Xbox One Showcases Nine Blockbuster Exclusives Coming This Holiday

E3 is where gamers discover all of the great exclusives in store for the holiday. And this upcoming holiday caps off an epic year of blockbuster exclusives for Xbox One fans.

You’ll be able to play dozens of amazing Xbox One games this year, from AAA first-party titles like “Sunset Overdrive” and “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” to blockbuster third-party games like “Dragon Age: Inquisition” and “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,” both of which offer content you’ll find exclusively on Xbox One.

Here’s just a snapshot of the games coming to Xbox One this holiday.

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AngelicIceDiamond1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

And this is only this fall.

Next year Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Halo 5 and hopefully Phantom Dust and Crack Down 3 hey maybe a Gears Of War announcement.

Xbox be getting BUSY.

christocolus1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Its so exciting and frustrating at same time. When I think about the number of games coming I'm so happy but then i think of my wallet and i wanna cry. Halo mcc,d4,dance central spot light, ori,forza horizon2,Sunset O,killr instinct sn2,fantasia, project spark,cod advanced warfare then scalebound,crackdown3,Quantum break,phantum dust,fable legends,halo5 then ffV,witcher3, division,batman AK,MK X..damn. Can't complain though. We asked for games and we getting games, games and games

Kingthrash3601592d ago

So indies are block busters now? I mean I agree some indies ARE indeed blockbusters but every time they are tossed aside when in the exclusive discussion.
In that case ALL gamers are in for a great year...and that's cool. Though a ton of games have been pushed to '15. Sadly, but this time next year this gen will hit full swing.

1592d ago
MeliMel1592d ago


Some Indies put AAA games to shame. So yeah some could be considered Blockbusters.

theshonen88991592d ago

What the..?
Since when was Ori and the Blind Forest, Dance Central, Disney Fantasia, Project Spark "blockbusters"?? Is KI: Season 2 a full or sequel or an add-on? How the hell do they justifying including a multiplayer beta as an "exclusive blockbuster"?

This list is iffy af.

Volkama1592d ago

They are certainly using the term "blockbuster" very loosely lol. Still, not a bad list by any stretch. Things may finally be starting to pick up for these "next gen" consoles.

truefan11591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Nice list of 2014 games and content coming to XB1, in addition to the games we have already gotten since launch. I'll be buying several off that list alone. Also do you see the type of indie games that come to MSFT, Ori and the Blind Forest just looks beautiful and on a grander scale than the average indie game, not to mention Below.

I love the fact ps4 gamers are coming in discussing the list of XB1 games, I welcome the conversation. Where is the ps4 list, I happen to think the Xb1 list is better than driveclub, tlou remastered after one year, and lbp. How about you gamers focus of getting some of those 12 new ips sony promised you instead of worrying about the definition of a blockbuster. The constant downplay is starting to become flattering.

@familyguy you just reached a new level of blasphemy, did you really compare Sunset Overdrive to freaking loadout. A full blown retail exclusive vs. small indie title.

djplonker1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


There you go thats the full list for ps4 sony has more....

152 to sony

89 to microsoft

NewMonday1591d ago

dance games, betas and Indys are blockbusters now?

thought X1 fans didn't care for them.

SilentNegotiator1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Huh, that's funny; I'm seeing people who were downplaying indies in other articles gladly accepting them as full-on "blockbusters" here. How interesting.

Not to mention that compilations seem to be acceptable all of the sudden amongst the Xbox community. Convenient.

JMyers1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@ Truefan...

Typical drivel and bias from you... Counting Indie towards MS, but leaving them out for Sony... and when comparing Indies, saying MS have better ones. Give me a break. Like the same you do with remakes... You know 4 Halo games are remakes, as well as Tomb Raider on X1, or do those not count?

Sony has more games this fall... PERIOD. Just look at the IGN list. Maybe not AAA, but that says nothing about quality. Secondly, there is also content first on PlayStation for many games. If you exclude the Kinect shovelware, what's left?

All you do here is spread hate and troll. Both line ups are great. Don't disregard quality and quantity just because you have a bias to MS.

kingfetish171591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Only exclusive on that list I'm even slightly interested in is Sunset Overdrive and I'll wait for reviews on it. No interest in the Halo Collection, Forza, KI, or any of the exclusive indies. Depending on reviews, I might change my mind.

I'm still personally holding out for an XB1 Slim announcement if it ever happens. A Gears of War Collection would pique my interest too. Really comes down to the reviews of its exclusives for me.

I'm sold on the PS4 already with The Last of Us Remastered and its better looking & running multiplats. Might even jump on the White PS4 Destiny Bundle. Really interesting start for this gen so far.

Patrick_pk441591d ago

Halo, Sunset OD, Project Spark (free), Scalebound, and Quantum Break would be the only exclusives I would get for Xbone. Witcher 3 and Division would be for multiplat.

Spaceboy_ca1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I'm just happy that Microsoft if finally getting it into their thick skulls that GAMERS want GAMES. It's a shame that Phil Spencer wasn't heading up this ship from the beginning. Regardless, having Sony as a formidable counterpart is good for all gamers. If the PS4 had faltered, MS would still be trying to pull the same old crap on us. Here's to a fantastic line-up on both platforms this year and beyond.

Giul_Xainx1591d ago

Playstation 4 is all about indie games. And a game is a game. Yay for microsoft finally listening to the BIGGER CONSUMER BASE this e3. Last year they totally alienated gamers and this e3 it looks better. But I think microsoft needs more than another 180, and more than just games in their catalog.

A game is a game, no matter what you play it on.

FFXI1011591d ago


Look, both side have indie games, their own franchise like Uncharted, LBP, inFamous, Halo, Fable, Crackdown, and both sides have new IPs. However, Sony has more new IPs, more indie games and more exclusives on PS4 than the XBox1 and that's the fact.

JasonKCK1591d ago

"Its so exciting and frustrating at same time. When I think about the number of games coming I'm so happy but then i think of my wallet and i wanna cry."

I am going to be broke this year. I decided to throw some $$$ down and get an X1 this fall. With my luck, my PC will refuse to turn on out of protest.

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DevilOgreFish1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

You forgot D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. very good looking cell shaded game i might add.

people keep insisting the console doesn't have any exclusives, they don't even check on what they're claiming. the console has plenty of new exclusives.

...maybe they have no interests to know about them but they're there if you're not blind to see.

Mega241592d ago

Wait, wasnt d4 exclusively for Japan? or am I mistaken?

Mr_Writer851591d ago

Why have they not listed it then?

Betas now AAA games

Hear that? Its MS clutching at straws..

Milky1592d ago

So much filler in that list. There are 3 true 'blockbuster' games there.

Austacker1592d ago Show
0P-Tigrex1591d ago

Where's the support for the 360?

Whatever4Ever1591d ago

You can't say that because XboxOne FanBoys will get butt hurt and start talking smack as usual. Don't care about the majority of any of those games except Halo 5.

r2oB1591d ago

You know there is filler when all the games on the first list are also on the second list labeled "OTHER blockbuster games coming to Xbox One this holoday." They basically padded the first list with non-blockbuster games, just for the sake of having a larger number, then they padded the second list duplicating games. Either Microsoft does not know what the word 'OTHER' implies, or they are blatantly fluffing their lists intentionally. It wouldn't surprise me since they essentially fluffed their launch lineup by migrating 360 games to Xbox One (leaving the 360 abandoned).

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xboxftw1592d ago

More games on xbox one in 2014 than total of ps4's line up till 2015 and still the sony lovers are negating this list.

Must suck to be sitting and waiting on the sidelines watching the other team playing all the matches and your turn's not coming anytime soon.

zeuanimals1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

"More games on xbox one in 2014 than total of ps4's line up till 2015 and still the sony lovers are negating this list."

Dat hyperbole. inFAMOUS SS, FFXIV ARR, MLB The Show, Transistor, Driveclub, TLOU Remastered, Guilty Gear Xrd, Samurai Warriors 4, LBP3, and Planetside 2...

I'll take out Samurai Warriors 4 because those games are trash but the rest of that list is great, and that's still 9 great games for 2014. I think I might be missing one too.

So yeah, nobody should be complaining with either of these consoles except for you (and other fanboys), because the PS4's lineup isn't as bad as you want it to be.

Benchm4rk1592d ago

"Must suck to be sitting and waiting on the sidelines watching the other team playing all the matches and your turn's not coming anytime soon."

Im an xbox fan but that is just silly mate. Since 2010 how many great games came out on 360 compared to PS3. Sony fans enjoyed a plethora of AAA exclusive games on top of the multiplat and indie titles while the 360 was in a drought for years. Dont forget about that so quickly.

FamilyGuy1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I'm pretty happy with the list of titles on and coming to the PS4 soon so I'm not sure what this "waiting on the sidelines" crap is all about. We've been getting new games every week since launch.

That list though:

Killer Instinct Season 2 - comparable (though hardly) to the stand alone DLC Infamous: First Light

Forza Horizon 2 - DriveClub

Project Spark - LittleBigPlanet 3

Halo Collection (remastered old games) - The Last Of Us PS4

Fable Legends is just a beta - We already have FF14 ARR and DC Universe Online

Ori and the blind forest - It looks like a small title, it also looks incredible/beautiful. Not really comparable to anything but I'll say the game Sony released during their E3 press conference, Entwined.

Sunset Overdrive - Loadout: PS4 Console Exclusive

Disneys Fantasia & Dance Central Spotlight -
I'll take the 20-30 or so PS4 console exclusive indie titles and free to play games that are bound to come out on PS4 this year over these. Too lazy to look/think up the fitting matches honestly.

Point being:
Both consoles have good titles lined up for the rest of this year so please cut the "no 2014 games" crap. There's plenty.

1592d ago
SharnOfTheDEAD1592d ago

Microsoft have Indies yeah, but no way near as many as Sony.

Lawboy21592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

@ family guy

That list is horrible do you compare infamous DLC to a whole season of killer instinct ( which is practically a new game they are doubling the character list) u would have been better comparing infamous to the new dead rising 3 DLC or the new free forza DLC....not killer instinct come on

Also the only fair comparison I see is project spark and forza horizon to LBP and driveclub even though those can be debated on which is better....but the rest of the list is horrible comparison...u compared a free 2 play game that has been out for months to SSOD....either u have no respect for SSOD or u just wanted to match game for game to make a list...I'm sorry ppl may not want to hear this but playstation has no exclusive coming out in the remainder of this year to compare to SSOD....and I can understand the remaster comparison but IMO it's really not that simple because ur comparing one game to four games including one of the best MP of all time with every map ever made for halo...also no disrespect to last of us....I've heard it's one of the best games of all time and will probably pick it up to try it's just way more content for halo

All I'm saying is that list of comparisons in my view is really reaching...the only game that I will be getting for my ps4 is driveclub...and probably the DLC for infamous....

its_JEFF1592d ago

George is that you? KNWS? TruFan... is that you?

Good to see you have more bubbles to spread your hate gospel, instead of being excited for the list you seem to only think of the "Sony fans" who are "negating" this list. I don't even know if you trolls are even capable of just enjoying a game anymore. you guys are like schizophrenics, even if no one was saying anything bad about the game you guys imagine someone is and just start calling out these voices/ghost writings you guys imagined.

You should be happy, you've got a good list to choose from later this year! I hope they're all good and I really hope you enjoy one.. or two.

ger23961592d ago

All those games, lets see how that translates to sales.

Jeff2571591d ago


inFamous First Light is not DLC. It is a standalone game that does not require you to own or to have even played inFamous: Second Son. It allows people to play as Fetch and experience her origin story. So it actually shouldn't even be compared to any of the DLC you listed let alone KI Season 2 since all that does is expand the character roster.

On Topic MS is bringing out some good games for XBOX One and frankly I am definitely considering getting one now. I have to admit I am liking what I have seen of Sunset Overdrive and having never played any of the Halo games except a little bit of the first one, the Halo Collection has me looking very hard at possibly making that jump.

johndoe112111591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


Obviously you don't understand what "standalone" means. The infamous DLC is basically a new game. you don't need to have infamous to play it.

extermin8or1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@ you're wrong PS4 has several games and half the games on this list are multiplatforms-what your getting dlc a month early *oh no how will we all cope *sarcasm* -very easily I should imagine. I didn't see AC4 nor Watch Dogs nor Destiny counting for ps4 and those have exclusive dlc-not even timed exclusive... just full on exclusive. And come next year we already know about The Order, Uncharted 4 and the From Software game who's title I'm having a mental blank on atm... And that's just what we know about.... Edit: on closer look it does only claim the actual exclusives are exclusives. Although the two dance games do not count... same as signstar does not count on ps4... Project spark i a PC game... fable is beta and ori and the dark forest isn't exactly a blockbuster and halo is just a compliation of like 3 12-8year old games and one more recent title but as TLOU's remastered should count I'll give them halo. So Halo Collection, Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive vs The Last of Us, LBP3 and Drive Club basically. The consoles are pretty much evenly matched then...

FanboyKilla1591d ago

Lol sony fans. You can talk trash and dowmplay the fact that xone got dem games, wont change anything for you though. Everyone knows games are going to keep coming out, no news there. What am i suppose to do untill 2015 with this ps4? Sighs and thanks to sony fanboys, sony wont know just how much their games suck. Sony fanboys in here trying to save face, instead of compaining about sonys weak game line up thus far and beyond it seems. Funny how the world works ha? The console with the weakest and less appealing game line up sales more. Lmfao the ratio of gamer to fanboy is like 2 to 10. Fanboys you are not sony. You are their customer. Act like it. If sony or ms win anything you wont be mentioned, you will not recieve any awards. Saying sony is the best doesnt make them the best. They have to be that themselves. Stop hurting them by standing by everything they do. Tell them it sucks when it sucks. Who in the hell gets it right all the time? No one. Sony has got it wrong my brother. How long will you FOLLOW? Dont get it twisted though i did like some of what sony had to offer and im not knocking the good. I want better am i wrong? They keep screaming they are the best. Lol im the consumer, let me be the judge of that. Oh and sony, you aint even close to the best lol. Seriously psn. Lmfao

thereapersson1591d ago

Why is it every time someone tries to discourage fanboyism they end up looking like a fanboy? And that ironic name...

Way to look immature, killa!

Whatever4Ever1591d ago

Here's the ps4 list if you would of bothered reading down the comments and not talking smack, posted by someone else. You fanboys amaze me, be glad we have two competing consoles. In the end its better for gamers.

DigitalRaptor1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Sorry fanboys... PS4 actually has the better rated games so far this gen... FACT.

It has the most games by over 20 titles. FACT.

It has more diversity and quality and it always will cause there are more developer making games for the platform across the globe. FACT.

You can obfuscate these facts. You can pretend games that don't exist, but they do exist in 2014:

- LittleBigPlanet 3
- Deep Down
- PlanetSide 2
- DriveClub
- The Last of Us Remastered
- inFAMOUS First Light
- Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
- Entwined

Microsoft is using the word "blockbuster" to try and excite gullible and weak minds.

How, for the sake of logic are Fantasia, Killer Instinct, Ori and the Blind Forest and Project Spark and Fable BETA blockbusters?? Sales won't reflect this. MS is just spinning buzzwords and hoping the loyalists pick up on them and use them as free advertising on forums.

SonyAddict1591d ago

Must suck owning only one console!,
I own all platforms because I play the games and not just a console...
Poor you Sadoe.

JasonKCK1591d ago

I have always found it fascinating how people can put "FACT" next to something that is clearly an opinion.

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ITPython1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

The only thing that remotely interests me would be the Master Chief collection for nostalgic purposes, since I loved Halo 1/2 on the Xbox. And possibly Sunset Overdrive since I do like Insomicas work with games like the Resistance series and the R&C series (although I hate zombie games of any sort). So aside from a vague interest in those two games, I don't care whatsoever for the remaining exclusives.

Plenty of great third-party multiplats though, but I can get those on my PS4 with better graphics, better performance and exclusive PS4 gameplay and features (such as FC4 with the ability to have a friend join you, EVEN IF THEY DON'T HAVE THE GAME!).

I'll keep an eye on the 2015 games MS has, but I think it's going to be many years before it will be worth a purchase for me.

WilDRangeRrfc1591d ago

Because your a Playstation fan nice stealth trolling EXPOSED

ITPython1591d ago

Of course I'm a PS fan. My point is that as a PS fan, MS's offerings as of now aren't nearly enough to convert me. And they are going to have to do a lot better if they want gamers, such as myself, to take the plunge on the XB1. Taking the plunge on the PS4 was the logical thing to do, since it has the multiplat advantage which makes up probably a good 80% of all the games made. And the icing on the cake is Sony's strong and numerous first-party studios. But even without Sony's track record of amazing first-party exclusives, getting a PS4 for the better performing and looking multiplats alone is 100% worth it. The same cannot be said for the XB1.

Cause let's face it, the only way I'll purchase an XB1 is for the exclusives, and the exclusives alone. The PS4 has the advantage with the multiplats, so I wouldn't get an XB1 for that reason. I don't have cable TV or satellite, so the TV functions of the XB1 would be useless to me. I hate Kinect and the absurdity of giving voice commands, so that is a no go. Not sure what else the XB1 offers, but if I can't think of it then it is not important enough for me to give it a second thought.

Literally the one and only reason for me to ever consider getting an XB1 would be for exclusives that I REALLY want to play, and there needs to be a LOT of them. But so far, there really isn't a single one. And knowing MS's history and their weakness in regards to first-party AAA exclusives, is that it may take years and years before the library is built up enough to warrant a purchase.

Magicite1592d ago

Only 3 of those are blockbuster:
Halo, Sunset and Forza, not to mention halo is just a compilation of remakes.

hudsoniscool1591d ago

If those are the only 3 blockbusters than sony only has one, and that's little big planet.

CJDUNCAN1591d ago

I can't believe people are excited over a remastered Halo and a silly experience with Sunset. I'd rather play Uncharted 4 and The Order over any of these exclusives. Thankfully I have access to both consoles so I can get those games when they release. But these games everyone seems to be hyped about isn't what I'm into so I don't understand the excitement. But to each their own.

JeffGUNZ1591d ago


We are talking about games being released in 2014. X1 owners are pumped for Quantum Break, Halo 5, Crackdown 3, and Gears.

kingfetish171591d ago

I wouldn't call Sunset Overdrive & Quantum Break blockbusters. They're still new, unproven IPs and could easily flop like Ryse did.

Crackdown isn't a blockbuster too. Its last 2 games flopped. Maybe this 3rd game will change things. It all comes down to AAA reviews in the end to determine whether or not they're blockbusters.

Biggest1591d ago

"We are talking about games being released in 2014. X1 owners are pumped for Quantum Break, Halo 5, Crackdown 3, and Gears."

I'm sorry. Which of those games is releasing in 2014? Which of those games have you seen substantial gameplay for?

killzone6191591d ago


errrm maybe because halo 2 online is like one of the best FPS online games ever made.

Unfortunately i never got a chance to play halo 2 online since the servers got shut down. Its also a great way to get other gamers into the franchise by having an all in one collection whilst keeping the real halo fans occupied (until halo 5 drops).

Smart move by MS imo.

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matt1391592d ago

Alot of envious ps fanboys disagreeing with your comment ha.

CJDUNCAN1591d ago

I'm sorry but the exclusives listed aren't all that exciting, at least to me. For 2014, I'm only interested in ACU and Battlefield Hardline (hoping it's actually playable).

Quantum Break is the first exclusive that actually looks to be a stellar experience to compete with the likes of prowess of an Uncharted and The Order.

extermin8or1591d ago

We all know right that unless something MAJOR happens from their track record Naughty Dog already have the GOTY 2015 in Uncharted 4... Other games will have to go a LONG way to suddenly surpass what ND outputs their last like 3 games IN A ROW have been goty titles.

Gamer19821591d ago

Too many games for Xbox and WiiU put back to 2015.. PS4 got a LOT of titles coming in 2014.. I'm buying
Samurai Warriors 4 - 24/10
Warriors Orichi 3 Ultimate Edition - 22/08
Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition - 19/08
Destiny - 09/09
Far Cry 4 - 21/11
Little Big Planet 3 - November
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - 07/10
Dragon Age Inquisition - 07/10
GTA V - Autumn
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare - 27/06

4 games not available on Xbox and PVZ already out so thats a game less I guess..

Also you seen the so called blockbuster exclusives on that list???
KI:s2 - A free to play game and not as widely raved about as people though it would be
Disney Fantasia - Dont know fo anybody interested in this and certainly not a blockbuster
Project Spark - A F2P title with ridiculous in game purchases.. I would avoid most to not bother with this, played on Windows 8 and not great as it looks unless you got some serious money to burn..
Ori and the blind Forest - not a killer title..
Fable Legends BETA - They had to stick a BETA in there to get it to 9??? REALLY???

They also to make it look like they got a ton more games put all the 3rd party games from there 9 in the list below too!! It's like they know theres a lack of games but are ashamed to admit it..

Not entirely there fault though 3rd partys are delaying left right and centre right now... But that so called list of 9 blockbuster titles is a joke there's 4 blockbusters that are exclusive to Xbox this year and one of them is a Halo collection not a new Halo game..

Alsybub1591d ago

I know Samurai Warriors 4 and Little Big Planet 3 are exclusive, but what are the other two? I thought all of the others were coming out on Xbox too.

xDHAV0K24x1591d ago

KI is on the MLG circuit. Nice try kid

LAWSON721591d ago

46 disagrees, lol

Fanboys be going hard.

Father__Merrin1591d ago

the list is off, they have literally just listed anything that isnt on playstation and upscalled it to blockbuster status lol

headshotfrosty1591d ago

I like all the dislikes for you being excited about X1. lol. WTH people are sick man. Enjoy!!

xtremeimport1591d ago

maybe half of those are "block busters"

and i wont even count halo because they're all remakes. lol
But, i'll be getting that day 1. H2 multiplayer! Fyeah

DigitalRaptor1591d ago


Phantom Dust and Crackdown 3 are 2016. It's so obvious they were digging deep on from very early games on those. Mark these words.

MS is using the word "blockbuster" here to excite weak and gullible minds. More than half of those games are not "blockbuster" by ANY definition: http://www.thefreedictionar...

The games looks great regardless, but what a crock of sh*t MS is trying to spin, as usual.

DaCandyman1591d ago

Great holiday lineup. Bad timing also as far as what will be played the most. Once COD:AW hits shelves its a wrap everything else will be a spur-of-the-moment buy...

showtimefolks1591d ago

while i am glad a lot of games are coming out for both ps4 and xbox one, not many of the exclusives hat are coming can be considered AAA

most of the blockbusters will come from 3rd party publishers

overall i am glad this fall we have have a lot of games to play and the collection is pretty diverse

Eddie201011591d ago

Nothing that exciting except for Sunset Overdrive, will have to wait for reviews on that.

XBOTTOX1591d ago Show
Spotie1591d ago

I can only say I'm disappointed. Though you're obviously a big Xbox fan, you're USUALLY more even-keeled than your brethren.

But to see you not even question the makeup of this list, which calls dlc and even betas "blockbusters" is discouraging to say the least.

I don't expect reasonable responses out of most Xbox fans, but to see you feeding the hype of such a BS article leads me to believe there really is no hope for the Microsoft crowd.

Rimeskeem1591d ago

Saddening how we know basically every game that MS is working on for Xbox. No surprises for 2015.