Playstation 3, Meet the Samsung BD-P1000; PS3 First Impressions

From TheManRoom: "The gaming and Blu-ray gods smiled down upon TheManRoom today and bestowed upon us a shiny new Playstation 3 console with a trio of games and the 'Talladega Nights' Blu-ray Disc movie. Since "opening the box" ceremonies have already taken place all across the Internet, I'm going to bypass the celebrated geek ritual and skip to the good stuff: my quick first impressions of Sony's new technological beast while connected to a Westinghouse 47" 1080p television and compared against the Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray Disc player with the latest firmware installed.
First, it's important for prospective Playstation 3 owners to understand their $500 or $600 spent on the console will not materialize component or HDMI cables. The Playstation 3 out of the box only includes an S-Video cable which will need immediate upgrading. I highly recommend making the jump to component, or maybe even HDMI if your television set supports it and you fully understand the caveat detailed below..."

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Thugbot1874446d ago

Trouble with HDMI can't be good.

DEIx15x84446d ago

10 minutes to update! That is forever, and they have already announced more!