Outrage over GTA IV problems

A significant number of members of Xbox.com are reporting issues with GTA IV including freezing and the 'Red Ring of Death' and are outraged that Microsoft and Rockstar have yet to comment on the situation.

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thereapersson5599d ago

This is still relevant gaming news. Besides, what about the GTA IV reviews that are still trickling in? You don't see those causing complaints...

HighDefinition5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

It would happen.

Anytime anyone "fenes out" on any 360 game, you elevate your chances of RROD. It`s hard for the 360 to handle 6-7 plus, hours a day.

SCThor5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

...Too many hours of a Hi-demanding game take the X360 to the limits quickly. Expect more dead X360, and more protests as December get near (when the first batch of consoles lose warranty)

Capt CHAOS5599d ago

No probs here playing from Friday eve to Sunday, 30+ hours of play with the console staying on for the entire 55+ hours..

But I thought it was a heat buildup with lower voltage countries.. There is a formula somewhere on the net..

Sega Saturn5599d ago

My 360 has been on since Sunday, it still is. I'm going out now and have left it downloading The Brave One in HD.

Also the simple fact is, this is nonsense. I know of not one single person that has had problems with GTA4 on the 360.

Forums should be taken with a grain of salt. As I could go to the same forum and start a thread about how Robert Mugabe loves playing Haze Co-op with Phil Harrison. Complete Bullshit yet so many would beleive it.

HighDefinition5599d ago

That`s great, but the point remains....360s overheat and get RROD. That comes w/ the system being on for long hours. So what ever your trying to say is irrelevant.

GeoW did it to ALOT of 360s, HALO3 did it to ALOT of 360s, GeoW2 will do it to ALOt of 360s. Don`t take it personal, that`s what happens when a system has hardware problems.

xhairs5599d ago

@ captchaos: I never once had to look up any tools/tips/kinks I could do or read about for my PS3. Just sad.

@segasaturn: That my friend just shows us exactly how ignorant your really are. That's like saying because you didn't see that lady get hit by a bus, she didn't get hit by the bus.

Tempist5599d ago

So was that the reason and for giving the game 98-100%? Way to go reviewers. Way to go...

sleepbox5599d ago

Technical issues != gameplay issues because they don't affect all gamers. Unlike the issues ALL gamers will experience in MGS4

dan-boy5599d ago

i know people who've had a few consoles, but then i know plenty who haven't. doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist because it clearly does.

although, my first premium, over two years old and still going strong. has seen more than a few 14+hour gaming sessions without respite! same with the friends who have indulged in those sessions aswell. my elite has done a few 6+ hour gta sessions aswell. and the other day did a 10hour gear day aswell.

HighDefinition5599d ago

The RROD is NOT a "thingy"

It`s a Epidemic and a massive problem.

Sorry, I`m not attacking you. I`m just saying.....

theKiller5599d ago

we, ps3 fans warned u about the RROD when GTA4 comes didnt we? but some people never learn!!

Jack Meahoffer5599d ago

RROD and GTA IV have nothing to do with each other. Like the tons of rabid Sony fans have pointed out in this thread playing long sessions on 360 models prone to RROD and you'll get RROD no matter what game you're playing. Everyone knows RROD is a huge problem posting these flamebait "articles" over and over so Sony fans can feel superior is stupid. I'm happy with both my PS3 and 360 because of the games. I'll deal with possible RROD in order to play the games I want to play.

As far software lock ups... we all know the PS3 has far more problems. So you one console Sony zealots need to slow your roll in this department.

GTA IV is by far the best open world game EVER CREATED. There is no question. The haters just let the hype blow their expectations out of proportions. That's their fault. No game walks on water and cures cancer...

BattleAxe5599d ago

I knew this would happen, I knew that GTA4 would cause some XBOX 360s to get the RRoD.

harrisk9545599d ago

"Unlike the issues ALL gamers will experience in MGS4 "

What does that mean? Are you implying that PS3s have some sort of hardware issues? B/c at less than 3% failure rate, you can hardly say there is any issue there. Or are you saying that MGS4 itself has issues? A game that is probably going to be one of the highest scored games in history?

deeznuts5599d ago

The issue he is reporting is that nobody will be able to put down the controller (except during cut scenes ;)

Massive worker productivity losses ensue

dle5599d ago

It is a myth that the 360's motherboard and its chips get hotter the longer the system is played continuously. The 360's motherboard and its enclosure should reach its average operating temperature rather quickly, less than 10 minutes after the machine is turned on. This average temperature will be fairly constant for the duration of the game session, spiking occasionally during heavy load scenes.

Think of this as turning on your baking oven. It takes several minutes for a typical oven to reach its intended temperature. Once that temperature is reached, it stays there. The only to increase the oven temperatur is to dial up the knob.

In the case of our videogames system, the most common way sudden heat spike occurs are 1) during heavy-load scenes (like dialing up the knob) 2) hotter room temperature 3) failure of heat dissipation components (fans, heat sinks, etc..). In no way leaving the system on or playing for extended period of time causes the systems to overheat.

Rofflecopter5599d ago

got the red ring within the first day of playing (it was on for 13 hours..), so i sent it in the next day and bought the PS3 version. Ill nab the 360 version again when DLC comes out if its any good.

RROD does suck, but ill find ways around it. not that it will matter when MGS4 comes out.. :D

ocha845599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

360 + GTA IV = RROD did 360 users really not c this coming?? seriously~ and how are u going to play exclusive DLC when ur 360 is off gettin fixed??? PS3 all the way~

ECKOo95599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

Stop commenting that their is no problems. My frickin PS3 and 360 both broke because of the game and both started right after the first date which is only about ten minutes into the game.

And holy F****** S*** help out your fellow gamers so they can get refunds for the consoles. I have to pay about 300$ to get of my consoles fixed. Stop being selfish 360 and PS3 fanboys and admit their is a problem. Help someone out you D-****!

Lastly your precious rockstar, sony, and microsoft have all admited to me their is a problem after I submitted a complaint to the better business beau or however you spell it. I might even show the prow if you stop being such idiots about this. I hate fanboys!

I LOVE my xbox5599d ago

The RROD problem needs to be fixed badly.

vickers5005599d ago

I'm glad I bought the ps3 version :)

Fallen_Angel5599d ago

Of course this is complete bs. Not that people are not complaining people are always doing that but that fact that gta 4 has anything to do with "rrod". "Rrod" isnt even news any more we've known about this for 2 and a half years now. GTA4 doesnt cause it tho no game cause it your system is either defective or its not. Doesnt matter what game you are playing at the time it still get "rrod" you could put in gta ,madden , halo , cod, hell you could even be watching a movie and still get 'rrod". "rrod" also has nothing to do with how long you play like all the ps3 fanboys say they are just ignorant. Your 360 is either defective or its not. I got mine on release day and left it on for 2 or 3 days striaght and no "rrod". Had a friend that only plays a few hours at a time and got "rrod"

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Jamie Foxx5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

going doctors there must be some sort of anti-biotic for that pest

thereapersson5599d ago

Come on man, at least try to add constructive comments to the article.

Or post in the Open Zone....

Jamie Foxx5599d ago

you need to take some anti-biotics for that case of 'i cant take a joke' syndrome you have.

what the hell,i am a neutral gamer who enjoys games my comment was in jest not serious JEST,so no openzone was not needed i have never and will never post negative comments about 360 hell i just been praising 360on reports that the NG2 demo is amazing.

so unloosen some buttons and take a deep breath

Palodios5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

You need to take some antibiotics for your face! OOOH, I kid, I kid.

As I just pointed out, a sense of humor is a bad thing sometimes, heh. But yeah, RROD kinda sucks, and there isn't really an easy solution.

damrightfresh5599d ago

RROD all over the world soon microsoft fanboys will think twice buying a crappy cheap gaming system..