PlayStation at E3 2014: Watch it Live Starting Tonight

Sid Shuman on Jun 09, 2014 // Senior Manager, Social Media -

It’s almost time! Watch PlayStation livestream E3 worldwide over four double-stuffed days, kicking off with tonight’s PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference (available in nine languages!) at 5:45pm Pacific/8:45pm Eastern. Don’t miss out — it’s one of the biggest events on the annual PlayStation calendar.

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Dinkleberg1012659d ago


xHeavYx2659d ago

They better. I've been waiting at the theater for almost 2 hours

Cupid_Viper_32659d ago

I'm now inside the theater with everyone else, seems like it is going to be maxed out. I. Actually a little bit excited but I'm trying to temper my expectations at the same time.

Let's see what they've got for us.

And I'm guessing that the surprise for the attendees is some sort of redeem code. I won't say for what though, lol. Don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

ZodTheRipper2659d ago

So far all presentations ranged from 'meh' to 'nice'. It's up to Sony (and maybe Nintendo but theirs is only like 30min long?) to save this E3 for me.

Saigon2659d ago

Ok...they just announced unexpected...

starchild2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

LittleBigPlanet 3 is cool news. I can't wait for that one.

Then Bloodborne or something like that. Is that the rumored Project Beast? The live feed keeps cutting out for me so I keep missing things.

No Man's Sky looks incredible. Truly amazing indie title.

starchild2659d ago

Holy shit, GTA5 coming to PS4! Looks insane. I love Watch Dogs, but GTA5 on PS4 demolishes it.

Saigon2659d ago

This was overall a very good show. Much better than last year. Great Job Sony!!!

starchild2659d ago

Hype met. Sony's conference was excellent. Best conference overall.

LBP3, The Order 1886, Bloodborne, Uncharted 3 and the best 3rd party titles. Wow. I'm so excited for these games.

MysticStrummer2659d ago

The beginning made me think Sony was going to walk all over MS's show, then it slowed down a bit, then the end had me grinning big time. Overall, Sony won the day in my view. Other views are certainly welcome, even if they're misguided and delusional. ; )

Honestly, from what I saw (MS, EA, Ubi, and Sony) everyone but EA had a good day. I do think Sony won overall though.

TeaRunner2659d ago

Middle part was a drag. Opened strong, and topped it off with uncharted at the end (although no real gameplaying video of that). A bit funny and ironic watching the reactions to mentions of TV, post MS' "TV,TV,TV"-conferenc e last year, with the talk of PlaystationTV and Powers or whatever. Overall I think the strongest showings were those going multiplat. FarCry 4 and Batman looked amazing, as The Witcher and AC: Unity did for microsoft. Some gameplay from Uncharted or The Last Guardian would have taken it home. Overall, Sony did good, but could have shortened it down for some more punch.


@Tea Runner

Totally agreed. I wouldn't give Sony an A for that horrible letters, numbers, tv shows and features over-discussion... Gotta give props to MS on the format they choosed, sure it's not like they had much anything else to discuss on stage (not like they want to talk about Kinect, sales or performance right now), but their format kept the presentation interesting throughout, while on Sony's I almost sleeped in the middle (hey, don't blame me, it's almost 1am here).

I even think MS could had won this, but then again they showed little to no in-game imagery of most of their games... So can't say it was perfect either... Also I'm more excited about Sony games than MS games (although the fact that I'm interested at all in some MS exclusive games this time around should give them some points). So I guess they are pretty much tied in my book, both Bs.

The whole E3 event however is shaping up to be one of the best in the recent history for me, I see literally dozens of games I do want (my wallet had been screaming in panic for the last 8 hours or so)... At the same time, it's kinda sad how prolific the whole "timed deals" and "exclusive content" had became. When will publishers stop messing with the fans and when will console makers stop wasting money on those lame deals? If they can agree on total exclusivity, great for them, otherwise please don't harm the multiplatform crowd for the multiplatform game.

ikkokucrisis2659d ago

No Man's Sky:
----BOOOM------ **mind blown***

rainslacker2659d ago


I thought the same thing. I was at the theater and Sony were just trouncing all over MS. Then Layden comes on...and well he just doesn't have the charisma Jack had. People were moaning when he kept going on. I kind of wonder if all those numbers they listed were just taking a jab at MS when they did the same thing right after the X1 release...talking about useless numbers. Crap like that should be left to press releases.

The guy next to me asked if I cared about all that stuff when they were talking about VitaTV, and I said I did, but it was boring as hell. I couldn't imagine they could screw up an exciting thing like PSNow and Vita TV and just make it boring, after the slam dunk of the initial reveal of it last year. They dropped the ball big time there.

I guess it wouldn't have been too bad if they hadn't gone right into that Powers stuff. Dunno if they were trying to one up MS exclusive media content...but dunno how they can compete with Halo.

I think overall though, the show was pretty good. Seemed to be a lot of positive vibes in the theater at all the reveals and showing of games. Batman looked incredible on the big screen.

To me, it was a great start, a dull 20 minutes in the middle, then a great ending.

So far, for MS, Sunset Overdrive gameplay looked like a lot of fun, and Ori seems like my kind of game. For Sony No Man's Sky, Batman, and the Order have me the most excited.

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randomass1712659d ago

EEEDEEEEE!!!! I can't believe it's happening! Get hype everyone! :D

randomass1712659d ago

It's here! It's here! It's final-ally here! :D

ITPython2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Ugh, I hate livestreams. Too slow of a connection so I have tons of problems. I'll just download it later on youtube at full quality.

Only saw a few minuets, and left off at the LBP 3 announcement! Ha! And people thought MM wouldn't be showing up!

trancefreak2659d ago

what was this silly e3 app if it takes you to twitch. I thought it would be inside this huge package i just installed.

parentoftheyear2659d ago

Seriously sony just owned the world.

ziggurcat2659d ago

uncharted 4... holy ****ing ****.

XxExacutionerxX2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Sonys E3 was boring until they showed Mortal Kombat X, really MS was so good that I didn't notice 90min passing by that fast.

Sony showed games then.... boring numbers.. vita tv lol..boring The Order barely had gameplay, so was Uncharted, and almost everything else was multiplatform
Mortal Kombat X, GTA 5, Far Cry 4 yea....also coming to Xbox One

MS didn't seem to bore anyone and they talked a lot about indie games..

If anyone liked Sonys E3, your just a fanboy in denial.

Jrmy842659d ago

YeP, Sony Won Hands Down Period. No Mans Sky Wow!

cfir2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


Talking of fanboy denial.

COD - multi
FOrza again
Evolve - multi
Assassins Creed - multi
Sunset Overdrive - Ex
Dance Central - EX
Fable Legends - Multi
Ori - Ex
Halo - Remake & Ex
Inside - Limited Ex
WItcher 3 multi
Tomb Raider - multi
Phantom Dust - remake Ex
The Division Multi
Crackdown - Ex

Destiny - multi
The Order - EX
Entwined - Ex
Bloddborne - EX
Far Cry 4 - multi (co op without game PS exclusive)
Dead Island 2 - multi
Magicka 2 - (Multi - not XB)
Grim Fandango - EX (sort of)
Let it Die - EX
Abzu - Ex
No Mans Sky - Limited EX on PS4
Project Morpheus - EX
Mortal Kombat - multi
The Last of Us - Remake Ex
MGS 5 - Multi
GTA 4 - multi
Arkham Knight - Multi
Uncharted 4 - EX

So XB1 8 Exclusive (or limited exclusives) and 7 Multi platform shown - 46% Multi Platform
PS4 11 Exclusive (or limited exclusives) and 7 Multi platform shown - 38% multi platform

Yeah so PS was mostly multi platform...

Daoshai2659d ago


I find it funny that you list Sony's indie games that were shown, but do not list any of Microsoft's. Also where is that platinum game? biased much? n4g is a terrible place for true gamers.

ITPython2659d ago

@Daoshai - You must mean N4G is a terrible place for gamers in denial and gamers that ironically hate gaming. Otherwise it is a great place for real gamers that want the best of the best.

There is a few, such as yourself, that are out of place. But that is normal within a sizable community, as there is always one or two mentally repressed individuals.

Malphite2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

@cfir: Your MS list is missing:
Dragon-Age - multi
Project Spark - console exclusive
Scalebound - exclusive

Ps4 list is missing:

Battlefield - multi
Ratchet and Clank reimagination - exclusive

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Jrmy842659d ago

Oh! Yeah Is Right, Once I Was Able To Stream It My Mind Was Blown Just Wow!!! Good E3 For Sony For Sure So Many Games.....

PR0X12659d ago

Ubisoft > Microsoft > Sony > EA

This is the order to put the press cons if you are not a fan boy. But sadly on N4G people will eat shit if it said Sony on it :')

mmcglasson2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

"But sadly on N4G people will eat shit if it said Sony on it"

I did lol at this but you could say the same for MS. In fact if dog, cat, human, horse, and cow sh*t said MicroSoft, you all would eat it and come back for seconds ;)

Lots of great games coming out though. I'm excited. I'm really excited for GTA5 remake. I didn't get a chance to watch the shows yet but I came here and saw GTA5 screenshots. I'm very impressed by the upgrade in graphics. Yes, I own it on PS3 but GTA is one of my favorite games so I will be getting it again on PS4. Just like I have Tomb Raider on PS3/PS4. I haven't seen too many comparisons of The Last of Us remastered (only a few) and GTA5 seems to be a bigger upgrade in terms of graphics. Maybe that's just me.

Resistance_lord2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Your name told Me everything I needed to know.

Delive2659d ago

When you have to justify your opinion by negatively labeling those that feel differently than you, your actions define your negative label.

I felt fine with Sony ' show. I only caught the last 20 minutes of the ms show. I like how Sony barely touched morpheus, spending less than 5 minutes on it. The did spend a little too much on powers and playstation tv though. About to watch the ms one.

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thejigisup2659d ago

Damn I'm all sorts of excited. Counting down the time.

nevin12659d ago

I have the same question.

Applejack2659d ago

I checked Spike TV which did show Microsoft and EA's conferences but didn't see Sony on there.

Lionalliance2659d ago

They never show Sony's Conference.

DonDon2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Spike TV and their Doritos pope are sellouts to the insidious Microsoft corporation. Don't believe it? PS3 and PS4 have each outsold their respective Xbox competitor consoles substantially, proving that PlayStation products dominate the home console market, and YET Spike TV never shows PlayStation products. Wouldn't the majority of gamers be on PS consoles? So why?

I smell (cheese encrusted) shenanigans.

Well if Geoff Keighley sold half his soul to Doritos, than do you think he wouldn't take MS's money too? The same MS known for introducing dirty tricks like paying for 3rd party dlc and games instead of developing enough of their OWN 1st party games?

Too greedy companies will lead to dirty schemes like these when they come together.

randomass1712659d ago

@DonDon So is everything some sort of conspiracy to you? I figured it was because Spike was focusing on American publishers. Not like it matters. Sony's more than likely going to have the biggest conference, and I'm ecstatic now that it's about to start. :)

rainslacker2659d ago


Does that mean he sold some of it to Sony as well? I sat through 30 minutes of listening to him talk to the devs from the show at Sony's E3 experience. I don't really know why...I wouldn't even do that from the comfort of my own home.

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we4202659d ago

If you have a PS4 there's an app you can download to watch it.

Father Murder X2659d ago

I don't have one yet. I was hoping to see something tonight to push me to get one. Guess I will have to stream it!!

Azmatik2659d ago

I must add this app is not for canadians

Adva2659d ago

Canadians should still be able to watch it through Twitch in Live event I believe?

Mr-Dude2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I live in Holland, downloaded the App trough my US account and it's working. Looking at the "Stay Tuned" screen right now...

Now a dude and a chica

Only sound is a little low

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

if you have a ps4 you can download an app to watch it.

sorry didn't see we420's comment.

Metamorph932659d ago

Not this year, unfortunately.

fenome2659d ago

If you have a PS3 it should be in the Live Events Viewer app, don't quote me on that though, I'm gonna watch it on the PS4 app :p

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Ipunchbabiesforfun2659d ago

Ah man!! I hurried home for 6 and it's not til 7 mountain time, lol!! Dammit

Tru_Blu2659d ago

I missed getting a PS4 preorder from amazon because of something like that. Luckily got one from best buy before they sold out.

Ipunchbabiesforfun2659d ago

Haha I had mine the second it was announced :D