They are still my favorite because they try so hard to take care of the people who support them with their exclusives and wonderful value. But in the future they are going to need to be the innovators of high end gaming ALONG WITH their AAA titles, Like the N64 days. Regardless, Long Live Nintendo.

Blu5in2wO40e2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Oh it matters alright. Ninty's job is to build their base as much as possible, then sell their 1st party titles (true money maker). This worked fantastic with Wii, evident of the obscene amount of $$$ they made of Kart and NSMBW. By virtually ignoring the 3rd party titles, you force fans to buy competing machines. For example, I'm going to buy the white PS4 destiny bundle, and will pick up Watch dogs, GTA V and Madden along with that. That $$$ could be going back into Ninty's pocket, had they designed an all around system.

So I don't understand why you'd have this stance, you always should compete...the uniqueness of a system must be the icing of the cake, NOT the primary focus. Either cover all your bases to give the best chance of success (proper power + unique interface), or hope for a miraculous walk off grand slam homerun (Wii + wii u).

Well said MSBAUSTX ^^^ !!!

MNGamer-N2213d ago

Could you imagine how boring it would have been if Nintendo also would have shown all of the same Madden, Battelfield, COD, FIFA etc games?

I'm glad Nintendo offers and focuses on something different. It's a good thing.

Sincere01212213d ago

BRAVO! Well Said. Comment of year! You hit the nail on the head. You speak sense.

DC7772213d ago

I have to agree and I am also planning on doing what Blu is going to do. E3 made me realize I don't really have a choice. I love Nintendo and the system but they have now confirmed themselves to be a part time system with me, when I feel like going old school, laying in bed and playing Mario or something on the gamepad.

There were a lot of jokes and hype at E3 from Nintendo but the reality is that they revealed nothing new (except a 5 year olds shooter) and delayed their best games.

I kept thinking that after a great tournament and all they would add some surprise at the end, like a Metroid, Mega Man, New Cool IP, Dragon Quest X in the west, HD Mario Sunshine, Gamecube VC, even Animal Crossing Wii U...nothing. Not even anything on improving Miiverse or anything system related.

All we got was a 3rd party game that nobody wanted because it looks ten years old and has one of the stupidest looking main characters I think I have ever seen in a game (Devil's Third).

So soon I'll have to pick up another white console to match my Wii U. Nintendo is great, but only about twice a year.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2213d ago

You seem to be basing this whole idea off of the rather false statement that they don't do anything in regards to third party.

What you are ignoring, is that Nintendo is making incredible strides with indies, and that indies count as third party support.

And, if we're going with perfect honesty here, AAA third parties can't develop their way out of a paper bag on the Wii U as of late, whereas the indies?
Well, they're out-doing them on the Wii U.
They aren't purposefully delaying things to hold out for the other two system's interests, they aren't taking out content, they aren't doing half-hearted jobs at optimization, etc etc etc.

Indie games are, quite simply, better than AAA third party games on Wii U, because they don't lack in extra content or in the care put into their production.

To put it another way, if I were given a choice between Shovel Knight and The Witcher 3 on the Wii U?
I'd take Shovel Knight, because I know for a fact that the devs behind The Witcher 3 wouldn't do the Wii U version justice.
They'd skip content, they'd poorly optimize it, and in the end, everyone, even the people who bash Nintendo for not getting these games, would turn around and bash the Wii U version.

Nintendo can't win with AAA third parties. They're looked down on even when they DO get those kinds of games.[Deus Ex was a better experience on Wii U than on any other platform, but will you see anyone admitting it? Nope, they'll turn to sales and say it sucked.]

Indies are where Nintendo's third party future lies, for the Wii U at least.
That and a few select smaller third party studios like Platinum and Capcom.

Reeze2213d ago

Amazing comment. Bravo!

Yes, I would like to play Unity and some other third party games, but I am not made of cash. I can't go out and buy two systems and games to go with them. Because of this, I have to choose. Would I rather have all of Nintendo's amazing games or a couple of Ubisofy/Rockstar games plus an extra 200 dollar expense (not to mention hundreds on online services)? My vote (and money) goes to Nintendo

urwifeminder2213d ago

Have not caught any sony or Nintendo announcements I am sure the articles will roll in and let me know.

Godmars2902213d ago

no one can simply say that all companies did a decent enough job of it and leave it at that? One just has to win well above the others?

wonderfulmonkeyman2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

I find it funny that this kind of comment tends to be on the rise now that Nintendo's E3 has done better than the rest....

As to your question; yeah. There's always going to be a winner at E3, and it's going to change often.

That's not to say that the other two did not do a good job, though.

There's a distinct difference between saying "They didn't win" and "They sucked".

You don't have to win to do a good job, but there WILL be a winner every year.

xDHAV0K24x2213d ago

IMO, owning 2 of the 3 is perfect. If u can afford to go all out and own all of them, more power to u. No regrets! Microsoft/Nintendo since the sixth gen!

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