New Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots Show the Power of Frostbite Engine, Stunning Vistas

Electronic Arts and BioWare just released a large batch of new Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots to complement the trailer and gameplay released today.

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cfc832497d ago

why though ? they don't show any footage at e3, but release screenshots ? i hope it's a good game anyway.

brich2332497d ago

They did show footage. Its on youtube, you can go back and watch it at, they let you backtrack thier stream, or look for it on youtube.

averagejoe262497d ago

I was honestly very underwhelmed by the graphics. Fortunately, I play for more than just graphics so I am still excited.

Soapboxhero2497d ago

Same for me, i don't mind that much as long as they're good enough to maintain immersion, but i was a little underwhelmed when i saw them.

Truehellfire2497d ago

Some areas, especially the ones with a lot of foliage, look really good. Other areas not so much. My main thing is environment detail and immersion. Things like grass on the floor that moves when you walk through it, and the trees that move in the wind really help to bring the game world to life. So far it looks like this game has that, at least for new consoles and PC.

brich2332497d ago

I thought it was unreal Engine 4, it looked somewhat like Fable Legends to me.

Cryptcuzz2497d ago

This game is looking great.

Azumi2497d ago

Wow I hope they have better looking elves then that....

AgentSmithPS42497d ago

The elves of Walmart dot com ;)

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