Play Nintendo - Nintendo E3 Digital Event (Official Stream)

Join Nintendo for its E3 2014 Digital Event to see newly announced games and more.

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XiNarutoUzumaki3399d ago

Save us from this overly-hyped E3 Nintendo.

The victory is in your hands now!

Hellsvacancy3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Greaaaaaaaaaaat start, quite funny

It's brilliant, i'm smiling big time

DarthZoolu3399d ago

Eay worse than I expected! They showed what 3 games

Christopher3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Robot Chicken...

lol... wtf...

Chrischi19883399d ago

Did not see anything, did they say something about a Robot Chicken Game? Would be so funny! :D

Christopher3399d ago


The whole claymation beginning is done by the Robot Chicken people.

elhebbo163399d ago

are you kidding me? that was the funniest thing ever.

Christopher3399d ago

Wut? Did you miss the "lol" portion of my post?

Chrischi19883398d ago

Oh I see, it really is Robot Chicken xD

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OwnageDC6503399d ago

Nintendo didn't even last an hour! #fail!

This years E3 was the weakest in years.

randomass1713399d ago

It was almost fifty minutes. And they revealed Star Fox and a new IP. -.-

Sly-Lupin3399d ago

Open world Zelda disagrees.

elhebbo163399d ago

Thats because they cut right to trailers or game talks instead of wasting time in cringy jokes.

Realplaya3399d ago

They did what we needed showed the games we wanted to see now different sites will get to show there games. So its a win for everyone.



You mean like the mock fight between Reggie and Iwata? Or maybe the robot chicken sequences?

Look, this wasn't that bad. Zelda's open world seens impressive for what little we could take away from that short presentation and the paintball/squid thing looks like lots of fun. But let's not pretend it was good by E3 standards ok, it was just about half a dozen games and yes they had plenty of useless stuff to fill those 50 minutes.

Quite frankly, I don't even understand why Ninty cares anymore... E3 is about taking the spotlight, that's why every other company try and bring their A game, they want more media coverage, which means info about their upcoming games reaching more people (because the majority don't follow E3 nor watch live events, they just catch news of it later).

When Ninty brings so little, chances are its stuff will just get buried in the media or the media will report exactly that Ninty had the smallest show... I don't know, save it for Nintendo Direct or something else, but I think giving this little for a event the size of E3 just makes them look worse on the uninformed public view.

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3-4-53399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

That Direct was hilarious. Loved it.

pcz3399d ago


at least with a digital recorded event, they cant mess it up... or can they.

amiibo... not interested. its for kids

yoshi wooly world looks amazing. graphics are fantastic. looks magical.. like the good old days

this format of presenting the games is pretty clever. allowing the devs to talk in depth about the game. absorbing to watch.

CAPTAIN TOAD...looks like nonsense. nintendo trolling us with a pointless game. dont like it.

talking about ZELDA now.. should be interesting...

GOBSMACKING! im buying a wiiu right away! looks breathtaking... i want it now. lmao its so amazing and you can tell nitendo are very pleased with what they have created. it will sell systems that's for sure.

similar art style to skyward sword. only now looking totally astounding. WIN.

POKEMON... not interested. *brain turns off*

BEYONETTA.. looks very intense. dark. wow.. interest/funny zelda theme as some sort of bonus.. would be interesting to learn more about that.

HYRULE WARRIORS.. looks great in motion.

KIRBY ... the game looks weird. not in a good way. looks like play doe. doesnt look that impressive.

looks like X.... thought it was metroid for a moment... looks good. wish they showed more gameplay.

MARIO MAKER. great idea. not for me though.

SPLATOON.. not interested. looks annoying. the characters just arent strong enough. looks like a bad sega game.

more smash bros plugging.

STARFOX.. just teased it. oh

over all, only zelda is mind blowing.

kwandar3396d ago

Interesting ... of everything I saw it was Splatoon that caught my interest as a strategy game.

The only thing I liked more, was Zelda.

Drithe3399d ago

Nintendo wins this one. Bayonetta 2. Hyrule Warriors. Blade (fucking awesome jrpg), ZELDA!!, Mario Maker (Holy COW! Create your own Mario levels in the old game and can convert them to new design too), Kirby, Fantasy Life (Factor 5 makes it)

Amiibo (Think SKylanders) Each figure is different for everyone because you can train the characters to fight or act any way you wish. Let me say again you can put them in any game on the Wii U that will allow you to do so.

IMO not even close this year. Nintendo wins E3 and this is coming from a hardened Sony fanboy.

RPG for NIntendo, Peirs Solar and the great architects is a fantastic od style rpg that has a fighting style like Lunar. YEEESS!!! This is coming out for Wii U and DRITHE BORS WILL HAVE IT!.

Chromophore is an old school action rpg for Wii U. 2d. Must have this too.

Citizens of Earth. This has a fighting style like the original Dragon Warrior (aka Dragon Quest). I want this one too. Wii U.

The above games are coming from the E Shop. And you dont have to pay 50 bucks a year to get a discount like YOU KNOW WHO! Sony you suck!!

Yeah. Nintendo kicked ass this year E3. I will be playing all of these Nintendo games plus the new Diablo 3 on the ps4.

No time to play them all damn it. I need to have a discussion with the person who runs the time space continuum to give me MORE TIME!!!

GordonKnight3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Nintendo did win, but I'm looking forward to playing games on all three consoles.

WiiUsauce3399d ago

this was the most entertaining presentation at E3. The only complaint I have was that it was way too short, and they announcing Star Fox at a separate event, and not here where it should've been announced. Xenoblade Chronicles X is my game of the show, but my mind was also blown by that Zelda trailer. The game is absolutely gorgeous.

XiSasukeUchiha3398d ago

Unfortunately, Nintendo did win this E3!

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Ashunderfire863399d ago

Who thinks that Nintendo will win the E3 conference?

Ashunderfire863399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Well looks like 7 agrees so Nintendo won lol!

Update: tie again, but since the last 10 minutes I saw 7 agrees and 6 disagrees. In my opinion, get ready to hit me with a lot of disagrees lol! I say Microsoft won the E3 Press Conference. I got to tell you I was sold on that Master Chief Collection! 100 maps! All games with their own servers! I can finally play Halo 1 maps online yes!

MysticStrummer3399d ago

lol You should write an article about your poll and submit it to N4G.