PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne/Project Beast Gets Fantastic Screenshots, Artwork and Box Art

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today From Software's Bloodborne, that was previously rumored as Project Beast and will be released exclusively on PS4.

The publisher sent in a large batch of screenshots and artwork of the game, and they definitely do justice to Demon's Souls legacy.

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XiNarutoUzumaki2656d ago

so That's an exclusive or not? I'm confused....

ZodTheRipper2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Only on Playstation
Biggest announcement of E3, still hard to believe it's true :D
The main character looks like a maniac and I love it.

DonDon2656d ago

U say in the description that this is related to Demon/Dark Souls legacy. Are u sure?

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Why wouldn't it be ? Its Sony Japan.

OT: This, Little Big Planet 3, The Order gameplay, and Uncharted 4 sealed it for me. So far Sony wins. Maybe Nintendo can top it but we'll see.

Darrius Cole2656d ago

Does anybody know what kind of game this is? RPG, Survival Horror, etc.?

Darrius Cole2656d ago

That video didn't show anything to say for certain that this was an action RPG. It's just made by the Demon's Souls people.

majiebeast2656d ago

Neogaf can stop calling the weapon a whip now:P

Phatty2656d ago

This game has me hyped to get a PS4. I love From Software, this game looks soo good.

infinitewords2656d ago

I haven't really given Demon's Soul's or Dark Soul's a chance and that's weird for me, considering I'm a huge Japanese game fan. So, when this comes out I'm definitely picking it.

I_am_Batman2656d ago

You really should try Demon's Souls. I'm playing it right now for the first time and it's already one of my favorite games of the PS3 gen.

q8kik2656d ago

sony won e3 from this game alone

SuperBlunt2656d ago

lbp3 genuinely shocked me. The dev version of the order trailer kicked all kinds of ass too. confusing as to why they didnt upload that.

JackOfAllBlades2656d ago

No Man's Sky!!! Was my favorite

barb_wire2656d ago

Yet another game in 2015 though.. bet this one doesn't see the light of day until Fall 2015 too.

SuperBlunt2656d ago

okay? better than it releasing now and being rushed right?

Jughead34162656d ago

We got plenty for 2014. Driveclub, destiny, madden, nba2k15, shadow of mordor, dragon age, alien, assassins creed, call of duty, battlefield, UFC, lbp3. Sure I missed some, but could you actually buy and make time for all these games.

KwietStorm_BLM2656d ago

You make it sound like we're supposed to WANT all these games just because they're available.

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The story is too old to be commented.