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Excerpt: "The environment is the main villain in this game. If you drive into too deep of water, you can risk flooding the engine and it must be repaired at a garage to be used again. Each vehicle has a threshold for how much damage it can take, and performance is affected as a result. Driving on uneven ground sees the back end twisting uncomfortably as it struggles through the terrain. You can even switch back and forth between different vehicles to have them work cooperatively. If you get stuck beyond redemption, you can use one vehicle to get another vehicle out via winch, or use it to attach to a tree and pull yourself out of the mud. No matter what, it’s extremely rewarding to get yourself out of a bad situation, and gives a sense of accomplishment."

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aliengmr1642d ago

I'm 50/50 when it comes to cockpit view in this game. (though it still is a planned feature) Reason is, you really have to pay close attention to where you are going and I think the cockpit view might just get in the way for the most part.

HawkSE1641d ago

You do have a point, that's why I also admire how well the free camera works as well. I do know they are working on it, but it really would help the immersion to have that view as well.