Rik Mayall’s 90's Nintendo Ads

Actor and comedian Rik Mayall passed away Monday at the age of 56. Gamebrit takes a look back at his vibrant on-screen personality shining through in these early 90's Nintendo ads.

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THC CELL2503d ago

bottom and young ones americans would of known him for drop dead fred all amazing, death of a very talented brit, loved him growing up, spec on bottom.

-Foxtrot2503d ago

Can't believe he's gone, he was amazing in the Young Ones and especially Bottom as Richie Richie

Just some really funny slap stick comedy.

Now I'm never going to see one of their live shows in person :|

They always said when they got older they would do one last live show together as a send off to Bottom. Even watching them it's hilarious

Really shit start to the day when E3 is on.

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The story is too old to be commented.