How To Get Into Battlefield Hardline PS4 Beta Without A Code

Battlefield Hardline beta is already live on PC & PS4, but codes are running out. Here's a tip on how to download the PS4 beta without a code.

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Festano2505d ago

Great, I'll take it on the fly.

karamsoul2505d ago

I am all over this! Will give it a shot.

Marcello2505d ago

I wouldn't bother just been playing it, its just BF4 capture the flag with cops & robbers & it should have been given to premium members as a bonus

Alexious2505d ago

Well that surely gets the prize for quickest judgment ever!

Marcello2505d ago

lol you maybe right but BF4 has so little depth in terms of core gameplay so it just doesnt take a long time to see it all.

Dojan1232505d ago

Looking at the 6 minute trailer I would say it looks like an expansion rather than a stand alone. Pre-EA this would have been a classic expansion by DICE. I hope the single player makes it worth it.

This will be the first Battlefield I do not pre-order in a long time. Just want to see if Post-EA DICE can have a better launch without the rush. It does look like they have learned a little by having a true beta.

HammadTheBeast2505d ago

For $60 I'd say it's way overpriced. Should be about $15-$30, maybe $40 max.

ScottyHoss2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

@marlec AC looked meh, Far cry looked amazing, but I don't think that last part was necessary. I was simply disagreeing with his belief about gameplay, and I'm willing to give this game a chance. If it were from DICE I would not, but it's from a different dev and is a good change from military shooters. The personal attack was uncalled for, and it really makes you come off as a dick, broski. I plan on trying the beta first to see if it's worth 60, does that make me gullible? Some people don't jump to conclusions based on a one sentence comment. Good day to you sir.

Edit: hammad, I tried replying to my own comment but the forum made it a reply to yours, my bad

ScottyHoss2505d ago

Dude you are so so so so so so so so so wrong aboutthat :P

Marcello2505d ago

ok well you guys who disagree can pay for this BF4 add-on map pack whilst i play AC Unity & Far Cry 4 :P

Oh just announced something just for you guys Battlefield Gullible

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The story is too old to be commented.