E3 Revealed the Legend of Zelda I've Always Wanted

From Cinelinx:

Every year, E3 always wows us with the most innovative and exciting titles of the top brands in video games. This year followed the same formula, the only difference being that one of my biggest wow factors came from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda.

Growing up as a young gamer, in a world where gaming hadn't quite reached its potential, I began my virtual journey with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES. Despite the fact that the 2D adventure followed the same cookie cutter design as most of the games of that time, (i.e. Princess is kidnapped, Hero goes on journey, fights bosses, gets Princess back) I was hooked.

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NexGen1641d ago

Pretty impressive to know "it's the zelda I always wanted" from a 1 minute trailer.

Don't get me wrong, I'm hyped too...but we only saw one minute and know next to nothing about it.

darthv721641d ago

if i can give props to a fellow N4G'er it would be dedicatedtogames called this game legend of 'cel-da' which is actually a funny play on words. I know he prob doesnt like the style but i certainly do.

Cel shaded look has never been a bad thing unlike the days of overly obsessive FMV in games. the cel shaded look has a certain appeal to it. so i will take that new naming of legend of Cel-da as a good thing.

KonsoruMasuta1641d ago

It was the Zelda I always wanted.

All they had to say was "open world"
I didn't need any other details after that.

NexGen1641d ago

Being fair, most Zelda games are "open world."

Deadpoolio1641d ago

So then I gather you never played Skyward Sword, or Twilight Princess or Wind Waker, or Ocarina of Time....Zelda has pretty much always been open world...I thinks you don't really know what open world means.....

Protip: It not going to be do any dungeon at anytime, it's gonna be the same "open world" they've been using for decades

SoulMikeY1641d ago

Open world means no loading. Wind waker is the closest as far as 3d ones. Ocarina is far from it as well as skyward. So maybe YOU guys (nexgen, deadpoolio) should learn open world.

It's also exciting that it's vast as far as the demo tells us. Twilight was too, but kind of empty and it still had areas instead of open world.

incendy351641d ago

Definitely one of the greatest reveal trailers of all time.

Ultr1641d ago

True it it looks awesome!

chrissx1641d ago

Definately a must play game

desolationstorm1641d ago

Excited for the game especially with how beautiful the artstyle was. Sure I will undoubtedly get caught up in exploring all over the place.

threefootwang1641d ago

I was never big on Zelda as a kid but hey, I hope Wii U fans enjoy this one. The competition = more development = more games for all consoles!