E3 2014: Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD leaves Vita users out in the cold

Square Enix has once again taken two steps forward and one step back.

After three years of waiting, wondering, and petitioning, Square finally announced a Western release for its 2011 PSP RPG, Final Fantasy Type-0. Except it’s not for the PlayStation Vita, as many expected, and as it was initially announced. It was for Vita until Sony removed its flagging handheld from the lineup on the PlayStation Blog page.

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Crossbones3164d ago

It actually feels warm with Freedom Wars & Gravity Rush 2 coming. :)

kingdom183164d ago

And Soul Sacrifice Delta :D

minimur123164d ago

Kinda hoping Sony's third party production team ports it over, although downgrading from ps4 to PSV will be one hell of a job lol

It is a bit of a kick in the teeth, vita owners asking for it for years but instead it comes to ps4 and Xbox One instead, there's no denying that.
Eh, remote play will suffice I guess

SegaSaturn6693163d ago

You can totally play it on your vita -- by using ps4 link anyway ;)

miyamoto3164d ago

Good thing PlayStation gamers are the best, hard to the core, persistent, dedicated gamers in the world!
English patch here we come!

Way to ignite the wrath of hardcore gamers Squeenix!

mt3164d ago

I bought my vita for gravity rush 1 and uncharted. I am happy gravity rush 2 is coming.

TheFirstClassic3164d ago

And not much else. Why are people taking all this crap with happiness? No Vita announcements at e3, barely any games coming... this sucks. Gravity Rush 2 was teased a while ago, but where has it gone?

vergilxx33163d ago

No one said gravity rush 2 will be for the ps vita
I would not be surprised if it would come out exclusively for ps4...
If this happens im out im supporting vita since day one and if they will pull something like that it's over for me

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pwnsause_returns3164d ago

the vita is dead in the states -_- it really is...its like they gave up all hope on it..

PSNintyGamer3164d ago

Is it weird that I find this hilarious?

pwnsause_returns3164d ago

It's hilarious and sad at the same time ...

PixelKnot3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

The news itself, hilarious? No.

Square Enix getting ripped to shreds on the PlayStation blogs, hilarious? Yes.

DivineAssault 3164d ago

total bs too.. Idk why vita cant get it

Afterlife3164d ago

because it will bomba they need to make money or maybe the hd version will look really good and vita will just get in the way

RexDD3164d ago

What? FFX HD sold great on vita!

Cloudberry3164d ago

But, what a roller coaster disaster that news...

belac093164d ago

im on chapter 3 already, its a GREAT patch.

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The story is too old to be commented.