The Last Guardian: Details To Be Revealed In The Future, Game Still In Production, Says SCEA CEO

GearNuke: "Seems like we won't be seeing The Last Guardian anytime soon."

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ZodTheRipper2497d ago

Nooo! :(
Is this the year of disappointments? If Project Beast won't be on stage I might cry.

DarkLordMalik2497d ago

Project Beast is confirmed. I am sure. I mean it was a legit leak, why won't they show it?

tuglu_pati2497d ago

bOOO! i was hoping they show it today. Oh well :(

marlinfan102497d ago

its probably not far into production

starchild2497d ago

Boo, Sony. Boooooo! I have been waiting for this game for forever and I was so hoping that it would show up at E3.

I hope this isn't true and they really will show it at E3.

Newmanator2497d ago

It'll come out on the same day as Half Life 3, guaranteed.

Delsin_Rowe2497d ago

The Last Guaridna and Project Beast are two different games so I don't know why you saying, it won't be on stage. PlayStation conference having even started yet.

ZodTheRipper2497d ago

Nobody confirmed Project Beast at this point, I'm still not completely sure that we will see it today ...but I'm really hoping to, this would be without a doubt my favourite announcement of this years E3.

Dark112497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )


Witcher 3 - Batman AK - Dragon age - MK X - evolve - shadow of mordor - new Tomb raider and tons more!


So? it's not like Project Beast or TLG are going to release this year.

ZodTheRipper2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Witcher 3 -> 2015
Batman AK -> 2015
Mortal Kombat X -> 2015
And actually many more.

Evolve and Dragon Age might be good but still it feels like all the good stuff has been set for next year.

XxskeletorxX2497d ago

same thing I was thinking. Sony is last up. Honestly if they don't deliver im so not looking forward to any e3"s

AngelicIceDiamond2497d ago

Every year this game gets rumored and every year its a no show.

I mean can we at least get a new teaser, screenshots or PR whatever from this game?

We deserve that much we've been waiting for 5 years it would be great if the studio updated us on.. something other than its still in production because we know that already.

I love the teaser trailer but I've seen that trailer at least 50 times and its the ONLY teaser after 5 years.

Sorry but this is ridiculous imo looks like another year of silence.

Cryptcuzz2497d ago

I can agree with that.

Show us something, anything, at this point about this game.

Even one of those developers diary would suffice as well.

Here's to hoping Gamescom or more likely, Tokyo game Show (It is being made by Sony Japan studios) will blow the wraps off this game.

HollowedSoul142497d ago

I really dont see how if this game is still in development, they cant muster up one e3 trailer with some gameplay + announcement as a ps3/ps4 or just ps4 title. it was announced in the year 2007, even with the obvious move to ps4 there should be something show able by now for this years e3. I really hope this is just a david jaffe like ruse and TLG makes an appearance this e3. sonys really blowing a huge opportunity here.....

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JohnathanACE2497d ago

I really had high hopes we would see finally see The Last Guardian make its big reappearance this year, now once again like every year that dream has been crushed.

v0rt3x2497d ago

I don't like the new Sony CEO as much as Jack.

GameDev12497d ago

Shawn layden? why? Hasn't really done anything of significance or even shown himself

tanookisuit2497d ago

I have to disagree... a bit. True, he doesn't have the commanding aura that Mr. Tretton does, BUT he does speak very well and with a steady pace.

I'll have to see his performance on the big stage to make a "final decision" though.

LordMaim2497d ago

I don't know much about the new guy, but Jack set the bar pretty high.

...even if he did always do that weird thing with his hands.

Double_O_Revan2497d ago

This is going to be a sad sad year. Everything decent we've seen is at least a year+ off. And with all the delays of the big games of this year into next, 2014 is looking bland.

marlinfan102497d ago

halo 1-4 is all i need for 2014. we'll still get drive club, sunset overdrive, FH2 and maybe another IP from sony tonight. it won't be too year will be big.

Rogert2497d ago

Would you rather have rushed games? Delays are a good thing for the industry bad allows developers the time they need to finish making the game.

0P-Tigrex2497d ago

Just give me The Last of Us Remastered in the Summer. Drveclub, Batman AK, and Farcry 4. i won't complain.

Double_O_Revan2497d ago

Batman was delayed till next year. So theres already one on your list gone.

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