Microsoft Shows ‘Master Chief Collection’ And ‘Crackdown’ In An All-Gaming E3 Conference

Microsoft brought nothing but games to E3 and some of them are pretty impressive. Here's a recap of Halo, Call Of Duty, Conker, And More.

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Double Toasted2127d ago

Xbox one is where the games are at. Look at what's coming out 2014.

nicksetzer12127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

I agree sunset overdrive, forza horizon 2, fable legends, halo collection, halo 5, crackdown, quantum break, IRO (looks amazing), D4, phantom dust, gears, platinum games game, and the list goes on and on covering almost every genre.

I really believe it is just fanboys stating otherwise.

EDIT: to be clear just because xb1 has great games doesn't mean ps4 and wii u can't too. (especially excited about Nintendo)

rxl2092126d ago

lmfao but look at the games. crackdown? really?

nicksetzer12126d ago

You clearly never played crackdown...

masteroftheclaw2127d ago

It's great to see Crackdown coming back!

Lawboy22127d ago

I really really wished the leaks hadn't occurred...I was upset when I first watched I'm watching it again and it was actually okay

LAWSON722127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Just give me Halo Collection MS

ricochetmg2126d ago

Halo and the Platinum games.

BillytheBarbarian2127d ago

Damn, maybe they'll put Halo 2 HD on 360. Don't really care about the rest.

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