Producer teases: That might not have been Link in the Wii U Zelda trailer

GamesBeat's Mike Minotti: “No one explicitly said that that was Link.”

That’s what Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma told me when I asked him about Link’s, or whoever it is’, new appearance during an interview at Nintendo’s E3 booth.

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ColManischewitz2304d ago

I would play a Zelda game that didn't star link. Too bad it doesn't star Princess Zelda.

Ck1x2304d ago

I'm telling you, I bet that was Zelda they showed us. Those were light arrows or a new take on them

-Foxtrot2304d ago

I think it could be a female Link or Zelda who has Links (Skyward Sword) soul instead of the person being male.

The curse was placed on whoever holds Links soul and Zeldas bloodline. Doesn't really say they have to be the same gender.

cleft52304d ago

Yeah I really think it is a female too. I know the difference between an effeminate looking character and a woman. That character looks like a woman.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2304d ago

In Hyrule Warriors you can play as Zelda,

And she had a bow and arrow... then again, Link does too.

randomass1712304d ago

....Playable Zelda? Or maybe a female Link? Link's new sister character is playable? AONUMA IS A TROLL!!

LightDiego2304d ago

That's true, i reported him.

colonel1792304d ago

It's not female. It's very obvious. First of all he totally looks like a boy (a teenage boy), not a grown up man. Second of all, doesn't have bewbs! If Link looked younger, you could argue that "she" wasn't of age to have bewbs, but it looks like he would be at least 15, so if Link was a girl, then she definitely had bewbs.

About not being Link, my guess is that he is trolling! He is wearing clothes that look a lot like Wind Waker, so it may be that it's a continuation of the story. It would be cool, since WW takes place ~100 years after Ocarina of Time.

McScroggz2304d ago

You must not be very familiar with the Japanese culture. It's pretty commonplace to have a character who's gender is ambiguous or assumed to be one way only for it to be the other.

In fact, in Ocarina of Time Sheik is present as a boy and later we learn it's Princess Zelda. So they have literally done the whole "gender bait and switch" that you say is impossible...

Neckbear2304d ago

In one shot it does look like s/he has breasts...a rather small and modest bosom, but it's there nonetheless.

randomass1712304d ago

Oh come on. This character clearly has some subtle curves on their body and just because he/she is flat chested doesn't mean he/she can't be female. I think that would be freaking awesome to have a girl character as a main Zelda here!

Bhuahahaha2304d ago

etna and flonne dont have the bumb also does that make them male too?

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HexxedAvenger2304d ago

That would be pretty cool!

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The story is too old to be commented.