Sony’s E3 conference was underwhelming, but Microsoft had a stellar showing

From the article: "We all expected to see Sony come out guns blazing at this year’s E3 showing us games, games and more games. It seemed that way though when it first started when we saw in-depth gameplay footage of FarCry 4, The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne (codenamed Project Beast). But, what followed was surely a yawnfest when Sony had its executives come on stage to talk about tech, PS Vita, PS Now, PS TV and more tech."

Kingthrash3603281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Click bait article. I understand people have their opinions ...but neither were underwhelming. IMO Sony's show was better.
Why Sony's show was better? Because ms showed most of its conference before e3 which Eliminated any surprises. We knew of uc4 but didn't know how it looked...we though project beast was a DS sequal but turns out it was a new IP. LBP3 was a total surprise and we got to see tlou remake first time in gameplay. R&c for ps4 was a surprise and so was free TV shows...smh ms has surprises too like crack down and a couple indies...but it didn't wow me because I knew and seen most of what ms brought to the table.

miyamoto3281d ago

Uncharted 4 blew everything away! As always Naughty dog ends the PlayStation show with a big in your face bang!

Nitrowolf23281d ago

i find it funny that peopel always complain about their shwo every year. They are the only ones with a two hour show, the first 30 min was packed with games, as was the last 30 minutes. It's like people want a constant two hours of nothing but announcements after game announcements.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3281d ago

Sony > MS

MS had way less games and it was all of the same besides like 2-3 games what trash article..

nicksetzer13281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I'd say it is not really click bait, has truth in it, and some opinion. So, for AAA games we have:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
xbox - sunset overdrive, fable legends, quantum break, forza horizon 2, phantom dust, platinum games game, crackdown, halo collection, halo 5 and KI season 2. Along with a good line up of indies.
ps - blood bourne, uncharted 4, tlou remastered, driveclub, the order, little big planet 3. Along with a good line up of indies.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
MS has a fighter, fps, open world super power game, unique gameplay mechanic (phantom dust), JRPG (I assume), racer, adventure game, and a story driven game (quantum)all exclusive from renowned studios. I prefer MS' showcase, some may not, but it is hard to argue that MS did not have the better show with such variety and quality studios.
Quite honestly nintendo's potential is most exciting, SSB, Zelda, metroid, etc. Hope they deliver.
EDIT: Also, all of Andrew House's cheap shots at MS are getting old. He needs to grow up.

NatureOfLogic_3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Ok, so MS announces half of their E3 early(with the excuse of making room for more E3 games), goes to E3 and show the same games with one or two new announcements and a lot of multiplats that'll be inferior on Xbox One. What am I missing? How is that winning?

georgeenoob3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

What Sony needs to do is make their conference an hour and a half like MS and leave out all the TV and F2P stuff outside of E3. They shouldn't have to torture the audience every year (last year they did much the same) with such boring announcements.

If MS saved Halo 5 guardians, Forza Horizon, the $499 SKU, Quantum Break trailer, and Halo remakes for E3 it would be safe to say MS would've killed E3 without question. I don't know why they didn't.

AceBlazer133281d ago

@nicksetzer thanks for your uninformed statement, did you really just list KI as a AAA game dude? Not so much a problem with you listing it but choosing to leave out stuff like Planet Side 2 and Deep Down (why no appearances Sony) from the PlayStation list.

Then you also ommited Guilty Gear Xrd and Samurai Warriors 4

Always irks me when Xbox fans list KI yet choose to exclude some of the indies and ftp games on PlayStation considering a lot of them are bigger than KI, especially DCUO which actually launched as a retail game originally.

Dee_913281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I wish I could make an article for my opinion on e3 and post it on N4G. Oh what fun it must be to be a game blogger.

I don't really care about the conferences the games however I am more interested in.
No man's sky was my fav overall, then probably LBP3, that one really shocked me.Witcher, Nurburgring for Forza 5 and tomb raider was all nice.I was stoked to see uncharted, but underwhelmed, I was really hoping for more than that.Oh yea, and pretty much every game Ubisoft showed was awesome..
/My article for N4G

Skips3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )


lol! I like how you included an XBL f2p game (Killer Instinct, which is ALREADY OUT) as AAA, and yet somehow you manage to leave out loads of other PS4 exclusives. And not to mention "Season 2" is pretty much just DLC like Infamous: First Light.

AAA - Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 2, Phantom Dust, Scalebound, Crackdown 3, Halo Collection

F2P/XBL - Project Spark, Powerstar Golf, Happy Wars, D4, Cobalt, Habitat

AAA - Bloodborne, The Last Of Us, Lilly Bergamo, Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank Remastered, The Order 1886, LittleBigPlanet 3, Let It Die, DriveClub, Guilty Gear Xrd, Natural Doctrine, Samurai Warriors 4

F2P/PSN - Planetside 2, Everquest Next, Guns Up, H-Hour, Primal Carnage Genesis, Race The Sun, Soma, Rime, Shadow Of The Beast, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Entwined, Drifter, Without Memory, Deep Down, N++

Sorry kiddo, but we all know which platform has the more interesting lineup of games overall... Not just AAA.

SilentNegotiator3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )


Ahh, so I see you're spamming your troll list around that includes DLC on Xbox but not PS4, clumps absolutely every game not by Sony together as "indie", and arbitrarily excludes games like the Ratchet remake (while including Quantum Break, which received the same amount of zero screen time at their conferences).

You fanboys always prove how confident in Xbone you are with stunts like that.

Jeff2573281d ago

I'd like to know why do people always want to include KI Season 2 in these lists but then gloss over the fact that inFamous: First Light is a PS4 exclusive that is coming out in August? It isn't a DLC for Second Son but is a stand alone title that people can play without having ever played or bought Second Son.

Also @ArgumentumAdPopulum I agree. Sony has done the same with announcing stuff before E3 only to show gameplay at E3 and been blasted for it. But now that Microsoft did it they get a pass and people are trying to say they got a "huge win" because of it. BS I say. Microsoft had a good showing but after the disaster they had last year they needed it. Sony's showing was also good but they really should have had some proper footage to show for Powers. Without having that spending that much time on the show was a bit of a waste.

Cupid_Viper_33281d ago

Beyond click bait. I was at the theaters watching it with like 100+ people, and the majority of the people in there responded positively to the show.

I can't believe how excited and loud people got when they showed LPB3, That old school remastered game, which I know nothing about, the Project Beast, and Uncharted 4.

Especially when they showed uncharted 4, you can hear people gasping and sh1t, it was that kind of disbelief going on in there.

Microsoft needed to Wow people in order to move consoles off the shelves. In my opinion, they fell short of that. Sony didn't needed a good showing, and they exceeded that. PS4 are flying off shelves, and I don't see anything from E3 that's going to change that.

Once again, people will vote with their wallets, on who they think has the most to offer. June's numbers should give you an idea of who's winning that vote.

4Sh0w3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

It's all opinion, as a X1 owner I was looking forward to micro's E3 a lot and I thought they delivered mostly, hell take away COD(which I like) and throw in another surprise and it would of been perfect= most of the multi's looked sweet on BOTH platforms, then there were a few very good looking indies on the X1 that I might pick up but I definitely thought micro did well with the pace and showing these games:

SUNSET OVERDRIVE gameplay looked super cool, fun and colorful, every new gameplay vid Insomniac shows for this game just looks cooler and cooler. I don't know what game looks like more fun than SO right now.

FORZA HORIZON 2 looks awesome and theres a bunch of new info and gameplay footage available.

FABLE LEGENDS gameplay was welcomed it actually made Fable look fun again.

PROJECT SPARK once again shows that creative game that never ends.

HALO 5 GUARDIANS CG trailer was badass, its going to be insane when the first next gen Halo hits X1.

CRACKDOWN confirmation was exactly what fans wanted.

PHANTOM DUST and SCALEBOUND were pleasant surprises for me.

*HALO MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION is without a doubt awesome, iconic franchise, 4 games, over 100 maps, all content unlocked, upgraded graphics 1080p 60fps, flip back and forth to classic graphics, dedicated servers, seamless UI to merge all 4 games, Ridley Scott's Halo Nightfall content and finally Halo5 beta coming ALL on X1, ALL for $60.
-Love the new stuff but that's just an insane value and if you're a Halo fan its pure gaming gold. Great E3 for me!

Skips3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )


Response to your personal message that was sent to me. Unfortunately you blocked me before I could reply. (In which I returned the favor).

"Yet you don't include [email protected] which is 25+ added titles to indies. Lilly, Guilty Gear, Natural Doctrine, Samurai Warriors are games are NOT AAA and are small games no one heard of."

Then how about you name those 25+ indies for me bud?

And btw, are you slow or do you not know the difference in popularity between different territories? These are Japanese centric games which are DEFINITELY "known" in Japan, but not so much in the US. How can you say a game isn't AAA just because it's not popular in the specific region you live in?

You say they aren't AAA and yet, in the same breathe consider Killer Instinct (which is just a mediocre 2D XBL downloadable) as AAA? Hell while we're at it. How about we not consider Phantom Dust JUST because it's an old IP nobody bought or ever heard of on the OG Xbox and probably won't either on the One?

3281d ago
dedicatedtogamers3281d ago

The only people who thought Microsoft's showing was "stellar" are people who already own or already want the Xbox One. Seriously, what did they show off?

CGI trailers (no real gameplay) for the only three newly announced exclusive? (Scalebound, Crackdown, and Phantom Dust)

Multiplatform footage that will look better on the competition?

Games like Forza Horizon 2 and Halo Anniversary that we already knew was coming?

UnHoly_One3280d ago

Well Said, 4show.

Honestly, I think the Master Chief Collection "won" E3 all by itself.

Matchmaking across 4 of the best multiplayer games ever on 100 maps?? Sony's never had anything that good.

I'm not even a huge Halo fan and that announcement dominates everything.

The best thing Sony showed was Dead Island 2. Which I will happily play on my Xb1. I'll give up exclusive content to play with a decent controller.

I really thought Sony had the worst conference I've seen since the All-Kinect x360 years.

BallsEye3280d ago

I find it funny how 1 in-engine cut-scene (in-engine is not in-game let's not forget) makes the show for people on n4g. When MS had less games more features-tv talk it was bad. Now when MS shows pure 90 minutes of games it's bad. When Sony talks tv, apps, vita and hardly any games it's great. Really guys? Just admit you only own a ps4 thus the verdict. MS conference showed me I'll have TONS of games to play STILL THIS YEAR.

mcarsehat3280d ago

comments like this prove that discussing thing on N4G'S comment section is useless.

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AngelicIceDiamond3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

@King you need to distinguish what it click bait and what's not I read the article and trust me its not click bait.

Sony did great but I agree with this.

"All in all, it’s not to say that Sony’s E3 conference was a fail since they had a good many highlights too including the YouTube announcement and the Uncharted 4 trailer. But, when you weigh both sides of the camp, it’s no doubt that Microsoft’s press conference was more game focused and they didn’t deviate from that path."

Plus 2 more unannounced games are coming from MS tomorrow.

I'm not tryin to sway you from your opinion but understand what MS has is pretty amazing as well. If Sony won to you then Sony won. But if Sony didn't win to somebody else then they didn't win to them no need to get super defensive.

3 years ago everyone and the media agreed that Sony took E3's but this time around ppl are startin to talk a little more.

MS announcements got leaked as early as Feb. Its not MS fault but the weight of the announcements are still there as well as the hype.

Godmars2903281d ago

"Plus 2 more unannounced games are coming from MS tomorrow."

How are you count something that going to happen tomorrow towards *THIS* conference?

And I'll given MS the "Win" on this one over Sony, but the truth is this conference is both no different than last years and makes the same mistake as last year.

MS's conference was literally no different then which was also game centric, but it doesn't have ignored DRM stank hanging on it. Likewise there is no real notion about MS plans to long term, other than damage control. Just say whatever it is they have to move consoles, then possibly go back to what they were doing wrong once they've hooked enough people.

ziggurcat3281d ago


"Sony’s E3 conference was underwhelming, but Microsoft had a stellar showing"

if you can't see how the title alone is click bait... well...

AngelicIceDiamond3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

@Mars "Just say whatever it is they have to move consoles, then possibly go back to what they were doing wrong once they've hooked enough people."

At the end of the day that's what your gonna run back to clearly. MS can have 2 more great E3's and that will always be your excuse.

Just say you'll never buy the console, simple. No need for the excuses using DRM has as usual last minute crutch in your argument when you can't find anything to complain about its tired and boring now.

Godmars2903281d ago


Right now my feelings for the PS4 are just about the same as the X1. While the PS4 likely will be my 8th gen console choice, I'll probably buy a WiiU beforehand because of "X" and the DL library.

At this point I think both the Xbox and PS camps are nothing but fanatical graphic whores who have lost all meaningful perspectives on games. PC as well just buy and play them out of habit while lording the differences of "their" games over the other camps.

Kavorklestein3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

You totally fed Mars his foot.
Notice how he/she sighs and then "reveals" some B.S. about how he/she "Doesn't care anyway" just because he walked into his own blatant fanboy trap? HE/she Even went as far as saying he/she doesn't own a next gen console.

So then what is your issue, Mars? If people are graphics whores, and it "bugs" you that people "lord over differences" and people have lost "all meaningful perspective" then why are you clinging to labels like damage control, and if you don't think BOTH companies will say whatever they gotta say to move consoles, then hopefully someday you figure this simple shit out.... And it is simple... Quit hating just to hate, form your OWN opinions, and don't hide behind flaws that don't exist anymore. They got rid of DRM, they got rid of kinect (which some were calling an NSA surveillance device for Pete's sake) and lowered the price, and THEY had youtube before PS4, and Sony spent a good chunk of time blabbing about youtube app... in their conference, which is fine, all consoles have pro's and con's and usually imitate the competition, (especially when it's a no brainer app that cell phones have lol)
If anything YOU are damage controlling your own flawed perspective on what makes a game console "FUN" or worth 400 bucks.

And this goes for all the rest of the flip floppers around here....
If MS can charge 399.99 for the 360 which is FAR less capable or feature filled than the XB1, which now has a blu-ray drive and 360 never did... then why can't they charge that much for an XB1?

I mean, if you want a decent ipad with enough storage, you're looking damn near close to that territory in pricing, so given market inflation/economy problems (especially since 2008) why can't a FAR more superior/capable/valuable console than the 360 go for the same price?

I mean, at least MS didn't do what Sony did with the PS3, and charge 399.99 for the "get away from me, you suck!" version, and 599.99 for the version people actually wanted.

I'm not saying either is "bad" mind you...
I'm simply saying when it comes to gaming, be realistic, be patient, be optimistic, and remember that even with a deficit in sales compared to the PS4, the Xbox 1 isn't going anywhere.

Keep Calm and enjoy life. Enjoy gaming.
Whatever game, whatever system.

Stop trying to compare "Digital Cocks" online, because, as the PC gamers like to remind us, "Somebody always has a bigger cock then you."

It's not about biggest/best/fastest.
Just have fun and enjoy the ride!
It's about finding the right "Fit" for you.

*Double Entendre closing statements FTW

vega2753281d ago

@ ziggurcat

Because Sony's presentation was underwhelming. The only game that saved it was uncharted 4 from being a total snurfest. All before Sony's presser everyone was complaining about CGI trailers and multiplats from ms. Yet sony did the same plus talk tv, tect, tv. Yet all ms showed was games games and more games.

Most of sony games was leaked also. Only one was a surprise was LBP3. Nothing sony had was of interest in my opinion and left me feeling like I dont need a ps4 until uncharted comes out. The order looked weak from that demo and demonblood is another souls game (which quite frankly is getting stale) we all already knew uncharted was going to be announced so there was no surprise there.

Sony lost this one like they did last year when ms brought games to E3.which is what everyone was complaining aboutfor ms to do and they did it without Kinect or any other fillers.

styferion3281d ago

Right, because when a 1-hour show shows all game it's more game focused than 2-hour show with more than 1-hour used to show games.

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truefan13281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Kingthrash it's killing you to know sony laid an egg. Also you fail to take into account how big of an advantage it is to go last. MSFT showed way more and better games, not to mention 2014. No matter how you slice it Sunset Overdrive, Halo Collection, and Forza Horizon 2 >>> tlou remastered after 10 months, lbp3, and driveclub(didn't even have confidence to show it). Also those middle 40 minutes killed their show, statistics, tv, and movies are you kidding me. Sony underwhelmed the majority, only the most faithful won't admit that.

You should be happy MSFT didn't put all their eggs in one basket, because D4, Quantum Break, 3 Japanese exclusives, Gears, and Halo 5 gameplay was all withheld.

Not to mention sony took 3 cheapshots at MSFT, which is just getting pathetic, the camera, the free to play joke, and 1 more that slips my mind. Even the crowd seemed annoyed.

Kingthrash3603281d ago

No actually I'm happy with them...its just funny how just because ms failed their reveal last year that y'all try to put Sony in ms's shoes. Not gunna happen. E3 is a electronic expo...not a gaming expo. Sony has features to show and had an extra 30 minutes to show it. They showed more games and more features overall and they won easily. Ms had to show all games because they lost last year with the fail at the reveal DRM and the overpriced price tag. Sony can show new features like youTube free PS+ TV shows and psnow. Because e3 is about more than games. A reveal of a gaming console is about games..let not mix the two.

creatchee3281d ago

The free to play joke fell hilariously flat on its face when it was followed immediately by a screen that said "some features available for a fee".

Ultraplayerxp3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Not really. It's common sense to assume that a f2p game gets its profits from in-game markets or services. Have you never played planetside, hearthstone or Dota 2? It seriously makes me laugh when people mention that the f2p failed because it had that line at the bottom.

ALLWRONG3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

"E3 is a electronic expo...not a gaming expo"

(((Achievement Unlocked))) Irony

ziggurcat3281d ago

@ truefan1:

the only one dying here is you since you've managed to make a point of downplaying sony's presentation every chance you can take in, what i can only assume, a futile attempt to ease the pain.

"Not to mention sony took 3 cheapshots at MSFT, which is just getting pathetic ... Even the crowd seemed annoyed."

oh, please link us to the direct feed of the camera pointed directly at the audience looking annoyed - the audience who was hooting/hollering/cheering way more than the audience during the MS presentation. you have a tendency to make egregiously false assumptions that only make you look like a blithering fool who doesn't think before he types.

styferion3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

because when driveclub isn't showed it's called not having confidence but when it's MS games it's called withhelding their bullets, logic at it's finest.

also, where are these games you said they make announcement pre E3 to make room for? all I see is mere 3 CGI trailer, while Sony literally shows in-game visuals for every games except Bloodborne.

it's also funny how you mention Sony's lucky MSFT didn't show all it's game when clearly Sony also did that with many of their first-party studios.

Also Sony had 2-hour show people, more than 1-hour of which used to show games and people count 1-hour MS show as more game focused..

Both shows are mediocre, what's with lame MS "announcing all these games pre-E3" to make room for 3 CGI trailer of which no in-game visuals shown whatsoever, and Sony keeps withholding their new first-party rosters and making me sleepy as f**k with the service thing.
But both have some good showing with MS's SO and Halo collection, Sony's UC and LBP, and the new exclusives from both shows.

What's stellar is the multiplats, The Witcher 3 gameplay, Farcry 4 gameplay, Rise of Tomb Raider, and so on.

LeCreuset3280d ago

"Kingthrash it's killing you to know sony laid an egg... Sony underwhelmed the majority, only the most faithful won't admit that."

Truefan, show me one of your posts from right after last year's E3 in which you "admit" MS "laid an egg" and "underwhelmed the majority." Otherwise, I, along with rational people, will just have to conclude that this E3, like so many others, was underwhelming for any but you and the comparatively few MS "faithful," while the majority continues to pass on Xbox.

creatchee3280d ago


"It seriously makes me laugh when people mention that the f2p failed because it had that line at the bottom."

The guy said: "our free to play MEANS free to play." It was a joke or jab or barb or whatever at Microsoft. It failed because when somebody takes the time to enunciate and repeat something for emphasis, they are typically doing so because they are stating unequivocal fact. When he said that line, any person watching would assume that a free to play game shouldn't cost them anything for any reason. And not only wasn't that the case, but it was proven not to be the case almost immediately.

Bottom line - if you're going to be snarky at your competition, be sure you have a reason to be snarky in the first place.

LeCreuset3280d ago


It really comes down to rudimentary language comprehension.

What the screen said:

"Some features available for a fee"

Your gripe:

"The guy said: 'our free to play MEANS free to play...' When he said that line, any person watching would assume that a free to play game shouldn't cost them anything for any reason."

Incorrect. Free-to-play means, reasonable people interpret it to mean, and gamers know it to mean, that the game is free to play, which it is. Can the game be played at no cost? Then it's free to play. This is really simple stuff. You are conflating "free to play" with "some features" being available for a fee, which is not only factually wrong, but a petty, desperate argument to make given that gamers know how free-to-play operates.

incredibleMULK3280d ago

Bubbles up. Look at all the disagrees, what a bunch of butt hurt losers. I admit Ms stomped Sony yesterday, I'm still a Sony fan boy. I admit defeat. Its not like I screwed up the performance. So I ain't taking it personal.

Reasons to be concerned for Sony,

They keep pushing back drive club
Uncharted3 came out in 2011 and part 4 ain't coming out until 15. Usually sequels only take 2 years.
Firing everybody.
Closing zipper studios.
Closing Santa Monica studios.
Selling off major assets.
Now that they have plus revenue they ARE sitting on their asses just like the old Xbox crew were doing with the 360 milking their fan boys.

You better learn to like call of duty because that's about all you're getting while Sony is trying to get out of that financial pit they're stuck in

creatchee3280d ago


I know what free to play means. You know what free to play means. Most gamers know what free to play means. That is not the point. The point is that there is a funny irony when somebody goes out of their way to take a shot at their competitor when they still want you to spend money on something that is "free to play".

Candy Crush is free to play, yet King makes around $850,000 in in-app purchases PER DAY. Does that sound free to you? Oh sure, it's all optional, but to get the experience of actually PLAYING, as opposed to either using a glorified demo or waiting for things as expensive as a life, you have to PAY.

Free to play, whether on Sony, Microsoft, PC, or mobile, is anything but.

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maniacmayhem3281d ago

Both were underwhelming.

MS won by a small margin because of the type of games they shown. Crackdown and Phantom Dust alone are two classics that everyone has been asking for a return.
Ori looked very heart warming and excellent. Inside to me is what really blew me away as I am a huge Limbo fan. The art direction and gameplay for that was haunting in a beautiful way. More info on Project Spark, plus the use of anyone using Conker was a nice bonus. Plus the reveal of Platinum's game which they are my favorite developer.

The only surprise out of Sony was LBP3 and Suda 51's game, everything else we already knew about. I mean literally everything else we knew about that Sony announced. No Man's Sky was a very pleasant surprise but it's a timed exclusive. The rest was all timed or exclusive DLC.

And that was another problem, both shows spent a tremendous amount of time on multiplat games as if they were exclusive to that platform.

Godmars2903281d ago

At the very least, Phantom Dust is only a name of an underground and undersold title from the first Xbox. There's no clue as to what this version will play like or even if its of the same genre. Its even being done by a European rather than Japanese dev.

zeuanimals3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

No Man's Sky is a timed exclusive but so is Inside.

"Limbo developer Playdead has finally revealed its upcoming game, Inside, which will be an Xbox One timed-exclusive."

Grim Fandango and the original Ratchet and Clank are classics, they came as surprises, and they're both being remade. Crackdown was teased, like Bloodborne, but Bloodborne had a ton of things leaked that would've been a surprise to see.

We also didn't know about ABZU or Let it Die!

Both conferences are about even except Sony had more details about things like PSNow. They also touched on the Vita/Vita TV and PS3 a bit.

I agree that both should've had less 3rd party stuff (from EA and Ubi), but some 3rd party stuff can't be shown anywhere else, like Batman Arkham Knight, Evolve, etc. E3 should have a 3rd party conference for smaller publishers to have their games on instead of relying on Sony/MS. They can't show their games at EA or Ubi's conferences because that would confuse people into thinking those games were made by EA or Ubi.

maniacmayhem3275d ago


The original director Yukio Futatsugi is working on the game. So I have no doubt it will retain the same type of feel the original had.

Goro3281d ago

I didn't notice any graphical difference at all in TLOU Remastered.

mkis0073281d ago

LMAO Don't admit that!!

Vegamyster3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I personally felt the pacing was crap, all the Youtube, TV, Twitch, Comics stuff ect should have been done outside of E3.

Retroman3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

only thing surprised me about MS conference was Conker . rest same ol same ol from previous years open world shooters . LBP 3 was impressive along with R&C up coming 2015 title . by then i'll purchase ps4

rainslacker3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago ) know some people are going to focus on that "30 minutes" in the middle and ignore all the stuff they showed otherwise. They dropped the ball on that part, but the amount of time spent on games was equal between the two conferences. But realistically, when you spend the first hour thinking, "They're crushing MS", that half hour doesn't take that away really.

Which one showed the best games in the best way is just a matter of opinion.

lelo3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

"Sony’s E3 conference was underwhelming, but Microsoft had a stellar showing"

I wouldn't say Sony's E3 was underwhelming, but I expected a better conference from them. Middle of the conference was a snooze fest. As for Microsoft's conference, it was a good one, better then I expected. Microsoft's E3 conferences normally aren't that good.

I would rate Microsoft's conference a 7/10 and Sony's a 6/10.

ITPython3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Sony's show was amazing. Games, games, and more games. Mostly exclusive as well, unlike MS's show which unveiled mostly multiplat games that will inevitably perform and look better on the PS4. Lol, MS's show was more an advertisement for the PS4 than it was the XB1.

I hope everybody votes down the site the article is on, as it is clear they are devote MisterX followers.

sinspirit3281d ago

Sony e3 2014:

- InFamous
- LittleBIGPlanet
- Uncharted 4
- Bloodborne

- No Man's Sky(so far is only for PS4, PC)
- Abzu
- Let It Die
- Hotline Miami 2
- and tons more.

- Grim Fandango
- Ratchet and Clank
- The Last of Us

- Kingdom Under Fire II
- Planetside 2
- War Thunder
- and more.

_____________________________ ________________________

Microsoft e3 2014:

- Forza
- Sunset Overdrive
- Crackdown
- Halo 5(Halo 4 and after are just milked spinoffs.)

- Fable Legends(multiplayer spinoff...)
- Project Spark
- KI:Season 2(just a rerelease..)

- Inside
- Ori
- and a couple more.

- Halo
- Phantom Dust

_____________________________ ___________________________

Sony showed more in-engine videos. Sony had more surprises. MS continues to keep milking Halo, Fable, and Forza every e3. Really needed to show Quantum Break, though I don't personally look forward to it, seems like a generic thriller and I'm not a fan of games that try and make up how quantum theory works, tends to either be a cheap thriller or give obvious plotholes.

Sony didn't talk about big titles like Deep Down and DriveClub, nor have they touched on anything in development from Guerilla Games, Sony Santa Monica, Polyphony Digital, Sony Bend, Quantic Dream, Liverpool, etcetera. They also likely have some more exclusive contracts with 3rd party developers like they do with FromSoftware, such as Level-5 and Lightbox Interactive for example.

bosoxs5053281d ago

You act like Microsoft has no other developers.

sinspirit3281d ago


Feel free to list any.

They don't have many proven AAA studios, and the ones they do have are already working on known games. Telling people that these unknown studios are working on big things would be complete assumptions at this point.

IrishSt0ner3280d ago

InFamous is there for DLC, why not add the DR3 DLC into the X1 list then? Since when did Little Big Planet become AAA? Where's Scalebound? Where's Dance Central?

'A couple more indies'.. What like: Aztez, Knight Squad, Plague Inc. Evolved, White Night, Earthlock, Cuphead, Hyper Light Drifter, Lifeless Planet, Slash Dash, Fru, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Mighty No. 9, Grave, Woolfe, #IDARB, Hellraid, Below.

You make a category for OTHER for some Xbox exclusives, that's what we call BIASED. I often wonder do people even know they're doing it... Anyway my most anticipated games were all multiplats, and my current favourite games are multiplats, so logic tells me I'll need a PS4 (or great PC if I can afford one).

sinspirit3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )


It is an InFAMOUS standalone game that also unlocks more content if you own InFAMOUS: Second Son. The scale of content and that it's a widely popular title that has worldwide releases makes it AAA.

LittleBIGPlanet has been AAA.. That's like saying Mario isn't AAA.

That is why I listed Fable Legends, Project Spark, and KI: Season 2 under other. They aren't giant games. Two are multiplayer based spinoffs of a franchise and one is a creation tool that can make simple games.

I guess you could put Scalebound on the list, but it has zero gameplay and as far as I know no reference for how it's going to be. It was just a CGI trailer.

I made a category for other, because they were exclusive, not indie, and also not AAA...

Yeah... I was reading articles without a complete list of the indie titles. So yes, it has more than a couple indie games. If I was reading complete lists then I would have listed a number for total indie games.

I didn't list a DLC section because 1. InFAMOUS: Last Light is a standalone title, it simply benefits from owning Second Son. 2. Because, I didn't want to start comparing multiplatform games. 3. Because, the list of games is about even. There isn't much DLC to list off so I would just list it all and it would unbalance the comparison.

IrishSt0ner3280d ago

Oh okay didn't realise it was a whole new game, I thought it was similar to Far Cry Blood Dragon, which was only an add-on.

I find it strange calling LBP triple A (even though it's an awesome game) and calling Project Spark a small game which by any comparison is on much larger scale in scope and ability, not to mention cross-platform.

Indies was just an added thing don't really care for them personally.

I'm glad you didn't address dance central lol my god shouldn't even have added it... list felt a bit biased but yea I agree overall it's about even. I felt MS conference was all stuff we already knew, and PS went too heavy on indies, and both rely MAINLY on multiplats... which is sad for me as an X1 owner for obvious reasons.

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Pogmathoin3281d ago

They both showcased the games coming, with a Lil surprise here and there.... Gamers won..... Losers can fight over imaginary battle... No man's sky looked incredible..... On PS4 first, so that's where I buy it first,.

medman3280d ago

Sony definitely showed more games I'm interested in buying, and that's where the argument begins and ends for me. They showed some great first parties (Uncharted, The Order, Bloodbourne!!!), some indies, some phenomenal third parties ( GTAV!!), and managed to fit in tech with vita tv, some vita, psnow, morpheus, etc. etc. I loved it. It got a bit long winded in the middle, but I can forgive considering what they showed. It was fantastic. I also enjoyed Microsoft's showing, but the games I may be interested in for that console didn't show, particularly Quantum Break and Halo 5...and please don't tell me we saw Halo 5. Nevertheless, it was a good show by all.

RobLoPR3280d ago

Free TV? You must have seen another E3 cause Sony didnt metion any price for PSNow or PlaystationTV.

saint_seya3280d ago

The 99$ on psvita tv is not the price? What are you talking about?

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Thatguy-3103281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Sony does this every year. They always have a portion of the conference that isn't gaming related. Nothing new. People act like this is a first which truly isn't. Crowd reaction would just go to show which one had a better showing and unveiling of games. Listen to the crowd when
LBP3/No man sky/Uncharted/Bloodborne/Grim Fadango remake were announced and show me a similar reaction from a Microsoft announcement.

Sitdown3281d ago

Just going off top, but you don't think the Halo collection announcement had a similar response?

Thatguy-3103281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

that's it though and that was already known.

Ultraplayerxp3281d ago

Thank you! People still act so surprised when Sony does their 'Update' portion. It's a trade show people! Think MWC or CES. Sony balances showing games and giving a heads up to what's actually going on at PlayStation. It's called transparency.