Carmack Frees Quake: The Quake Live Interview

The Godfather of deathmatch spills the beans on Quake Live and why Crysis isn't the future of PC Gaming.

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gk074324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

come on carmack pc is where you made all the big bucks dont ever think you can just leave do me a fav get a tech 5 game up and runing and stop fking around with old ass quake 3 sht liked quake 2 tho

TheIneffableBob4324d ago

After playing Quake III Arena for the first time just a short while ago, I am very, very excited about Quake Live.

stu4324d ago

I hope this is as good as i remember it. I used to love this game.

badz1494324d ago

is never meant to be THE future of gaming and never will be. maybe yes for graphical department where it's still barely challenged by anything but in terms of gameplay, story telling and physics, it's still in PRESENT, definitely not the FUTURE!

ikkokucrisis4324d ago

i suppose this will give Yahoo! checkers a run for its money...

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