Suda51′s new PS4 exclusive Let It Die is free-to-play

We still have no real idea what Let It Die is but Goichi Suda has confirmed it’s going to be a free-to-play release.

Dudebro903634d ago

Well there goes any hype I had. Free to play from SUda 51...no thanks.

Evilsnuggle3634d ago

i was also hype about this game . it looked really cool was hoping for a really violence filled post apocalypse rpg. suckling its free to play

disKinected3634d ago

Like you ever had interest in the game to begin with.

kowan3634d ago

They have another ps4 game. The one with the girl and is cel shaded called Lily Bergamo. They showed it at last years Tokyo Game show. http://www.pushsquare.com/n...

KonsoruMasuta3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Actually, from what I'm reading, Lily Bergamo got canceled and mixed in with this crap.

They got rid of the protagonist and retooled it.

Just read it. You hear it hear folks, Lily Bergamo was canceled for this crap.

sinspirit3634d ago


Where, anywhere, do you see that they cancelled it?

Even if they mixed in elements from Lily Bergamo, that doesn't mean they cancelled it.

There are rumors about it but I see nothing that confirms this. From the Famitsu article with these interviews they said they had changed it into Let It Die but it still has similar online interaction and action focused gameplay. Once Let It Die is out maybe they will start back on finishing Lily Bergamo rather than changing it into another project.

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rainslacker3634d ago

Well you could try playing it before blowing it off. Not like it will cost you anything. You may end up liking it.

AgentSmithPS43634d ago

I'll try it but I don't like any confusing product/price listings, I don't want to feel like I'm getting ripped off. There should be a reasonable price to purchase everything if it's worthy.

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Bundi3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

-_____- super meh. Spartacus Legends Suda51 edition. Looked brutal though. That was the one game I wanted to see gameplay of cause I had no idea if it was a Manhunt or Spartacus kinda game.

Let it die quickly.

Majin-vegeta3634d ago

If they do Monetization like WarFrame.I'll play

JackOfAllBlades3634d ago

Yeah I'll give it a try, f2p let's me try a game and if I like it I just might drop some money on it

4logpc3634d ago

Why wasn't this mentioned at Sony's E3? Kind of a big detail to just not mention.

Dudebro903634d ago

Probably because it would deflate the announcement. Pretty deceptive if you ask me.

Eonjay3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

What exactly was deceptive about it. They literally said nothing but "its coming". Lol. In fact the article says that nothing about the game is known BUT the fact that its free to play - so where is the deception? Also they did a whole section on free to play so its not something they are avoiding.

Bundi3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Generates less hype and excitement when people hear free to play.
So best leave it out till later. Remember Deep Down? Of course you don't, soon as it was announced FTP it started occupying less and less of your mental real estate as far as exclusives go.

edit : lol like immo take advice about being unbiased from a guy who calls himself diskinected. Pass. I'm going to stick to my "nonsense" views on FTP games, exclusive or not, biased or not. They are 3 tiers below multiplatform indie games and just above mobile games in my books.

disKinected3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Instead of posting nonsense and your baised opinions, try to find out how some of the ftp games are awesome....
Loadout...check that game out...
Perhaps when MS starts announcing ftp games coming to x1, you will change your tune.
Till then, let us gamers enjoy:-

And many more ftp to come to ps4, and mind you, we won't be spending a dime.


Yep, my username is diskinected ( for a reason), and I don't go posting nonsense like you in articles every now and then. If you don't like ps platform, why even bother entering in ps articles to post this rubbish and negativity of yours.

And stop acting like you even cared for this game in the first place. Who do you think you are fooling?

People like you whine and moan about sony fan's constant intrusion in xbox articles.
How are you people in any way better?

Trolling in the order articles.
Trolling in DC articles.
Trolling in deep down articles.
Trolling in ps4 ftp articles.

Eonjay3634d ago

It really depends on how the ecosystem is set up. I have seen the good and the bad.

vickers5003634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )


He's just expressing an opinion, one which I share as well. And I'm a Playstation gamer primarily.

I haven't ever played a free-to-play game I liked.

FTP ALWAYS comes with a BUT

It looks cool... BUT you have to buy all the good stuff.

It's pretty fun to play, BUT they intentionally made the level up system slow as balls to encourage microtransactions, or even to get you to spend an insanely demanding amount of time with the game to unlock the good stuff so it gets attention (just as bad as pay-to-win).

It has a cool gameplay concepts, BUT it's not as tight/fluid/precise or focused as a paid game (warframe suffers from this).

It's a neat game, BUT you have to buy an "ultimate package" or some tiered package.

Deep Down and H1Z1 will undoubtedly suffer from one or more of the above issues. I've heard H1Z1s microtransactions are purely for aesthetic purposes, like clothe customization and stuff, and that probably wont affect the gameplay itself, but it will probably affect the pace at which you level up. Since you aren't going to be giving them money for gameplay items, they will want you to keep playing it for as long as possible to gather attention towards their title, and in their minds, the best way to do that is to make you stay there for as long as possible, which means artificially slowing down the leveling process to a crawl, in an effort to keep you playing.

I played a few hours of Planetside 2 on pc and I don't remember a whole lot, but I remember there was a price tag on every weapon you didn't start out with, I seem to recall the items could be had for in game currency, but that gaining in game currency took forever.

Free to play, in my experience anyways, ALWAYS comes with strings attached, very annoying strings.

zeuanimals3634d ago

Deflates hype when people hear F2P? What? Sometimes I think N4G and a bunch of other sites are in their own little bubbles while F2P dominates the Twitch and MLG scene with League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Hell, I'm the one of only two people in my group of close friends that doesn't play League and EVERY gamer I know is super into it... Almost none of them play consoles and I'm the only person with a current-gen console. They're not exactly PC gamers, they just play League a lot.

So F2P killing hype? Yeah...

Volkama3634d ago

Speaking of Loadout, did you know that is confirmed as coming to PS4? Has that been reported on here? Well... it is.

It's a pretty terrible game though imo. There are very very few games that nail a good free to play model, and Loadout is not one of them.

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maniacmayhem3634d ago

Oooooh, my interest in this game just dropped by 80%.

robtion3634d ago

I agree. Really disappointing news. I loved Lollipop chainsaw, shadows of the damned, and Killer is Dead on ps3 and was super excited to see Lilly Bergamo. The character design and art style looked awesome.

I'm hugely let down by this news :(