Microsoft and Xbox One start the excitement

Microsoft and Xbox got the ball rolling at E3 and made sure to take advantage of being the first company to step up to center stage.

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AngelicIceDiamond2498d ago

Take aways.

Too much money hatting from third party and they could show 1 or 2 more exclusives. overll Way over hyped.

The Good.

Lots of variety and second wind from indies even nabbed an indie exclusives like Ori and the blind forest.

Great exclusives that are coming out this holiday and next year. Crack down and Phantom Dust are back finally makes me wonder what other classic franchises are coming back.

Other thoughts.

Though few actual new exclusives were shown I wonder what MS will bring at Gamescom and possibly TGS? Phil promised on games and the second time this E3 they delivered overll I'll be a happy X1 gamer this holiday.