The 5 Greatest RPGs Of All Time: A List With ZERO Nostalgia

Sometimes a gamer needs to admit to themselves that the games that EVERYONE puts atop a pedestal as some of the greatest ever weren't REALLY all that good, or at the very least don't hold up worth up so great. So here's an honest, opinionated evaluation of the 5 Greatest RPGs of all time: written while NOT under the influence of blind nostalgia. You may applaud the author for his honesty, or curse his unborn babies for excluding your favorites. Either one is okay, and I encourage EVERY gamer to read this list.

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PS3Freak4858d ago

I do not agree with this list at all. Wheres the final fantasy or dragon quest(warrior) Dark cloud 2 should be on there even.

Presentist4858d ago

Where's FF6? The game was incredible and (even playing it as of last week) I'd still give it the top honors.

games4fun4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

i know what you mean i was playing ff7 last summer on an emulator over all the rpg's i owned you better believe it wansnt for nostolgia i wanted to play a good rpg so i played that one and i wasn't being biased the game is just that good

my biggest gripe with this author's reasoning is that "old" "outdated" Rpg's still hold up because what most people think makes a good or BEST EVARRRSSS! rpg isn't updated graphics its a good story with character depth and plot along with gameplay and he didnt take that into account

btw:please dont start a FF7 isnt good as x game or other FF game
1.its my fav
2.using it as an example against nostolgia because i still play it and enjoy it more than most rpg counting current ones

bakasora4857d ago

At least Star Ocean 3 is in the list. :)

ZeroBlitz4857d ago

You guys need to be a bit more forgiving and factor in the fact that he's likely a casual gamer when it comes to RPGs. He clearly doesn't like the standard turn based RPGs and probably has never even played FF7 or CT. He's a bit arrogant about his preferences but I ignored it.

Overall, he's listed a couple of easy to pickup RPGs that appeal to a slightly more mainstream audience with their gameplay.

Nevers4857d ago

Seriously... has this kid's balls dropped yet? Those are good-to-great games, I agree. But a definitive RPG list... I THINK NOT!

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Mouthbreaker4858d ago

the world ends with you kicks every other rpg ass.

fantastic title. Glad that I sold my PSP to buy it!!

QQcrybaby4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

Baldur's Gate II is the greatest RPG ever made. Fallout is the second best ever. Other RPG's aren't even in the same league.

Most of you will probably disagree with me because you are JRPG loving children.

Marceles4858d ago

"this is the worst list i have ever seen in my life."

PikkonX4858d ago

By saying that Chrono Trigger and FF7 are a "waste of space", he pretty much invalidated anything else he had to say from that sentence forward.

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