Half-Life 2: Episode One Teaser Trailer

Right man in the wrong place?

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Half-Life Soundtrack Finally Available for Streaming

The Half-Life soundtrack (as well as Half-Life 2) is now available to play for free on a number of music streaming services.

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Half-Life 2 Mod Brings Next Gen Mobility

Modders bring Titanfall level acrobatics to Half-Life’s humble gameplay

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LuzCB19871862d ago

Apex Legends set a high bar in fps mobility. I think new games are now required to have some good mobility options.


Half-Life 2 and Portal Writer Erik Wolpaw Returns to Valve

Erik Wolpaw, writer of Half-Life 2 Episode One and Episode Two, along with Portal and Portal 2, has returned to Valve in 2019, re-joining Jay Pinkerton in the developer's staff.

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FlyingFoxy1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I wonder if this is related to the HL VR game, though since it's apparently been in development for a while i guess they wouldn't need him at this point? Unless they are making a HL game that's not VR related. Or a new L4D or something.

Who knows what's going on, many things have been said like a new L4D due for release and nearing completion etc etc.. and it hasn't really been accurate has it.

Relientk771965d ago

Portal 3 please

One can dream.

LKane1965d ago

Oh nice. Story for Artifact......

Phils_Libra1965d ago

Heartening news indeed. Perhaps with Steam getting more recent competition in the digital distribution space (Epic, Bethesda, etc.) and the failure of their Steam machines, Valve is hopefully turning their efforts into making action/adventure games again such as continuing Half-Life and Portal.