White PS4 Destiny Bundle Now Available For Pre-order for $449, Saves $10 Than Buying Separately

The exclusive White Playstation 4 Destiny bundle is available for pre-order now via Amazon. It carries a price tag of $449 i.e save of $10 than buying separately. The bundle comes with Destiny game, White Playstation 4, White DualShock 4 Controller and 30 Days of Playstation Plus subscription.

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ZodTheRipper1595d ago

In case my PS4 ever breaks or bursts into a cloud of awesomeness I'll get that white one without a second thought... it looks so stylish :S

morganfell1594d ago

Bestbuy preorders went up about 2 hours ago and I jumped on it then. It'll be my 3rd PS4. I already have Destiny preordered on PSN so now I'll have an extra disc version as a gift.

xHeavYx1594d ago

Did I ever tell you how much of a good friend you are? What's that? You'll mail me that extra copy? Well, thank you, my good friend

morganfell1594d ago

Yeah my 3rd. I have one in my main living room piped to my 65in 4K with a PS3 also and one in a mancave with my PC and my other PS3. My 4k is one of the Sonys that does PSNow as well. I am set on that. I need a 3rd PS4 in my bedroom with my 52 Bravia. Can't wait for PlayStation (Vita) TV orders to go live. Buddies in Japan have been messing with me nonstop over that as they are having a blast with it.

ger23961594d ago

Damn, you got disagrees for buying multiple ps4's.

morganfell1594d ago

I know. Not sure what the issue is. Angry Xbox One owners most likely. Or people that think everything should be given to them and are now angry as they realize the world doesn't function like that. I am picking up a WiiU tomorrow. That should really make them happy. It doesn't matter as I recieve a great many anonymous disagrees. I wear them like a badge of honor. It means I matter to them.

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jahcure1594d ago

white ps4..preorder available today..#4 on amazon.

kinectless xbox one, out as of yesterday.. peaked at less than 24 hours later..slipped to #40.

MS NEEDS to do a price cut.

Sitdown1594d ago

Even if meant to be harmless, really no need to bring up the Xbox one.....just fans the flames.

rickhunter891594d ago

damn!!!! and i just got a ps4 nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!111

medman1594d ago

I do like the white but it would stick out like a sore thumb in my entertainment system. It would look very much out of place.

Software_Lover1594d ago

I need to do a vote on Xbox live and psn of my friends and see who is getting this game. My gut tells me to get it for the XBone as most of my multiplayer will and has been played with Microsoft. I'm not sure though.

King_of_Nothing1594d ago

I'm in the same boat here. I want to get it for PS4, but most of my friends/fam went with XB1

0P-Tigrex1594d ago

dem dedicated servers doe

Utalkin2me1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I switched from Xbox360 to PS3 after about 2 years after the 360 release. All my friends had 360. I switched and all my friends followed.


It has dedicated servers regardless of platform.

OrangePowerz1594d ago


Any game can use dedicated servers on any platform. Warhawk on PS3 had already dedicated servers.

King_of_Nothing1594d ago

@Utalkin2me Yea, I hear yah. I have both systems so no one has much of an incentive to switch. Thankfully, the person I tend to game with the most does have ps4 so, who knows. Right now I have it reserved for ps4.

ZodTheRipper1594d ago

lol all of my friends switched from 360 to PS4 because they have a brain

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SITH1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I have two friends out of a couple 100 who went hardcore ps4. Everyone else either owns an xb1, or both and are getting this for xb1.

Whitey2k1594d ago

i dont give a damn about friends and family having the same system me personally would enjoy it on the system i love the most aka Ps4 :D

my friends are on xb1
my brother is pc

and i made some new gaming partners along the way

Software_Lover1594d ago

Me and a group of buddies have been gaming for the past few years. It's a more mature group of guys. We found each other on Gamepro, before it shutdown, and have been having lots of fun over the years. I don't game as much with them as I used to in the past because of obligations with family and recording, but I still game from time to time. We even do Fantasy football every year. It's the only social thing I do as I'm not on Facebook, twitter, instagram, and whatever else is out there.

So yes, it's important to me.

Themba761594d ago

im with ya man too many of my friends have brand loyalty syndrome. they can't let go of xbox there too afraid to start over. so I took the leap and went ps4. so glad i did because im a battlefield player not a cod player. it seems like ppl in sony land take battlefield more seriously than xbox ppl. the clan im in on ps4 is 20 times better than my xbox clan i was in. it seems xbox takes cod more seriously and I cannot stand that entire franchise it needs to burn and die a tragic death already. and titanfall bored me in 3 hours and i got sick of halo after I played part 4 never was much of a halo 2 fan either.

MasterCornholio1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

From the conference it sounds like the PS4 version will have plenty of exclusive content including an instance that's an invasion on mars. And since the PS4 has a much larger install base than the Xbox One then it should be even easier to be able to find people to play with. Since its a multiplatform game its probably better on the PS4. Only get it for Xbox One if the majority of your friends are getting it on that platform.

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OwnageDC6501594d ago

That looks sexy.... might be time to sell my black PS4 at a loss. =)

King_of_Nothing1594d ago

Yea...I was just thinking the same thing. I wonder what the trade value would be on the black system /wrist. The white color scheme with the blue power light looks so nice though!

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