Throwback Thursday | Here's a Picture of Michael Jackson at E3

Michael Jackson and E3. Probably two things you’d never think of putting together in the same sentence if you weren’t talking about a dancing game. But folks, it happened back in the 90s. - The Game Fanatics

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joydestroy1591d ago

still can't believe he's not around anymore

hankmoody1591d ago

I remember the day it happened. I was here in NYC on 14th Street and Union Square Park and just about every person on the street was standing still, looking at their phone. It was almost surreal.

joydestroy1591d ago

wow! i can only imagine dude. what an experience that must've been.

hankmoody1591d ago

It was definitely news that blindsided a lot of people that day. I think the internet (or maybe just Twitter?) crashed that day if I'm not mistaken.

SovereignSnaKe1591d ago

Awww, I love & miss Michael Jackson, I wonder what year this was taken, 1995 or 1996?

optimus1591d ago

Michael has always been a fan of videogames. he had a deal with sega. had his own arcade game, appeared in that space channel game for the dreamcast doesn't surprise me one bit that he would show up at e3.

darthv721591d ago

he was also in ready to rumble: round 2.

He was a serious gamer. When it came time to sell off some of his items at auction...the arcade games alone were by the dozens. Mostly the big heavy hitters from Sega but he had other arcade games from other devs as well.

optimus1591d ago

i believe he was also credited with developing some music for some of the sonic games.

dcj05241591d ago

Yeah. He helped with Sonic 3 and Sonic&knuckles ost

Deadpoolio1591d ago

He was helping with Sonic 3 until they found out he was a child molester and then decided to distance themselves from him hence why he didn't finish the Sonic score and most of it was scrapped...He can be as amazingly talented as he wasn't wont forget he was a pedo

NexGen1591d ago

That pic is so old, this is probably CES before it branched off and became e3. Summer CES in Chicago, winter in Vegas. I went all the time since it was open to the public after the press days.

OculusRift1591d ago


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