The Order: 1886 Will Get a Different Collector's Edition In Europe

The Order: 1886 is going to get a rather rich Collector’s Edition and an even richer Premium Edition in North America, but European gamers will end up having to be content with a Collector’s Edition including no statues.

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ArchangelMike2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Yeah, I'd love a better Collectors Edition, but tbh these things are getting prohibitively expensive for me. And a few months later I'm left with a whole lot of tat that I don't use, don't need, and need to store somewhere.

XiSasukeUchiha2225d ago

This collector's edition looks nice.

Meltic2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Thank you europé <3.

etownone2224d ago

I thought this game had the best graphics at E3. Even if it is dark and gloomy and supposedly extremely linear. Still looks amazing.

-Foxtrot2224d ago

No Statue
No Steelbook
No Physical OST
No Artbook
Unreleased Behind-The-Scenes Footage which could be on the disc

Gee thanks guys ¬¬

Why give the US TWO editions which both feature statues but don't give Europe anything.

Honestly man I wouldn't mind if shipping wasn't expensive but it bloody is. Then you have customs to deal with.

Dark_Overlord2224d ago

Because, as has been the same since the beginning of the PS3, Sony only seems to care about the US, which is [email protected]*&ing infuriating to everyone else >:(

Despite Europe being Sony's biggest market (which Sony themselves stated) we always seem to get the shaft.

I've messaged Yoshida, Boyes etc many times, and not one of them has had the decency to reply to a legitimate question on why America is treated better than everywhere else.

Not to mention SCEE is run by a bunch of idiots too :/

jonatan2212224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I actually would prefer the European CE because I don't really have space for statues, and I actually like those woven coat of arms. The only thing that makes me buy US CE was the art book!