12 Video Game Annoyances That Need to Die (Part 1)


The wondrous video games of the future were just unveiled at the E3 conference, the annual industry show where they demonstrate the next generation of software intended to keep us from going outside and committing crimes.

Now, like many people, I like to purchase video games and complain about them to help myself forget that there are people in the world who don't have food. About a decade ago, I wrote a Gamer's Manifesto that was an epic list of things that drove me nuts about my favorite hobby (I'd link to it, but it got partially eaten by the server at some point), and now seems like a good time to do it again, since console gaming is slowly dying.

Sayburr3458d ago

#6. Games Where You Pay Money to Win
#5. Social Gaming Bullshit Instead of Real-Life Multiplayer on the Sofa
#4. Restricting How and When We Can Play
#3. A.I. Hasn't Gotten Better in Decades
#2. Story-Breaking Mini-Games
#1. Every Game Has at Least One Element That's Basically Broken

The next six will come out Monday.

Anyway, #5 mentions the one that really gets me… Single player with multiplayer hang-ups – “I decide I want to pop in NBA 2K14 … It immediately hangs on the intro screen, because it's trying to log in to the 2K servers and they can't handle the load. It's the exact same problem that made PC gamers furious at Diablo III and Sim City, now having quietly arrived on my console -- a machine I bought specifically because I hate messing with this kind of PC bullshit.”

AgentSmithPS43458d ago

Good points and humor in there.

"The industry calls them "microtransactions"; the term gamers use is "pay to win.""
Games that have that will be a lot lower on my list and will be inspected carefully before buying, if ever.

I don't like exclusive content for multiplats, maybe it's ok if it's only timed for a bit. It does suck when you can't play a great game because it's exclusive to one system but I'm not sure of the pros and cons of doing/undoing that.

"I have no idea if the A.I. shown in the demo was faked for the trailer, or if they stripped it out at the last minute because they thought it would make the game too difficult. But for me, it isn't about difficulty, it's about immersion"
That reminds me of watch dogs and how they couldn't be bothered to make the AI notice, be alarmed by, and run away from a burning car right next to them, etc.

" -- all of the above games are primarily designed to be single player -- it's that they're trying to force social gaming elements into every game."
I don't care about split screen gaming and I don't mind playing with people online that know what they're doing.
It can make the experience even better sometimes.

It's partly because a lot of people want to play with friends but they know it will drive other people to buy their game out of jealousy, peer pressure, etc and then they'll make even more money with MicroTs and DLC.

The youtube 1.99 link at the end is best seen after reading ;).
The future looks horrific if we don't support the best game companies that do it right.


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Jin_Sakai3h ago

Great to hear. Doing something good for the world is always a plus in my book.

Chris129m ago

PR green washing BS at it's finest, and you take it hook, line and sinker

KwietStorm_BLM3m ago

Green washing? lol y'all really come up with everything just to say that you don't care about anything. Imagine planting trees being a bad thing.

Amplitude15m ago

Half a million is a LOT of trees but this also really puts into perspective just how big of a deal it is that MrBeast birthed 24 million trees. Glad there are companies and rich peeps doing things like this

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