New Alone in The Dark trailer

Atari published a new Alone in The Dark trailer featuring the enemies we will encounter during the Game. Enjoy.

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Boldy4977d ago

I always wondered what the enemies looked up close. They look pretty gruesome but I hope this was either a low res video or a kinda early build of the game cuz I paused it at 1:27 and the zombies didn't look too good. It's probably just the video. Whatever I'm still gonna get this game, the fire is amazing, the physics are incredible, the dramatic cinematic scenes are jaw dropping, all I the reasons I need to get this game.

chaosatom3334977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

But seriously the delay is going to end up hurting because it's going to be overshadowed by some other game.

Boldy4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

Well yeah I knew that. The amount of innovation in the game makes it a must buy for me. I'm pretty sure Harrison joined Atari pretty late in the development of Alone in the Dark, so I don't think he was involved to much.

dribnif4976d ago

That's a cool concept.