Sony wins E3 2014: Microsoft gambled on games, and lost; Nintendo did better than expected

At their press conference, Sony casually sauntered on stage, slipped its hands nonchalantly into its pockets, offered up an expressive French shrug, and won E3 2014. Microsoft and its legion of fans could do nothing but look on with envy as Sony unveiled hit after hit for the PS4. For all of Microsoft’s talk about games, the only platform exclusive that might be a critical success — Halo 5 — was reduced to a 60-second-long pre-rendered clip. The Division looked fantastic, but it’s a cross-platform game. There were some smaller, art game-like titles that looked good — but nothing that Microsoft felt warranted more than a scant few seconds of gameplay footage.

Sony, on the other hand, essentially showed off everything a gamer could want at E3: A new white PS4 (to celebrate the release of Destiny); a release date for PS Now and the PlayStation TV streaming box; more details about the Morpheus VR headset; the beautiful art game No Man’s Sky; and actual in-game/in-engine footage from two massive exclusives (LittleBigPlanet 3, Uncharted 4) and many more smaller titles (No Man’s Sky, a remake of Grim Fandango).

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Future_20151642d ago

Theres no win or loose its an expo with press conferences

NewMonday1642d ago

publicity! that is what the show is about, media from all over the world are coming to the show to see what is on offer.

ThunderSpark1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I must comment on this. Many gamers feel their company won, but the fact that the media cannot name a definitive winner means that all three companies did well. However, looking at current sales figures, Microsoft did not need to do well. They needed to blow the show out of the park and become recognized by all as the true winner of E3. This was far from the case and is not enough to shift momentum. In the end, Sony still ends up winning because they did just enough to maintain momentum.

NatureOfLogic_1642d ago

@ whathappened, "looking at current sales figures, Microsoft did not need to do well. They needed to blow the show out of the park and become recognized by all as the true winner of E3."

Exactly, MS needed a momentum shift post E3. But looking at Amazon best sellers, white PS4(8), PS4(9) and PSTV(12). kinectless Xbox One(46). MS clearly didn't have the E3 they needed. I think they did good for the current owners. But they didn't convince me.

NewMonday1642d ago


Most media actually called the win for Sony, especially the big outlets like Edge

ThunderSpark1642d ago

Is it me or does it seem like there's been an increase in random Xbox fanboys going around with multiple accounts disagreeing with every comment that remotely suggests Sony doing a good job?

Such a shame.

chrismichaels041642d ago

Now that the E3 dust has settled, Im very pleased to see the very positive response Sony is getting after their very good (I admit, not perfect) E3 conference.

A ton of online sites are all saying they are giving the E3 win to Sony based on exclusives, bigger surprise reveals and a little more "wow" moments. But overall, it was a great E3 for *ALL* 3 companies.

thereapersson1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Hey whathappened, I noticed that too. That, and when an article suggests that something might be against Sony, they suddenly come out of the woodwork to "get back at those evil PlayStation fanboiz!!!". Look at the Order demo impression article or the Arkham Knight article. Half the people I've never seen post more than a handful of times. Its like they just wait in the shadows only to come out and... wait a minute, sounds like trolling behavior. No surprise there.


I think N4G lets all the behavior slide during E3 week. Mods want all the hits they can reasonably allow on articles and that means even troll comments are getting more overlooked than usual.

torchic1642d ago

@whathappened the fact that you're not getting disagrees says everything really.

Xbox fans on this site are overly hardcore.

deafdani1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Actually, a lot of the media is also calling Nintendo the "winner" of E3. So, the most obvious conclussion we can come to is that both companies did very well.

For me, Ninty was the best at this E3. However, I think the three big companies did pretty damn well overall.

NewMonday1642d ago


Nintendo did get a few odd calls for a win but not "most" by any stretch, based on media trends Sony got most 1st place calls followed by Ubisoft, after that came Nintendo.

Azzanation1641d ago

MS didn't need to win, they needed to show people the shift in focus from last years E3 which they did successfully. XB1 is now in the same ball park with PS4, with a good showing of games and especially the 9 block busters they got hitting in 2014.

I believe MS won the show because they only talked about games and they pushed the negative focus away from XB1. Sony showed games too but if anything lost ground to MS at this E3.

The gap is closing.

NewMonday1641d ago


actually PS4 still beats the XB1 in 2014 by over double the blockbusters

Chris_GTR11641d ago

As a ps3 owner who doesn't own any next gen consoles I gotta say clearly MS had the better confrence. It made me cringe but after watching it I actually think the x1 is a feasible console to own. And that's sonething I never thought I'd say last month specially after all the bs they tried doing last year. Apparently don matrick was the one behind all those shenanigans

NewMonday1641d ago

2015 will be a massive year for PS4..

Uncharted 4
the Order
Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
Let It Die

that's not counting the massive backlog you will have by then.

Nanux1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I agree. But still if it was competition Microsoft had better conference, Sony won E3, Nintendo did much better than expected.

Chris_GTR11641d ago

I'm still getting a ps4. I'm just waiting for a good deal. I'll be buying it anytime this or next month. Really hyped to replay tlou HD, GTA 5 hd, destiny, far cry 4, and either cod or bf5.
Not many exclusives this year for either console but there's enough this holiday season for me to buy one lol

avengers19781641d ago

@chris_gtr1 looking for a good deal, I suggest destiny white PS4 bundle. But since TLOU comes out at the end of the month, if get one sooner than later

Chris_GTR11641d ago

I'm not sure how to feel about the white ps4. It looks awesome in but white appliances don't really match with my black and silver setup lol

DaCandyman1641d ago

E3=Electronic Entertainment EXPO
1st Word there, ELECTRONIC
The format of the EXPO is Electronic and Entertainment. M$ was half way there, or rather they skipped E3 and went to Gamescon. Yes they took a direct path and talked about the games. Out of those games there was nothing really NEW that anyone really didn't already know about. Some multiplats, some sequals, and remakes but nothing to glamour about but where was the ELECTRONIC. My initial thought was that they were displaying it before the competition does and hopefully get exclusive advertising rights which currently isn't really working for them this generation it seems.
Sony on the other hand went the NEW route they showed something NEW no one really knew about. Shed more light on the Newest of New games after teasing us for several weeks. And played a little HaHa April fools-in-June on the entire audience.
IS it me or are all most sites missing or rather failing to recognize and not talking about the FREE to PLAY segment Sony mentioned about and that list of games. A lot of blogs has no one is really talking about it. The list of games within the FREE to PLAY is missing from there radar.

ALLWRONG1641d ago

Sony sites ran by Sony fans (many from here) are the only ones claiming a Sony E3 victory.

Everyone else on the planet has already given to MS.

Better luck next year Sony.

darthv721641d ago

@DaCandy... "Sony on the other hand went the NEW route they showed something NEW no one really knew about."

Like what exactly?

Most of their show was predictable. Regardless if leaked prior we sort of knew there would be another uncharted, another lbp, lots of indie games.

Hell i knew what their show was going to consist of before it even happened. the basic premise went something like this: They will show some games, social apps, media/tv stuff, talk sales figures and market share and finish with some more games.

Granted that is a generalization and pretty obvious but go figure it was almost that layout to a T. if there is a surprise from sony show is how much like MS they were. touting 3rd party exclusive dlc or first release instead of talking up their OWN stuff.

Hell...they feel that Destiny will be the big seller for the PS4. A 3rd f*ing party game...if that isnt a page from the "Microsoft handbook of marketing your console", i dont know what is.

If Xbox fans can admit they got bested by the surprisingly good nintendo show then why is it Sony fans cant do the same?

NewMonday1641d ago


so you guessed Sony will show LBP3, Grim Fandango, ABZU, No Mans Sky? your AMAZING!

and you call Bloodborn and U4 expected, and in the same time you call Zelda, Xenoblade surprises? first time I have seen someone move the goal posts within one single comment.

darthv721641d ago

sorry new but...yeah...i did. there are certain things that are a "given". LBP3 is a given, UC4 is a given. No mans sky we knew about some time back. bloodborne is a new name to a game we already knew was coming from the makes of demon souls. grim Fandango is a remake of a PC classic.

i will give you Abzu though.

As for Zelda, yeah there was a new zelda game in the works. Never played xenoblade so i didnt know anything about it. But on the flip side, we knew bayonetta 2 was coming but with bayonetta 1...yeah that was a surprise. splatoon was a surprise, yoshi wooly world was a surprise.

Even halo MC collection was somewhat of a surprise in the sense that you were getting 1-4 all redone with all the maps for 1 price. If there are HD remakes on the horizon (which there are) then i like the ones that are compilations more than just a remake of a single game.

If GTA is getting a face lift then how about a full GTA collection? All the previous GTA games redone in 1080p with all the bonus content on one disc. THAT would be a surprise.

just admit it did good but nintendo did better. And this is coming from someone who is often labeled an xbox fan. I prefer to call myself a "game" fan really.

NewMonday1641d ago


as long as we are in BS mode then I might as well also say I actually knew about splatoon and yoshi wooly world, to make it short and borrow from your book, everything I didn't like was no surprise and lame, is that how it goes?


darthv721641d ago

wow new...looks like you hit a new low. did i say i didnt like what i saw or did i say that it was predictable? As it turns out i liked what i saw even if we knew about it.

As for the nintendo stuff...frankly i didnt know about those and so i was pleasantly surprised by their showing. No BS mode my friend...just being honest.

NewMonday1641d ago


what you said was clear, what you actually meant was even more clear.

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darx1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Exactly Future! I despise gamers!

Drithe1641d ago

Only the Lalafells can save E3. LALAFELLS!

End of line.

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Pogmathoin1642d ago

"Microsoft and its legion of fans could do nothing but look on with envy as Sony unveiled hit after hit for the PS4."

That comment immediately consigns this article to something less than the Daily Sun in England.... complete waste of time, pure garbage.... This could almost have been written by Maria.

2cents1642d ago

Lol, I agree.

and this one's from the daily Star...

"Sony casually sauntered on stage, slipped its hands nonchalantly into its pockets, offered up an expressive French shrug, and won E3 2014"


SpringHeeledJack1642d ago

Why so hurt. It's true and the sales prove it. When even multiplats look better on ps4, then xbox owners do look on in envy. That coupled with xbox has no answer or anything that comes close to uncharted 4-bloodborne-The order 1886.

URNightmare1642d ago Show
AngelicIceDiamond1642d ago

@Pog That's statement is highly irrelevant I'm plenty happy.

I'm very, very excited for Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC collection with Halo 3 Beta and FH2.

Looking forward to these new announced games Crack Down 3, Phantom Dust and Scale bound. I'm even looking forward to Ori And The Blind Forest.

Sony had a great showing but far from making an Xbox owner envious.

thexmanone1642d ago


Aww someone has been reported :(

christocolus1642d ago


Lmao.. That was funny.

OT: iv been watchng igns Sunset overdrive live preview. Guys that game is so need to watch it,also read the previews of Ori. I swear that game is a pleasant surprise.i just had to commend the devs on twitter. Didn't know an indie game could get me all excited like many great games out already and many more coming this year.with phil as boss and the new direction i can only Imagine what the future holds. Gamescom,xbx pre japan launch conference, tgs,vgx will be great.

Export1641d ago

M$ released more games than sony plus sony was boring and selling an indie game on stage was sad to say the least .

Sheikh Yerbouti1641d ago

New IPs are what I generally judge E3. I expected an Uncharted/Halo, but wouldn't had been disappointed if they didn't show cause I'm certain an Uncharted 4/Halo 5 is coming.

For MS, Scalebound and Sunset OverDrive was the only game that looked awesome to me. The first Crackdown was a hidden gem, but the second makes me skeptical.

ceedubya91641d ago

Wait, that was actually in the article? Ugh.

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MysticStrummer1642d ago

E3 is a trade show. There are winners and losers, just not in the traditional way.

You think MS didn't "lose" last year's E3? Think again. Whether you personally thought last year's MS show was better than Sony's or not, MS lost because of the reaction to it.

This year I thought everyone but EA did well, but Sony narrowly won for a couple of reasons. One is personal because they showed more of what I want to play, but their show also had more surprises, they showed a greater variety of stuff that was tied together into a cohesive vision for where the platform is going, and mainly they just did their thing. Games, hardware, features, stats, and yes bad jokes and awkward slow points. These are standard for Sony at E3. They just did what they always do.

MS on the other hand, blinked. They changed what they usually do. They ignored their previously stated vision. That strategy could have worked if they had gone full throttle, but they didn't. They showed mostly things people already knew about, games people knew were coming even if they hadn't been revealed yet, timed DLC, multi plats, and a few new things.

The overall difference wasn't huge, but MS blew a big opportunity.

mediate-this1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

People confuse micro's xb1 unveiling with their e3, i think their e3 last year was good, but this year e3 was better.

Understandable about people complaining about drm and what not, but micro 180'd and are now catering to their consumers, regardless if its to make money or not, thats the name of the game.

Competition is great, but not this wannabe fanboy crap.

MysticStrummer1641d ago

"People confuse micro's xb1 unveiling with their e3"

I agree but I'm just talking about E3.

"i think their e3 last year was good"

That's cool, but I'm talking about overall reaction, not just yours.

"this year e3 was better"

For sure.

DevilOgreFish1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

neither console did better than the other. A handful of exclusives were announced on both consoles. multiplatform gameplay was demoed on both consoles. roughly 15 minutes was dedicated to exclusive gameplay.

Microsoft talked about timed exclusive DLC whereas Sony talked about TV and social gaming.

this E3 was oranges vs grapefruits, and apples VS pairs. take your pick.

Pherup1642d ago

Apple's vs pairs huh I'm more of a fan of Apple's vs pears

herbs1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

The author of this article must have wrote this while riding a ponie, typical flame bait Sony is the best because I like Sony the best article.
The best show of E3 is simply a matter of opinion usually based on what games you're excited for most, but seeing as how Sony's presentation dragged on and had the worst pacing compared to the others had less games to announce for this year with basically the same amount of CG gameplay 3rd party stuff shown as Microsoft I think its fair to say from a logical and unbiased view that they did not come out on top overall.
Look at all these ponies prancing together in the field, a sight to behold...

BlackTar1871641d ago

You really did yourself a service with all those fanboy remarks. No one could confuse you for an Xbox fan could they?

Sly devil you hiding under your 1st and 2nd sentence

herbs1641d ago

Sorry blacktar187 nope. I just realize that both the Xone and PS4 are just streamlined low-mid range PC,s with less features and games designed for the masses. I also know that I will miss out on some great exclusives by not owning either but I can live with that. I own a Wii U so I get the best exclusives on the market and I have a gaming PC so all the 3rd party offerings are superior. I get the best of both worlds, Xone and PS4 are borderline pointless in my opinion. Feel free to downvote and argue ;)

BlackTar1871641d ago

Says the platform who constantly wants Console games to come to their system.

Dude you're pretending not to be a fanboy. SURPRISE YOU ARE

herbs1641d ago

Says the platform (who) constantly wants console games to come to their system
What... I want more games on my PC so that makes me a fanboy. Ok sound logic there lol.
I admit I prefer Nintendo exclusives over the others because Nintendo makes games where gameplay comes first. Not story telling not graphics or set pieces or cinematics just fun. Dont get me wrong I still love state of the art graphics though and that's why I invested in a gaming PC. I strive to see the grey not just black and white like all other fanboys.

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kewlkat0071642d ago

This Article = Quite the laughter

Killzoner991641d ago

The only thing hilarious is Xbone fanboys like you who are obviously shaken by what Sony did at E3. You can't ignore the truth forever.

lelo1641d ago

This article is fanboy drivel. How did this crap get approved?

ToxicSushi1641d ago

it's click bait that's how!

kenshiro1001641d ago

I'm not surprised whathappened. When logical arguments can't be made, disagrees fly.

Don't worry about it.

My_Outer_Heaven1641d ago

Best way to see who wins is by voting with your wallet... lets see who's sales rise after E3.. a lot of my friends are now getting PS4's because of what they saw at E3 this year.

Finally some good games that make it worth while to jump to next gen.

What I love is how PS3 and 360 we not talked about at their respective conferences this year, which means more attention is gonna be focused on the new systems instead of the old which is another reason to make the jump.

Bobby Kotex1641d ago

I agree. Some people care about PS games and others want Xbox. Fanboys are the ones who perpetuate if their favorite conference won or lost.

Shnazzyone1641d ago

"nintendo did better than expected"

How you know nintendo actually won e3 this year.

TD_hastetheday1641d ago

Oh yes there is, it's just not announced.

showtimefolks1641d ago


I use to think that too but did you see how sony won it in 2013 and than had so much momentum built up? you can win and loose E3 for sure

sony 9.5/10, i would give them a 10 but that 20 minutes or so of just talking wasn't needed

MS 8.5, phil spencer said games and that's what we saw, bad thing is they revealed some of their big stuff before E3. Imagine a first time on stage gameplay demo for Sunset overdrive or Halo 5 reveal at E3 along with halo HD collection. Imagine if they kept the kinect less xbox one till E3, that would have gotten them more positive Vibe at E3

Nintendo 8.5, we still didn't see Zelda demo but atleast we saw something. Starfox is back so yeh can't complain.

EA 8/10, dragon aga was enough but they revealed some stuff for Starwars and we know ME is coming sooner rather than later(2015), new IP from Bioware also sounds awesome. Still would have been nicer if they had revealed ME Trilogy coming to ps4 and xbox one. Mirror's edge was awesome

Just like phil spencer is the right guy for MS/xbox brand. Andrew wilson is the right guy to lead EA.

UBI personally let me down, the last game Rainbow six wasn't as big or mega news as watch dogs or the division. It looked like another generic FPS to me

Unity looks good
Division not so much, also why the heck was the demo so scripted

other than that it was okay, 7.5/10

overall very good E3, everyone brought some new games.

1Victor1641d ago

Well I'll Tell You Why Sony Won E3 Did You See,Heard Or Read The News The Day After E3? no One Was Talking About Nintendo Or Microsoft They Was Talking About Playstation TV Sony New Product That Let You Play Games On You TV And Stream PS4 Games To A Second TV

Apex131641d ago

Fake media hype and the western worlds answer to PR and marketing is making stupid things like this up of winners and losers/console wars.

Fanboyism is so stupid by playing into hand of all this rubbish.

Nintendo, gave the best presence, MS humbled and toned it down and Sony went back to their cocky selves.

All in all it was a good E3 and people need to remember that it's about us as gamers and the industry as a whole.

Need to stop letting clickbait and internet journalism get in the way of judgement and appreciation

BlackTar1871641d ago

how did sony go back to their cocky selves?

Stop being so sensitive.

asadachi1641d ago

comment includes spelling mistake... community votes comment as intelligent... lol

TAURUS-5551641d ago

sony has won the console war ¡¡¡¡¡

RIP xbox1

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago

Nintendo didn't even need a conference this year to knock it out of the park.XD

Cueil1641d ago

Much needed fact checking in that article like No Man's Sky is timed or that Sony had more true exclusive... no 11 to 8 in Microsoft's favor.

overrated441641d ago

I agree that there's no loose, there's also no lose.

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Dudebro901642d ago

So Microsoft gets destroyed for showing games and TV last year, and now Sony shows Games and TV and now they win while Microsoft showed literally just games? Ok then.