Halo: The Master Chief Collection vs OG Halo 2 - Are these HD remasters really necessary?

As of late, the topic of rereleasing HD “remastered” games on Microsoft’s and Sony’s (and even Nintendo’s) new hardware has become quite commonplace, but is it really necessary? Somewhere out there, there’s a difference between remastering a decade-old game to pay homage to greatness and rereleasing an 11-month-old game in order to fatten your bottom line.

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mhunterjr3280d ago

In general? No. But this ten year anniversary collection is a great fan service and a great value. It make a lot more sense than any of the recent remasters...

Blachek3280d ago

I don't think a game should ever be remastered if it's not more than 10 years old. Give a new wave of gamers the opportunity to enjoy a classic while rewarding those who played the original. Remastering this series makes FAR more sense to me than The Last of Us... which came out last year? Why?

djplonker3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

"I don't think a game should ever be remastered if it's not more than 10 years old. "

if that were the case then the only halo game microsoft could remaster is the first since halo 2 came out at the end of 2004!

I think tlou is aimed more at hardcore fans and newcomers to playstation that might have missed it on ps3 I know alot of people that made the 360 to ps4 switch that would love to play it!

Captain Qwark 93280d ago

im not complaining about any remaster and esp not this one or the last of us ( my ps3 broke just before it came out so now i get to play it on ps4 :) ) and the halo collection.......damn i wish i had an x1 now lol that collection is the bomb

poor_cus_of_games3280d ago

Because the last of us is a excellent game which will benefit from being remasteted. Also gives people that moved from Microsoft to Sony the option to play it.

Eonjay3280d ago

It really depends, but I can not deny the value of this package. Think about people who have never played Halo before. For $60 you get four games and a mini series. Thats not bad at all.

djplonker3280d ago


Yeah it has a very orange box feel to it alot of content for an awesome price!

choujij3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

The way I've been enjoying games that I missed out on growing up is by continuing to acquire them. I know, I'm weird.

From what I've gleaned about this Halo 1-4 set, unless I'm mistaken, isn't it the same H1 CE anniversary edition and 3,4 exactly as it is in current form, online and all? If so, then aside from the remastered Halo 2, essentially they're allowing you to play 1AE,3,4 on Xbone. Someone please correct me with a source if I'm wrong?

truefan13280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

If the game was available on a last gen its a MONEY GRAB. The focus of Halo Collection is on Halo 2, which will be 10 years old. That is a true anniversary. The fact that they increased the content adding Halo 1,3, and 4 while keeping the price at $60 is just a huge bonus. At least can we make the minimum 7-10 years. Tomb Raider, tlou, gta v, metro are all money grabs.

@djplonker Also that new gamers to ps4 line is so stupid. One of my best friends is a playstation gamer and got an Xb1 this gen so we can compete in sports games online, also my bother and nephews who typically will have both bought an XB1 first. People switch back and forth so what. TLOU is a money grab plain and simple, the remaster was worked on before the the ps4 even launched, proabably at the same time as the ps3 version. All while maintaining it would only be on ps3. PS wouldn't it make more sense to wait for MORE of those "supposed" 360 gamers to switch, before making the remaster.


@ djplonker

i can't speak for everyone else, but for me it is actually the first two games that matter the most in this collection.

specially halo 2's MP. it is great that we are getting them all but it's the first two more then any that I am buying into hear.

Slevon3280d ago

My biggest issue with the Last of Us rerelease is that its is either for hardcore fans or new comers to ps4 yet the trailer they showed has major spoilers! I am still playing through on my ps3 and i had to mute and turn away during the conference

darthv723280d ago

If it is a single game then (IMO) HD remasters arent a valid investment. There are pros though to the project if it proceeds. such as not just the visual perspective but also the overall presentation being fixed/enhanced.

So if we compare the HD remaster of the original Halo (for the 10th anniversary) to the more recent TLOU from just about a year ago. It really makes you wonder why taking such a critically acclaimed game like TLOU and rework it so soon?

When sony made the GoW collection...that was a well made remastering of not just 1 game but the original 2 as a nice bundle. They did it with ratchet and clank collection, jak and daxter collection, ico/SotC from the previous generation not just getting a fancy coat of paint but a full compilation.

Much more value for the $ than just a single game. So if there is a question of "should there be HD remasters?" the answer to that is Yes if the remaster offers MORE than the original release and a DEFINITE YES if it is offered in a compilation with other games that also get the remastered touch.

When i see games like GTAV and TLOU as being from just a couple years ago and being touched up to be released on next gen hardware then they really need to be MORE THAN what the original offerings were.

Maybe in a couple of console generations we will get proper compilations of uncharted and TLOU or even a full loaded GTA collection of all the games and spin offs on one disc in 4k resolution. But that will be some time from now.

LoveOfTheGame3280d ago

Maybe you should look up the release date of the MC collection and Halo 2.

10 years+ club would include both Halo 1 and 2.

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Allsystemgamer3280d ago

I'm stoked for it. I have halo 2 on pc and watching the halo 2 mc collection footage looks like the 2007 PC release in most areas BUT there's still improvements. If the rumors of PC release are true then I won't need to buy an x1 lol

Zero-One3280d ago

Makes more sense, how? Because they are good games. What, if it's not Halo, it's considered a cash-grab? Screw you. What if people never gotten the chance to play it back then, or wanna relive the glory days?

brich2333280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Halo remaster is the new standard in HD releases:

- 4 games for 60$
- All 4 games playable in 4 player coop Campaign.
- Over 100 multiplayer maps.
- All Games playable at 1080p @60fps
-Original graphics and HD graphics at the click of a button for Halo 1 and 2.
- Includes Halo 5 multiplayer Beta
- Campaign playlist Editor

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gamer11383280d ago

Well considering that you can't play Halo 2 MP or Halo CE MP (true online multiplayer, not maps in reach) then hell yes!

It's not all about the graphics. It's about that great gameplay we poured hours into years ago. And it will be interesting to see how it holds up today. Halo Anniversary on 360 stunned me. The gameplay was still great which means 12 years ago Halo CE was way way ahead of its time.

LAWSON723280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

You can play Halo 2 MP in this collection and same goes for Halo 1.

DonkeyWalrus3280d ago

I don't think he means we can't play the MP in the collection. I think he's talking about how you can't play Halo CE or Halo 2 MP right now, since CE never had it and H2 servers were shut down, and that for that reason the collection is necessary.

LAWSON723279d ago


Yeah I must have misread that

lifeisgamesok3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Yes! We are talking about one of the greatest values in video game history

Halo's 1-4 all on one disk, all with improvements, Halo 2 with a visual makeover and Halo 4 already looks on the level of some next gen games at 60 fps

100 multiplayer maps will provide countless hours to old and new fans

Halo party's with pizza and beer :)

As far as other remasters... If the game's original hasn't released recently I don't see it as a bad idea

SuperBlunt3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

The fact that you guys are using the hundred maps thing as a selling point is retarded. Obviously there would be alot of maps theres four frigging games included. You dont hear me saying tlou remastered got all of the dlc

gamer11383280d ago

We are talking about dozens of map packs that were originally sold separately! Seeing as MS is always accused of being greedy they could have very easily done some kind of season pass...but they haven't and that's great!

BTW, I do hear people mentioning the DLC for tlou as a bonus which is fine. I know people who sold their PS3 for PS4 and missed out on left behind so it is a selling point to them.

gamerfan09093280d ago

How is saying getting 100's of maps not valuable? That comment makes zero sense. This package has more value than TLOU remastered. Period. Idk why people compare the two.

Captain Qwark 93280d ago

i dont see why it matters period. they can remaster anygame from anytime. if it doesnt interest you then who cares dont buy it, doesnt mean there arent others interested in it or people who have missed it.

what about those who were with 360 last gen, missed the last of us because they didnt have a ps3 and now they get a chance to play what is supposed to be one of last gen greatest games. im all for any remaster even if it doesnt cater to me, doesnt mean it wont cater to someone else. so many selfish people who think they are the only gamer in the world

LightofDarkness3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

There's no need to get sore over it, there is indeed a great deal more on offer in terms of content in this package. There's probably over a 1000 hours worth of Halo in here, all for $60 with two lovingly remastered games and two last gen games bumped up to 1080p/60. I will play the absolute hell out of this if I decide to pick up a One this year. It doesn't mean TLOU is a bad game, it just doesn't have as much content for the price. If longevity is a major player in your value for money determination, then this game has it in spades and will be of far greater value to you.

As far as remasters go, they have clearly put a TONNE of effort into the Halo 2 one. It went from looking like a 2004 Xbox game to a 2014 Xbox One game. They've brought the game up to the level of other comparable shooters on the same platform. That's basically a complete overhaul of the graphics engine and all in-game assets.

Not to mention, you can mix and match any weapon, map, game-type and play style from any Halo game in the series. That's just insane to me.

2cents3280d ago

How is mentioning that Halo Master chief collection will have 100 maps being retarded?

It's a feature of the game, 100 maps. Why not point it out?

Just like it will include Halo 1, 2, 3 & 4. A feature.

Just like it will include Halo 5 Beta. A feature.

Just like it will include Halo Nightfall. A feature.

Just like it will include 4000 Achievements. A feature.

Just like it will include Custom Playlists. A feature.

Just like...

you get my point right?

"You dont hear me saying tlou remastered got all of the dlc" you just did.

If that's your bag, then just be happy you can play TLOU with all its DLC on the PS4 with shiny new graphics, nothing wrong in that. Also nothing wrong with the Halo-ites being able to relive the last 13 years of Halo on one disc, with shiny new graphics.

Your happy, Im happy, were all happy (I wish).

hankmoody3280d ago

Having a hundred maps included in the package isn't reason enough to be impressed? Man, you're laying on the hate kinda thick there.

Charybdis3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Having a good amount of maps is important. If there weren't a decent amount of maps I am sure it would be considered (and announced) as a big minus. Glad that the collection will have so many maps, I do however suspect that there will be a few maps singled out as fan favourites.

Looking at the 100 maps number it's more important to consider the quality of all these maps, with 100 maps it will be interesting to see how the halo2 10 year anniversary maps will look like and compare to the maps of the other halo titles. Simply because I assume halo 2 anniversary is the focus of this bundle. I see all other included stuff such as the additional halo games and tv as a rather large bonus.

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randomass1713280d ago

I think Microsoft just smacked all the other remasters in the face. Four games on one disc, all with their own unique online multiplayer, PLUS the Halo 5 beta, PLUS all 1080p 60fps? I don't care who you are, that's great for any franchise collection and Halo just nailed it.

Blacklash933280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I agree that this collection sounds really well-made from the information provided. A seamless menu between games that integrates the experiences together (unlike pretty much all other collections), Halo 2 Anniversary (plus the previous CE Anniversary), and a bunch of extras.

randomass1713280d ago

From what I was told, it also has every individual multiplayer, rather than forcing you to play it all on Halo 4's engine with the other games' maps. That's a crazy amount of retooling and polish for a single $60 disc. If I ever get an XB1, I want this game.

gamer11383280d ago

It's all about that single UI that lets you make your own playlists across all 4 games! Great idea.

gamerfan09093280d ago

It sets the benchmark fr future remasters. That kind of value is unseen. I wouldn't be shocked if some other pubs release something similar.

randomass1713280d ago

Agreed. There's value in multiple games in a single remastered collection. DVD/Bluray movie series do at all the time, so I don't see why video games can't.

hankmoody3280d ago

Even if you hate the Halo series with every fiber of your being, how can you disagree with this? I wish people on here would be a little more objective.

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Blacklash933280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

The question is never if it's "necessary" or not in these matters. Whether or not it's desired is the question, and that's up to personal opinion.

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