Alienware will Sell their Steam Machine Without SteamOS

SteamFirst: It has just been announced that Alienware will be launching their Steam machine model without the SteamOS offering the same specifications as their planned Steam machine but with Windows installed along with the Steam interface. Steam will automatically launch in big picture mode giving the gamers a more console like experience.

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incendy352567d ago

If it comes with Windows that is a pretty good deal, I would still build your own though, much more fun and let's you choose each part.

SteamFirst2567d ago

I personally prefer windows myself as well. I want to play all of my Steam titles. This is a decent deal if you don't want to build your own.

LackTrue4K2566d ago

i think i will be getting one latter this laptop is starting to get slow, and i need to upgrade.

user56695102566d ago

i want the case of these steam machines more than anything. they said alienware have some custom part in the article. but yeah i just want the case.

i want linux to take off but we all know its hard to do when your basically locked in to windows. its everywhere and you cant move on because companies dont move on because we are locked in. an endless dumb cycle thanks wundows.

i dont even want to move on to windows 8. i dont even want to support windows anymore.

NYC_Gamer2567d ago

It's because OGL is just one huge mess that developers are having problems with

ABizzel12566d ago

It depends on the pricing, but still I can build a solidmid range pc for $500 easy.

OrangePowerz2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

In reality Alienware is doing "steam machines" aka console sized PCs for years now since they started with their X51. That's why I don't get all the hype around it, there is nothing new about the hardware it's been done for years now. All the hype comes from slapping the name of Valve on the whole concept. Steam OS is a good idea, but nothing on the hardware side deserves all that hype and frankly I would much rather prefer Valve to go back making games instead of playing around.

Volkama2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Steam machines and Steam OS may flop and disappear, but don't wish for Valve to stop playing around! Their vision and their playing have steered PC gaming very well indeed.

OrangePowerz2566d ago

I have no problem with the Steam OS and think it's a good idea. My issue is with what they do on the hardware side. What steam machines should have been is a number of specific hardware configurations like 2 low end, 2 mid range and 2 high end configurations. That way developers could work towards specific configurations to optimize their games. Since you have the same amount of different configurations with the steam machines the games will most likely be similar unoptimized to Windows PC games.

ninjahunter2566d ago

Well, i3's have proven themselves to be pretty capable outside of hitman and battlefield. But im more interested in non vague specs. theres a very large discrpancy between the lower end 800 series and the higher end 800 series.

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