E3 2014 Media Day: And the Winner Is

TG - "The first day of E3 2014 was like watching a heavyweight title fight, as both Microsoft and Sony came out swinging with a bevy of new titles. Microsoft made some waves with its Halo announcements, while Sony delivered a one-two punch with its $99 PlayStation TV device and showing of "Infamous: Second Light." We also saw top-shelf games debut from EA (" Dragon Age Inquisition") and Ubisoft ("Assassin's Creed: Unity", "FarCry 4"). Here's our report card for E3 2014 press day."

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OllieBoy1644d ago

Yep. Easy win for Sony.

MysticStrummer1644d ago

Nah not an easy win, but I've watched both conferences twice and I do think Sony narrowly won. It would have been less narrow without the 15-20 minutes of TV/Movies/Stats.

I thought MS was playing not to lose, when they should have been playing to win. Sony just did what they always did because there was no reason for them to take many chances.

Pogmathoin1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

You watched both conferences twice? What, did you pause every few seconds and take score? Theres a part in Sony conference were you are guaranteed to fall asleep. They both did well, games, DLC this.... Timed exclusive "debut" that.... Many remakes, it was about games..... Gamers won..... For others like Argumentum, Xheavy though, life depended on Sony winning, so for safety's sake, we will agree that Sony won by a sneeze......

Love the part were it said MS left out entertainment apps, which they continuously got slaughtered for in previous years..... An A- for Sony? Its like Hitler reviewing his own work and giving it a thumbs up..... Fanboys are stretching now.... MS did a great job, and many cannot handle the good news that has been nonstop lately..... Hope it keeps you up 24/7 scouring the net for something negative.....

MysticStrummer1644d ago

"did you pause every few seconds and take score?"

lol No, I just love this time of year and watch all the E3 vids I can when they're showing up, and I usually watch all the conferences at least twice.

I actually watched the Sony show a third time today because truefan made the claim that they talked about TV/Movies/Stats for 40 minutes straight and (amazingly) I didn't think that was (ironically) true. As it turned out, that part of Sony's show was 16-17 minutes and it wasn't even continuous.

"we will agree that Sony won by a sneeze…"

I do think it was a very narrow victory, and that's primarily because Sony showed more of what I personally want to play. Halo, Forza, Crackdown, and Fable may very well be killer to some people but honestly not to me. Others may feel the same about Sony exclusives and that's fine/dandy.

Both Sony and MS did well. In fact the only group that didn't do well is EA imo.

headblackman1644d ago

that article was a load of crap!


wtopez1644d ago

The winner is... whomever you liked before E3.

MysticStrummer1644d ago

That's true for some, not all. Maybe not even most.

HeWhoWalks1644d ago

I think people focus far too much on who "wins". I doubt the corporations care if they win/lose, so long as the message is clear.

In all three cases (Sony/MS/Nintendo), the message was crystal clear - plenty of games are coming and there should be very little to complain about.