The Order 1886 Hands-On: It's the Most Linear Game I've Ever Played | Nerdacy

Nerdacy: "Ready At Dawn’s The Order 1886 is a graphically amazing game—let’s not disagree on that, because whatever anti-aliasing they’re using, is working—but that is where the excitement stops."

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KingKelloggTheWH1746d ago

I don't mind linearty, I mean I LOVED Heavy rain, I love The Wolf among us, and those are pretty "Linear".

-Foxtrot1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Call of Duty is but it doesn't stop journalists giving it near perfect scores every year

FF13 was linear as hell aswell and again reviewers gave that good scores despite the fact past games we're really was a downgrade, it had something to live up to yet they ignored this

tuglu_pati1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Well this is one of Sony's big AAA exclusives coming out next year so its gonna be under a lot of scrutiny. I must admit I'm looking forward to this game since it look outstanding but this linear thing have me worried.

PockyKing1746d ago

Sorry, but I don't think we're looking at the same type of linearity here. From what I've been reading, The Order is - short segment of gameplay - custcense - short gameplay segment - cutscene.

I mean this is the developer's vision, and I'm not knocking it for that at all as I haven't gotten my hands on it and I tend to like cinematic stuff in games. This opinion will probably be an unpopular opinion until people play it for themselves, and I already know how this comment thread is going to go.

But, I guess you can't go into this game expecting to do lots of gameplay with minimal cutscenes, simply because that's not what the developer is going for. They're trying to make the game as cinematic as possible so that's what they're going to do. I don't really expect anything revolutionary in terms of gameplay.

As long as it's an interesting story, fun to play and looks good, which it does, I'm fine with it.

Call of Duty isn't a fair comparison here at all, so I wouldn't even mention it around this game.

Bundi1746d ago

The old "so and so does it too" sony fan defense.
Has never played the game but will argue, fuss and fight anyone who has any criticism towards it tooth and nail!

When was the last time CoD got perfect scores? Heck what does CoD even have to do with The Order 1886??
Maybe this guy has played CoD and still finds this game more linear. Maybe reserve defence until you try it yourself?

showtimefolks1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


your disagrees prove how right you really are,m when it comes to sony's exclusives than everyone wants to nitpick but others games keep doing same damn thing yet keep selling and receiving great scores

who said the order 1886 was an open world game< does every game need a open world to be fun

this is why i hate gaming journalists, nothing but bunch of cry babies. They will bitch and moan about everything. but when it comes to their favorite gaming series than every rule is an exception

i hope you all know this is the problem with gaming today, we want new IP's yet keep buying sequels. We want developers to take risks on AAA games yet bash them when they try something new

Bigpappy1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I believe the developer used interactive to describe the gameplay a bit after announcing. So I don't see why people are acting so defensive on this criticism.

As PockyKing has stated: it is the developers vision.

It may just be the most enjoyable linier game you ever played. Just wait and see what they produce.

EZMickey1746d ago

Call of Duty has a linear solo campaign but that on average, makes up a small portion of the game. When reviewers give CoD games high scores, they're rating the entire package which is a robust multiplayer alongside a linear singleplayer with one or more additional game modes thrown in for fun. There's no journalist on the planet who's given any Call of Duty a high score based on it's singleplayer alone.

More to the point, what on Earth does linearity have to do with scores?

NewMonday1746d ago

6 minute demo =/= whole game

fenome1746d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 had what like ~8-9 hours of cutscenes in it and yet it's still acclaimed by gamers and critics alike. I'm gonna wait and see how the game plays out from my point of view.

Prime1571746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I remember playing through gears of war, spec ops, battlefield 3, uncharted 1-3, last of us, portal, half life 1&2, outlast, bioshock 1 & 2, final fantasy 13, Asia's wrath, Killzone 1 thru shadowfall, god of war (all), puppeteer, Mario anything, and many more and having this "linear" conversion coming up or being "more linear than another game i mentioned"...

I just don't see the difference in all of the above...

I still don't get it. How is linear a bad thing? Is a book or a movie any less linear than the most linear game ever?

I'm just trying to understand this concept of linear being bad...

Azzanation1746d ago

If you didn't know, COD isn't about the campaign. Its single player that no body plays is linear. Linear games in my opinion are cheap. These hybrid game/movies is what is killing games for me. They get good reviews because there make great movies but a video game is all about the player not cut scenes and quick time events.

iamnsuperman1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Does it really matter. As long as the gameplay and story compliment the liner design it should be okay (which some liner games fail to do). The impression I get is the entire design for this game seems to be based upon film. So it makes sense. But the story and gameplay must work with this design choice in mind

killzone6191746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


"it's the MOST Linear Game I've ever played"

sure CoD is linear but it does have some exploration in its single player

Hellsvacancy1746d ago

I LOVED Max Payne 3, awesome game..........but that game REALLY linear, it had a great story, superb voice acting, animation, soundtrack/fx one of the best experiences I had last gen

I'm all for linear games, as long as it's a GOOD experience

FF13 is the wrong way to make a linear game

UltraNova1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

'i hope you all know this is the problem with gaming today, we want new IP's yet keep buying sequels. We want developers to take risks on AAA games yet bash them when they try something new'

That Sir earned you a well said bubble.

OT: We all knew what Heavy Rain was before we bought it. We all know (I believe) what The Order is... Complaining about its style even if we know that's what its creator wanted to do is plain stupid. I'm sorry but that's just it, stupid.

Whats even more stupid than that is buying the damn game and then complain about its style...

And to cap it off taking points off when reviewing this game because of its well known (by then) style is borderline retarded especially when it comes to credible websites and press in general.

Case in point, know what its about first then judge it accordingly, don't be biased.

Prime1571746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

@ultranova ^^^

Yes, well said to you too. I'm seeing many similarities between the uncharted and gears series in comparison to the order 1886.

It makes sense to talk about gameplay on a micro-mapping level, or to talk about the story... but linear? Seriously... I've played many games just as linear, if not more than... like gears of war...

I remember when this talking point came up during the last of us discussions. 200+ GOTYs, and the ability to run past almost all encounters OR shoot your way through...

gaffyh1746d ago

I love open world as much as the next guy, but you need some variety in game types. As long as the story is good, I don't care.

UltimateMaster1746d ago

Uncharted is linear. Best game ever.
Want open-world; Infamous SS or FL.

HockeyMan1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I just wanted to point out the irony in Bundi's comment because it made me lol.

His Statement:
"The old "so and so does it too" sony fan defense.
Has never played the game but will argue, fuss and fight anyone who has any criticism towards it tooth and nail! "

And change a few words:

The old "Let me spin it my way" troll defense.

Has never played the game but will argue, fuss and fight anyone who has any defense about the game tooth and nail!

kreate1745d ago

I love AAA linear games.
Just as much as open world games like fallout/infamous.

Infamazdre1745d ago

Call of duty has multiplayer which is its main focus there's a lot more to the game then a 6-8 hour single player

Baccra171745d ago

It's a 10 minute demo, you can't judge a game by that. And this is nothing to get bothered about anyway. Arkham asylum was judged horrible by it's demo, but then showed the naysayers wrong and was beloved by gamers.


Those are last gen games though! Next gen is not just about graphics but about Larger, Richer open worlds or levels with exploration and attention to detail in that exploration. I love big sandbox games and worlds that I can spend hours collecting things. That's not to say this game will be bad, I won't like it and Im a graphics whore lol. Some people like platformers, some don't, but if the game is linear AND boring, then you need to worry. If not, then be excited for it! :)

andibandit1745d ago

who plays cod for the single player?

Knushwood Butt1745d ago

Uncharted is linear. So what?

More, 'quality', gaming journalism.

BattleAxe1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

All of the Uncharted games and God of War games were pretty linear, and yet they were some of the best games last generation. FEAR was linear also, and is one of the best horror shooters of all time.

People who make any kind of judgement based on linearity alone, are really in no position to properly judge the value of what makes a great game.

AceBlazer131745d ago

Have you ever played DmC 4? That game was literally a hallway anc then a reverse hallway. Same for FF XIII can't read the article right now did he have any other complaints outside of linearity?

Giul_Xainx1742d ago

The Order: 1886... is the Uncharted: Drakes Fortune of the PS4.

All I can do is wait for this, drive club, morpheus, and uncharted 4.

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spicelicka1746d ago

Yea linearity and quick time events are all over this game, but graphics are amazing. This was the same situation with Ryse last year, which actually was much less linear from what i've seen, but does anyone remember how much SHIT Ryse got for having quicktimes events (which were just executions)?

I remember every article, every post with people just bashing in the comments on it having quicktime events.

showtimefolks1746d ago

Ryse was done by Crytek who are known to make stunning looks games but everything else about their games suck

this is ready at dawn who did excellent god of war stories so let's wait till the game comes out before we say its all only graphics

Bigpappy1746d ago

The whole thing with Ryse was a farse. Ryse is 99% action. It is linier, but not interactive.

Visiblemarc1746d ago

Kinda tired of people talking about how games are "bad because they're linear." Linear games are linear, it's a game type.

Not everyone has to like them, but it's bizarre to me how they describe it as a design flaw. It'd be like saying "what a terrible track based racing game, you're stuck on a track the whole game." When what they should be saying is "I don't like track based racers."

Just because you don't like something doesn't make it bad.

insomnium21746d ago

I remember games being linear for gens and noone ever complained. It seems that every game has to be a sandbox these days. Atleast the way that headline is worded gives it a terribly negative tone for a game to be linear.

I have no reason to defend this game but I do know for a fact that games have been extremely linear for decades. I should know since I played them as a kid.

Kemosabe1746d ago

You seem to forget ryse was a hack n slash game, which had qte In every freaking kil. It gets boring in like 30 min,then u gotta do it over and over again for the next 5 hours. Super boring.

tuglu_pati1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


the problem with Ryse is not that is linear but that the gameplay is just too basic... Press x, x, y over and over it doesn't requires any kind of skill.

user56695101746d ago

Yeah if they are saying this how do the feel about UC4. UC is one of the most linear script games I ever played besides point and click games and gears

spicelicka1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


Well that is my only problem with Uncharted too. Graphics amazing, story amazing, action amazing, but gameplay was too linear throughout the whole game. I loved the Last of us, it really made the gameplay smart and strategic and the environments were more sandbox like.

MysticStrummer1746d ago

"does anyone remember how much SHIT Ryse got for having quick times events"

What I remember was how MS fans had no problems with Ryse quicktime events even though they had bashed God of War for it.

GW2121745d ago

First, Ryse isn't that pretty anymore with the likes of Infamous out there. Ryse "less linear" from what you've seen? Have you played Ryse? It's about as linear as you can get.

Don't take this as me completely bashing Ryse. It's kinda fun and was a good show piece for the XB1 launch.

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wsoutlaw871746d ago

When did linear become a bad thing automatically. I dont need 20 mission path choices that dont make any difference in the game. Im only going to take one path so i dont really care which it is as long as the game is good. Gears was very linear and i really enjoied that game.

Ausbo1746d ago

Yeah I don't know why people are bitchin about this. Some amazing games are very linear. I enjoyed gears and ryse. Both very gorgeous and linear games

rdgneoz31746d ago

It's not like Uncharted won multiple game of the year awards for for being an open world game with no story...

And a 10 minute demo tells you its more linear than FF 13...

kenshiro1001746d ago

You know why people are complaining?

It's a Sony exclusive game. If this was multiplat, it'll be the best game out there. Call of Duty is the same freaking crap and yet it gets 95's across the board.

Gotta love journalism.

Agent_00_Revan1746d ago

I'm actually getting tired of open world games. Not every game needs a GTA open world. The Last Of Us was linear, Tomb Raider was linear, and those are 2 of my favorite games from last year.

You also gotta remember, the demos at E3 are just small snippets of a game. And often designed to actually hold your hand and walk you through it. I'm not worried at all.

memots1745d ago

its a bad thing only when they can move the goalpost. Linear was fine with Ryse and pretty every shooter out there apart from Far Cry.

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Christopher1746d ago

Because linearity means it sucks!

amirite guys?

disKinected1746d ago

Every game needs to be open world from now on. /s

SolidGear31746d ago

I know, LOL. Usually open world bores me, to be honest.

maniacmayhem1746d ago

I think the main complaint as the article states is there was hardly any game time.

The author was constantly being led by the game where he needed to go and what he needed to do. The game gave him little time to actually play and spent more time in cutscenes.

He even says out of the 10 minutes of game time he spent only 3 actually playing.

Christopher1746d ago

@maniacmayhem: And yet his title said nothing about that... It instead went for the trollish habit of "click this!"

And, I wouldn't expect much out of 10m with a game that is SP only. They don't want to tell you anything because that's all there is. We won't be seeing much of the storyline and gameplay, methinks, until we're right at release.

I do think that is one limitation of the game, that it is just a storytelling focused SP that's not based in an open world. But, I think to expound upon it as if it's somehow a huge talking point to be negatively referenced when they haven't lied to us about it being as such... that's just trollish.

oODEADPOOLOo1746d ago


I think what author meant was that it was the actual dev reps that where telling him what to do in game: "Most of the time I am essentially guided like a tutorial to go in a particular direction, even when I am in a closed off room! Seriously." They want tight control over what part of story gets shown off it seams.

Redgehammer1745d ago

It depends, it could suck, or it could be great. However, just because a game is beautiful, doesn't mean it's GOTY material.

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metatronx1746d ago

@bundi: uhmm sony fans? They can think whatever they want. That is their opinion. If you think the game is bad, don't play it.

snookiegamer1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

What's linear, is the mindset of gamers willing to hate on games they know very little about. Seems to be a trend of 'game hating' this generation, more so than the last.

Like seriously. Some people moan so hard, I'm totally confused as to why these people still game as a hobby.

I digress. Uncharted series follows a linear story telling path, and look how awesome those game are.

Thatguy-3101746d ago

I don't mind if the story is linear. As long the the story is of quality then I won't complain.

Edsword1746d ago

I don't know how this journalist can determine it is the most linear game he's ever played, when he hasn't played it all. BTW aren't most games linear? It sounds to me like journalist trying to push the game design rather than a real complaint. Gears of War was pretty linear.

EZMickey1746d ago

Heavy Rain is not linear. The reason Heavy Rain is such a marvel is because it's not linear. You really, reeeaaally need to learn what this word means.

3-4-51746d ago

* If what your being brought linearly through, is actually of interest & appealing, then all should be good.

avengers19781746d ago

Not every game has to be open world, I mean come on

Mr-Dude1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

These days "gamejournalism" is nothing more then a big hobby which gives a lot of them free stuff. It's nothing more then a big whining show.
doesn't matter on which console or PC, it's all the same.

Where is the objective writing which started all this? Nowadays these journalist and bloggers are like us, fanboys or girls!

Magicite1746d ago

Linear means You have no choices, You cant change anything. You just follow a path and do required actions to progress the game.
Heavy rain got lots of choices and optional stuff, its far from linear.
Gears of war was linear and nobody said its a bad thing.
This game will be a success.

lelo1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

In spite of all the hype surrounding this game and it's good looks, I'm still not convinced about this game. I'm not particularity impressed by it's gameplay seen so far...

Yahdaree1746d ago

He bases his opinion on ten minutes. Seems like an exaggeration to me.

Edito1746d ago

You can have a game with no linearity that sucks big time... i just want a game with good gameplay, nice plot, atmosphere and fun... and i think the order got that covered...

CJDUNCAN1746d ago

heavy rain was linear? you kidding right? there was so many twists and turns that could happen based on either your choice or just a timing situation. Heavy Rain was far from linear.

Mega241746d ago

I loved The Gears series, one of my favorites 3rd Person Shooter of 360(except for Judgment), and it was pretty linear. Articles like this one are just looking for hit to fatten their pockets.

Aceman181746d ago

Wow I can't believe this writer is complaining about a game being linear smh. Yea writer not every damn game has to be open world.

callahan091746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Gears of War was perfectly linear as well, except for like 4 spots where you could "left or right" and you went to the side you chose while the AI guys or your co-op teammates went the other way, and then you could replay the level and choose the other path, but the paths weren't that different and made absolutely no difference to the story whatsoever, and we have absolutely no indication that choices such as that AREN'T in The Order, because they very well could be.

Why are people so up in arms about cinematics in games and interactive cutscenes these days? I always have and always will love those things about videogames. I love movies, and I love videogames, and one of my favorite things about videogames was the sense that I am PART OF a movie, in certain games. I appreciate that, and I seek it out, in games like the Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us, Heavy Rain and Alan Wake and going back to Max Payne even being somewhat like that (an early example of an action movie as videogame, with lots of story and cutscenes). Metal Gear Solid, anyone? Shenmue? I mean, come on!

I remember a time when Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within was one of the highest rated and most respected games of all time... what happened to gamers/critics that we criticize those types of experiences now, even though they are being done better than ever with even more interactivity and choice?

And about LINEARITY, what about games like Bit Trip Runner? Or Trine? Is this more linear than those games? Somehow I doubt it. Linearity alone doesn't make a game a bad experience, those are both highly respected games, but they're about as LINEAR as you can get.