Tons of Juicy Dead Island 2 Details

GR: "Dead Island 2 was just recently announced this week during Sony’s E3 conference that took place yesterday. During the first official day of E3, GaminRealm was able to attend an appointment made with Deep Sliver, where the studio gave press extensive details as well as sneak-peek footage of the game in action."

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Jrmy842563d ago

I liked the first Dead Island game, I can't wait for Dead Island 2. That CGI that was showed was hilarious I can't get the song out of my head. Was that Jack Blacks Voice?

etownone2563d ago

Yeah... I really liked the trailer and the song they used. Perfect fit.

Not sure if I'm looking forward to the game though

CrimsonK2563d ago

Nope pigeon john the theme song to cartoon networks show called level up. a very catchy tune it is though.

Jrmy842563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

No, the dude that jumped out the van to grab the shoes, was that jack blacks voice I mean. Or was it that guy from the movie Mars Needs Moms.... hmmmmm!

djplonker2563d ago

Yeah it was jack black and the other voice was aaron paul "jessie pinkman" from breaking bad!

CrimsonK2563d ago

Oh sorry my mistake thought you meant the song yeah I must've not been paying close enough attention to the voices