Saigon3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Yes it does; it looks like they need to still work on some hit detection but it does look good and you can see a little to where this game is going. I hope to see more soon.

UltraNova3399d ago

Hit detection and combat/movement animation need a lot of work..its too stiff!

It looks good though.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Demon Souls/Dark Souls = knights and armor during the medieval era

Bloodborne = 19th century vampires and warewolves sort of stuff.

Totally different concepts in my opinion, people keep talking Demon Souls but I don't really see it, it might play similar to those games cause it's still the same developer but I think it's a different IP with a totally different setting.

Some might says it's Demon Souls in the 19th century, can't really argue with that, it's a matter of opinion I guess.

starchild3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

It has that characteristic From Software atmosphere and approach to combat, but it definitely does feel different. I'm really looking forward to this game. Personally the setting is a little more appealing to me than the Souls games.

AKS3399d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

Who is claiming the time period or setting are the same?

Anyone familiar with FROM's Souls games can see the familiar elements. From what I've read, many of the sounds effects are even familiar from the Souls games. There are some unique aspects and it appears to be faster paced, so it's hardly a reskinned Souls game, either, but there's no denying very familiar components from the footage every dedicated Souls fan will immediately recognize.

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Magicite3400d ago

I want this game now!
But really, hype is real!

Redrum0593400d ago

This looks good, can't come any sooner.

callahan093399d ago

I wonder if this will have lock-on like the Souls games have? I can't imagine playing it without lock-on to be honest, but who knows! I trust what they do, the game will be awesome!

Chapulin3399d ago

I asked one of the reps after the demo . He said that lockon was not implemented in this UI But it will have it.

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GameDev13400d ago

Looks gorgeous, but who the hell is playing that game, he/she seems to have no coordination

FlameHawk3400d ago

They are probably playing the game with auto aim off.

GameDev13400d ago

Doubt previous demon souls had auto aim

miyamoto3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

I didn't know that! I am just in the tutorial stage so far... so thanks :-)

But seriously Sony should have put this demo on the press conference more than any of that POWERS TV show to silence the haters and have a more impressive show.
Comics are for Comicon not E3!
E3 are for games!

Serg3400d ago

Yeah it's either not implemented or the person playing didn't use it. Either way it looked like a one armed pirates parrot was playing this.

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SuperBlunt3399d ago

looks like a halo pro was playing

Sharius3399d ago

they said miyazaki play this demo himself