Corrinne Yu confirms that Uncharted 4 was running in-game on PS4

Corinne Yu the lead programmer of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End just confirmed in her tweet post that Uncharted 4 was running ingame visuals captured directly from a PS4.

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imt5582503d ago

This Corinne Yu's tweet is way more interesting.

Ballsack2503d ago

Game over...

imagine what naughty dog will achieve in 3 years time on ps4 ..just look at ps3s swangsong tlou..

ps4 will really hit its stride next year when sonys first party start releasing their games..

I'm excited again for ps4..

Kingthrash3602503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

dam...i truly thought it was in cg...goty 2015. ive seen nothing looking like this. i was totally fooled. wow...i... just wow, a loss for words. ...tha fly alone...uhh...i have something in my eye......
thank you nd.

thereapersson2503d ago

Did anyone really believe that it wasn't rendering real time? Naughty Dog teased they had something epic to show even though it was only that - a teaser. Do people still doubt Naughty Dog? People really think that ND will follow the rest of the industry and show non real time footage?

You can tell it's real time just by looking at it.

Eonjay2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Well, thats it then. The uber smart Ex NASA babe has spoken. And I'm quite sure she knows more than me... and numbers don't lie.

crxss2503d ago

Running in-game is different than gameplay though. The uncharted 3/tlou cutscenes were in-game and looked better than the gameplay. Still gonna look amazing though.

bintarok2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Lets hope when she said in-game it really meant gameplay, not cut-scene.

choujij2503d ago

Just... Wow.

Well done ND.

rainslacker2503d ago

I believe it actually said it was rendered on the PS4 before the trailer started.

Anyhow, if they manage to get close to this in the actual game play it's going to blow people away. The level of detail is just jaw-dropping.

I imagine we'll have to wait until next E3 to get any game play footage though.:(

Kingdom Come2503d ago

Whilst I am more than certain the game will be a masterpiece, especially through the direction of Neil Druckmann, I do wish people would refrain from prematurely labelling a title as "Game of the Year", despite having seen no gameplay footage and with it being presumably more than a year away...

BattleN2503d ago

When I saw Infamous SS I actually thought that was pushing the PS4, but after seeing Uncharted 4 I see a major leap from PS3 to PS4. This truly can be called Next gen stuff!

Hydrolex2503d ago

Damn, I thought it was running on Wii u !! Really disappointed at this point

GarrusVakarian2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Omg, in-game!? Truefan isn't going to like this news....not one bit, he said it was CGI lmao!

Naughty Dog once again raising the graphics bar.

amiga-man2503d ago

whats equally impressive is getting such stunning visuals running at 1080p 60fps

Darkstares2503d ago

I have no doubt it will be a beautiful looking game but they showed no actual gameplay. You will also note in the game 1886: The Order how the graphics change from actual gameplay to when the game cuts into a non-controlled scene. All that is also running on PS4 hardware but the actual graphics get scaled back. Still a great looking game mind you.

Bereaver2503d ago

Written on the cage in the last part, "for we receive the due reward of our deeds". Pirates.

morganfell2503d ago


They didn't believe it wasn't...they were just hoping it wasn't.

AceBlazer132503d ago

Naughty Dog sends a big thank you to the Xbox fanboys that thought it wasCCGI. XD who do you think this is ? Microsoft?

johndoe112112503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

JESUS!!!! I literally just crapped myself. Naughty Dog just won the game developers lifetime infinite megaton trophy award.

MWong2502d ago

While I'm sad to see this is the alst game with Nathan Drake, it looks simply BEAUTIFUL so far.

nveenio2502d ago

@Kingdom Come

When people say a Naughty Dog game is "game of the year", it's pretty much just based on a solid historical pattern.

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NatureOfLogic_2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Best looking game ever. Including PC. Trust me when I say you haven't seen anything until you've seen that HD video linked below. I was blown away.

1080p 60fps for anyone who missed it. http://nd.images.s3.amazona... Thanks to PLASTICA-MAN for link.

ND is setting a new standard very early.

SuperBlunt2503d ago

i cant...the sand in his eyebrow WTFH NAUGHTY DOG WHY!?

rainslacker2503d ago

I saw it in the theater, and the level of detail on the textures and in his face was just astounding. You could actually see the pores in his skin, and the variations of reflection in his eyes. Actual game play probably won't be that detailed, but it's still a good start for so soon into this gen.

Snookies122503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Yeah, in theater it blew me away. It was so astounding. Gaming is about to ascend. I never imagined it would look as good as it did in person. Anyone who's not impressed had to have been there when they showed it off. Everyone in the audience was clapping after that trailer.

snookiegamer2503d ago

Sony made my jaw drop with UC4. It looked almost film quality. I'm not surprised at all some people were 'hoping' it was CGI.

Absolutely amazing....this game alone makes PS4 a must have system :)))

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miyamoto2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Yep, that's Corrinne Yu alright.

A former Bungie/Halo artist now proud member of the best of the bestest- Naughty Dogs!

The best in the business. Hit game after hit game with out riding bandwagons.

Foraoise2503d ago

Can I borrow someone else's bullets? I've used up all mine, FIRING SHOTS!


johndoe112112503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Here, take some of mine.......

johndoe112112503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

*sorry repost*

showtimefolks2503d ago

I am super excited for fall of 2014 games, some exclusives and some 3rd party. But 2014 will be an epic year in gaming in general

The order 1886
The witcher 3
Halo 4
Uncharted 4
Star wars Battlefront
possibly Mass Effect


the most amazing thing about UC4 is that its still using the old ps3 engine. ND didn't even make a new engine for ps4.


3 of the best development studios in no particular order

kneon2503d ago

Uncharted is coming out next year.

JsonHenry2503d ago

Lol, in game Cinematic code captured running on PS4. The game will look good. But not that good.

0P-Tigrex2502d ago

a dev said this nathan drake has twice the poly's as Joel in TLOU.. TWICE. lol

and notice the fly rubbing it's legs together.. if you can do that IN ENGINE then i'll give you my money right now.

Tetsujin2502d ago

(So far the majority of responses) "Oh no it's not, that's all CGI and cut scene because the internet said so! There's no way the PS4 is THAT capable of making games that good because of all the indie titles they keep over hyping and all the other games that have multiple screen tearing and lack of AA. I will NOT buy another Uncharted because it's a new generation; which means they NEED to work on another IP and move on. Just because the game looks pretty doesn't mean it will be good; look at UC3 and how crappy that game is?! You would think ND learned their lesson and moved on."

(now for a non-satire response)
I hope the game follows 1 and 2 more than 3 in terms of story; I know a lot of people will probably lynch me for this but I didn't care for 3 as much as I did 1 and 2. For the game to look THAT good THIS early in the PS4 life means games will only get better over time.

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M-M2503d ago

I don't even want to imagine TLOU 3 or something towards the end of the generation. Uncharted 4's visuals are just insane, a mix between photo-realism and CG.

leemo192503d ago

Of course it was ND never fails when it comes to showing the in-game footage. Hopefully this will quiet the people thinking it was a cgi.

TOTSUKO2503d ago

I find it hilarious a lot of people thought this was a CG trailer.

Those people just witnessed greatness without even realizing it.

spacecat50502503d ago

I wish we would have witnessed gameplay.

ltachiUchiha2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

U remember when evan wells said, "Were going to experience a whole new Drake". Think back when they showed off Uncharted 2 with the helicopter scene & TLOU when joel fired an empty gun only to see the enemy react to it. I can bet that Naughty Dog will show something with that kind of hype but better. Prepare to get blown away. The small portion I seen was prolly not enough footage to really BLOW THE ROOF OFF, Naughty Dog style so im guessing they will wait & reveal it at the VGX Awards. This teaser was amazing though & I believe it will look just as good maybe even better when it is released.

disKinected2503d ago

The graphics are so top notch, anybody can easily be mistaken.

Hats off to naughty dog, they have outdone themselves this time.

rdgneoz32502d ago

If you've played Naughty Dog games, you'll know they only do in-game cutscenes and not CG. And god damn, that was a beautiful trailer.

lameguy2503d ago

Does a 'photo' mode in a racing game count as in-engine? In-engine cutscenes often showcase things... differently than during normal gameplay.

Snookies122503d ago

Sure it counts, but no racer has achieved this level of realism. I'd bet my house this is pretty much gameplay. Naughty Dog has done incredible on PS3 given the hardware they had to work with. Even then, there wasn't an enormous level of difference between gameplay and cutscenes. So, with the hardware the PS4 has to offer, I can safely bet that this game will look almost exactly like this when playing.

MoveTheGlow2503d ago

Demos and in-game trailers are indeed weird. You just saw a cutscene that was most likely much more refined for e3 than the rest of the game - makes sense, since they want people to get a taste of what they're doing early on. The visuals *could* change as adjustments are made due to the mechanics and setpieces that are created later, but this is Naughty Dog here, not some chumps making an Ubisoft demo. I'm pretty certain they'll deliver well on their promises.

buffig2503d ago

There are different ways of looking at it. In engine could mean that it's still pre-rendered, but rendered using the engine. Photo mode is technically "in engine" but it's just a still. The cut scenes in the last of us have been confirmed to be both "in engine" and pre-rendered. The impressive thing in this case is that the footage is captured in engine and running on a PS4 in real time, which I find quite astonishing regardless of it being a cut scene. I think most people would comfortably watch a CGI movie at this quality, rendered using a warehouse full of rendering machines. To generate this on a £350 console is beyond belief.

JsonHenry2503d ago

This was not "gameplay" this was in-engine cutscene. I WISH the gameplay would look that good. It might be close (which is still impressive) but it won't look that good. Bookmark this page and come back when you finally see gameplay so I can say I told you so.

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