AFRIKA Game Description on Japanese Online Game Store

First game description on Afrika, from a Japanese online game store.

You will be a photo journalist taking pictures on foot, by car or by air balloon.

You can unlock real non-CG pictures and rare research footage of the animals as you encounter more animals in game and build up your "Animal Library"

The game will be out on 8/28 for 5980 yen in Japan.

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CViper4890d ago

something like this would be fun with jurassic park

Rikitatsu4890d ago

another casual game with shiny graphics

sonarus4890d ago

Taking pictures...LAME. I don't want to shoot animals or anything like that but with such a great looking graphics engine, i expected a bit more.

Dir_en_grey4890d ago

The description emphasized on the game being more of an "experience", with the animals and environment in Afrika.

So it sounds like an experience game while learning about the animals in Africa with a Pokemon Snap type of game play.

5980 yen is also on the cheaper side of the Japanese PS3 games. So it might be cheap when it is released overseas also.

BulletToothtony4890d ago

i like the variety that sony offers, and because they just keep coming out with new stuff that's how they have managed to have something for everyone..

Having said that, yes it would've been nice to have some more interaction but judging by the trailers i can't say that i'm shocked..

After all having a break from shooting people or aliens it's nice to have.. even thou practically you're still gonna be shooting.... well pictures not bullets

Veryangryxbot4890d ago

The variety is cool and will help Sony draw more customers in Japan. The Afrika engine is just the beginning. Imagine the possibilities with this. In the future, MGS5 set in the wilderness of Afrika or some realistic no men’s land with live roaming animals. Snake hunting animals for food and avoiding predators to stay alive. WOW.

Or Man vs Wild kinda game. The possibilities are endless.

tweaker4890d ago

An interactive version of Animal Planet. It should bring in some new unexpected casual gamers.

yanikins1114890d ago

Pokemon snap....

Needs bazookas...

QuackPot4890d ago

Something different than the usual lot of games.

If they can make the animals respond according when you get too close(flee or attack) then I'd buy this for sure if it was made available.

Would love to get as close as possible to a Lion or croc without getting munched. They should offer more points on how close you can get to the animals for the best shot.

Me like.

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The story is too old to be commented.